Monday, November 30, 2009


ARG! I know, move on stop harping on things. But I just read/saw a short clip and it brought me back. No one reads this blog anyways, so let me just vent and have it on the record. If any of those people find this, well, I'm right.

Seriously? I know I AM a hypocrit in many things I do. But they're minor. Like:

What I say - "kids are so spoiled these days, if my little one wanted a new doll, but she had ten goods ones at home, tough."

What I do - "my niece wants the new Barbie, but her mom says she has to many dolls. just buy it for her, she deserves it.'

Or when you say 'today is the day i take advantage of the things around me and get to work.' and then i lay on the couch all day b/c i 'deserve' a break.

I know, that makes no sense.

So anyways, it just keeps bothering me. How can you continue on with something when one of the things you're trying to make known with the charity you work for and support and yet you still continue on with a habit that causes the disease you are trying to help cure?

what? is it by the time you get lung cancer from smoking that all your work in raising money to help find a cure will actually result in actually developing a cure.

it's just like how SO many nurses, doctors, paramedics and chefs (i throw that in there b/c aren't they always tasting foods) are HUGE smokers.

blah blah and why is it that the only people i become friendly with are smokers? i'll die from second hand smoke long before all of them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

AFI at Roseland Ballroom

I don't have 'rockstar' stories to tell - like those epic lucky moments where a fan finds themselves stumbling upon their favorite band and getting to party with them.

However, I do have my 'really? This is so funny! How cool' moments.

And I did last night at the AFI show here in NYC.

So, a few weeks ago, we caught AFI here in Jersey for the first part of their tour, then I miraculously had the chance to interview his high holy, Davey Havok. Next was the NYC show and I got lucky to have a photo pass.

Was late getting there, so we walked in halfway through Gallows' set, so I didn't get to shoot them - kinda bummed about that, but...I was the one who caused us to be late.

So 15mins before AFI was going on stage, I decide to figure out where to go for the photo pit. Apparently the 'pass' I was given wasn't the 'right' one in the eyes of the security people I talked to.

However I was sent one way and told to find the tables. Next thing I know, I'm outside the bands' dressing rooms with some of the members of Gallows right down the short hall from me and a few VIP people chilling. leave or not to leave this area?

I see people cross the curtain to my right that I thought couldn't be crossed. I'm talking to this one security gentleman and he's telling me to go sit, my friends should be over there and who walks by me, but Fuse's own Steven Smith.

By the time I realized it was him...he was gone to friends and my chances of kidnapping him were lost, haha. Since I had no friends in this area and wanted to shoot photos and not be in this special area, I headed back to the floor.

I go to the other side of the place and the two guys didn't believe my 'pass,' but as soon as the one cute one takes me to the stage security guys, they look at my pass and are like 'OK, you're fine, go ahead.' haha, wtf!

First three songs saw from right there with no pushing or crowd surfers, then hung out on the special side platform and then went back to my friends and had fun singing along to the rest of the songs.

Funny too, leaving the magazine with my interview was being handed out - go me!

Best concert experience!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fashion Event!!!

I'm there along with 3 other designers. 3 bands. Rad times

My stuff takes the stage around 9pm. Starting things off! Gives me time to dress the models, watch them go out, come back, clean up and then head out to hang with the crowd!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hot Damn Chris Brown

So I've been feelin this song for some time now and just caught the video. "I Can Transform Ya" by Chris Brown featuring Lil' Wayne PRODUCED by the GREAT Swizz Beatz. I Die.

Basically, I like the song, he looks mad hot in the video (shit, is he legal? I'm a pedophile then!) and I love love love Swizz Beatz.

my question - what would have happened if Chris Brown's girlfriend that he beat on WASN'T Rihanna and just a normal, non-celebrity girl? Would it have been such a media field day or do you think she would have been paid off?

should we still be supporting this singer?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Canada - it's EVERYWHERE

first trip to Canada - magical.

people are cool, stores are cool and concert goers are just like Jersey kids, maybe even better.

saw Boys Night Out for what may be, but so hope it's not, they're last show ever. They had the original line-up play all of their EP and first album - AMAZING.

did i write about this already? it was just that good.

also need to write on another show. it's so weird feeling seeing Boys Night Out and then tonight i dragged my one friend to see Greeley Estates and From First to Last. talk about blast from the past!

i wish is was like 2006/2007/2008 somehwere in there. maybe 2005 going into 2006 - yea...

interviewing one of my dream musicians/singers. i have no idea what to ask. besides for his hand in marriage, haha

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blink, AFI, Dance Gavin & Emarosa

What a week!

Well, Blink 182 was a smidge more than a week, but whatever.

So we went to the Blink 182 show at Madison Square Garden and it was so surreal, but awesome. My friend had box seats, so up in the heavens we sat. Only super plus side to it - free sodas & beers, private bathrooms and though other people from her job were there, I could act a fool without a crowd of on-lookers.

Missed Asher Roth, who filled in for All-American Rejects b/c one of them was hurt, bummed, but saw most of Fall Out Boy - my first. They were good.

Blink was like so surreal b/c I felt as though I was watching a special on MTV about Blink. All the hits, so good. They did play a lot from the last album, which sucked, but oh wells. Travis did a drum solo set where his platform moved in the air, but after that, the sound sucked and made the songs hard to understand.

Oh wells.

AFI. I love them. I stood off to the side of the stage, so while yea, you were on the side, you still were like right there. Plus it's Starland Ballroom - it's mad tiny (in comparision to others), so it's all good.

Gallows were great openers and the lead singer jumped to sing for a bit on the pizza/water bars on the floors - sick. Plus his accent is mad cute.

AFI played some great songs, I'm still not totally familiar with the new album, but they did not play "Days of the Pheonix" or "God Called in Sick Today." What the hell! Seeing them again soon in NYC!

Dance Gavin Dance & Emarosa

Well, School of Rock was like the only area stop for this tour and I was there anyways during the day, so...I chilled to see two of my favorite bands of the moment!

Missed the opening three acts, who honestly, all sounded the same and had similar names. Of Machines, Tides of Men, Of Mice and Men - see?

I had thought DGD was the headliner, but I think Emarosa sold out a previous headlining show, so they let Emarosa headline the evening. I really wish DGD had the last slot.

Before the show, I heard their one guitarist/screamer playing something old on his guitar and got excited. They did "Lemon Meringue Tie" and it didn't hit me until then Jonny Craig joined Kurt on stage and started singing and hugging him. Bro love.

Ugh! I died. "Don't Tell Dave" is my favorite and "Rock Solid" ended the set. Way too short and they had like 'electronic interludes,' which I wish they didn't just so they could play more OR had the last slot.

Emarosa is amazing live. Their singer is insanely talented, but shorter then I thought. I was going to leave early, but kept saying 'one more song...' and then when I was ready, it was over. They did almost 40mins. Jonny Craig made mention his voice was hurting, but didn't give on in his vocals. But if he was sick - let DGD go on and play till 11pm!

Oh wells...

Short and sweet and really good.

Surreal moments going on lately though.

It was like Blink, AFI, interview with the bassist of Paramore, watching DGD from the side/back stage, fitting for a show tomorrow and then we're off to a music festival in Iceland.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I DIE!!!!

earlier today, Alexander McQueen was doing a live stream of his fashion show for the Spring/Summer 2010 line. UNFORTUNATELY...i guess so many people wanted in that I couldn't see it live.

I just did.

I've cried before at his shows that you can find online.

So I was stoked for this one. But, I wasn't as overwhelmed as I thought I would be. Still really amazing though.

It was on Showstudio and the McQueen website. Check it out.

All I have to say is...the answer to metallic (which i'm sick of)...IRIDESCENT!!!

No photos I can readily find online. So check out the last look. I'm drooling.

Oh! Here's my little take on the collection -
Titled "Plato's Atlantis" for the S/S 2010 woman's wear

If you remembered the title and read a few reviews, you knew it was like this future island and you went through all the inhabitants with a big brother type eye on the people.

I definitely got the 'here are the animals/natives' then the 'people who worked at like the lab/quarentined area' then the 'people in charge a little on the military side' and wrapped up with 'alien visitors'

The shoes for the beginning - holy shit. they were like the ballet toe fetish heeled shoes in their shape (especially from the side and back) but were platforms. Check it. It's funny - focus also on the models' facial expressions, you can see the stress of 'don't fall don't fall don't fall.' Poor girls (but that's why they get paid beacoup bucks)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm insane, yes I am

I keep taking on projects - need to learn how to say no. But it's just so much fun and I live to be under pressure all the time.

More on that to come.

The Reflections Benefit was AMAZING!!!! They're going to be making the calendar, which was the call for this meet and greet event and its' proceeds also goes to various Philadelphia AIDS charities. I'll keep you posted when that's available.

photos are on my myspace! I'll post some here tomorrow

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh snap...basically a day away

I'm watching Ralphie May stand-up on Comedy Central. Funny dude.

Was all excited for Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but they only showed ONE new episode and then had this weird, but semi-funny, cartoon show afterwards. Where's the Sunny in Philly kitten mittens episode!!!

I'm almost done with everything! Just finishing up two looks and then making little like accent pieces tomorrow.

My sister is packing and getting ready for the return to school, so i can't force her into helping me :( but she is going to sew one or two things for me.

next show, I NEED an intern/assistant who will work for my gratitude and an outfit.

There was a little confusion drama this morning that I freaked out over, but it was clarified in like two seconds - see, this is why people get into fights and such without stopping and trying to figure out things b/c usually things are just a misunderstanding.

I have to bleach and re-hot pink dye my hair tomorrow.

A band I really like is playing at one my one job next week. It's going to be sick and one of the students today told me he'll stalk the band along with me, haha.

October is almost here. AFI, Dance Gavin with Emarosa, Iceland music festival, Boys Night Out (HELL YEAH!) and then, well, October is over and November might bring another show featuring my designs...stay tuned

Here's the upcoming show -

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday: 6 days to doomsday

EEK!!! I'm running behind and shouldn't be here typing, but let's do a mild recap of yesterday -

Went to NYC early and got ready to help out for designer, Sumie Tachibana, at her show in Queens, which also featured a couple other amazing designers!

It was a smaller show in regards to number of models and venue size, but the work and time that went into it, was retarded. The craftmanship that these designers has is bananas.

The show started off with pieces made by students of Sumie and for the young students, it must have been fun to have designs shown on the runway so young, yet they all were really nervous. They were so cute!

Sohung Designs went next and the zipper detailing was BEAUTIFUL! I was drooling. They really made the statement and quite the work of art.

Joel Voisard showed off his metal work jewelery and those were interesting and nerve-wracking watching him 're-sculpt' the pieces on the models seconds before they went out.

Rockaway Beach Bikinis only showed four pieces, but they were super cute - I considered it 50's pin-up in Capri. Striped Barbie-like one-piece, yes ma'am!

Feral Childe is your typical hipster style line, but really interesting prints and ideas - their dresses are so easy to wear. I can't see myself rockin' this ready-to-wear line, but definitely worth checking it out.

Sumie had seven looks and she works all in black - but she had one dress was this vintage grayish material and another was a black with red dashes throughout. It just sucked because there's SO much detailing in her work and you can't appreciate it as much seeing it on the runway. But as a look, it made for fierce runway.

From backstage, things went smoothly. There was one or two wardrobe problems, but the models were great about making sure they were dressed and ready to walk.

After we cleaned up, I was off to the New York Couture show. I had no one to go with me though!

Low and behold - the other NYCouture intern, Nikki, was there and I chilled with her and my other designer friend Becky Vanderway had just come from the Christian Siriano show. I looked rockin in my stars poofy dress, though my tights made my feet slip in my shoes and i couldn't walk.

The show started late, but it was a big rainbow on crack that came down the runway. LOVED IT! There wasn't too many new desings, but a bunch of new color combos and materials and lots of sequins, tulle and bows.

I was so excited to see Betsey Johnson's aesthetic really coming out in this collection.

Ultraviolet Sound palyed for a half hour after and OMG they were so good! We danced the whole time and they were so much fun and all the moments of mixing freestyle tunes, I sang along.

There was nothing to crazy that happened. Everyone had a fun time.

Now It's back to finishing my collection and praying things went as well as these two shows did.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin...

As I look at the clock say 1am, I realize the Reflections event is a week away.

Looks I still have to prepare: 4 guys & 5 (?) girls, also my own!

ugh! my sister is helping do small hand stitch work, b/c she's quicker at that than I am, but I'm still nervous I won't have everything done.

I've been helping out this amazing designer Sumie Tachibana for the past months - just a couple days - for her collection, which she's showing tomorrow in Long Island City. I'm helping out as well all day, shall be fun.

Then I'm heading over to the New York Couture show. Crazy! I'm going to be so tired tomorrow.

I'm torn on music for my show. erf. I need to go and sew a little before bed. I wish I was like Sabrina and could just point and the pieces come together. Plus, our cat Kitty would be able to talk. Damn that Salem!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer

Wow, ok. So most of you will say - Jeffree Star? One of those myspace celebrities? Yea, another delusional internet celeb who thinks they are a singer.

But wait! Take it back!

The new album Jeffree Star has coming up is actually pretty darn good.

I love the "Louis Vuitton Body Bag" song and Mika Skiba is in it. They lyrics are dark too. The whole album, I mean look at the title, goes back and forth between what you would think with 'I'm the shit' lyrics and also topics that are much deeper than that.

We're not talking John Lennon or anything, but thankfully the lyrics are not the shit some myspace idiots write and have a bit of wit to them.

The music is way better than what I had heard in the past from J*. I had loved the live shows for the spectacle they were, but now I'll be more stoked on hearing "Bitch Please" or "Fame & Riches. Rehab Bitches" which features Breathe Carolina (not a fav of mine though) that is friggin awesome as hell.

So yea. This is just me throwing my ideas together for a better review. If you like dance/techno, check it out. It's fun and definitely will be a step in the right direction that really will seperate him from the myspace internet personality label.

love it.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Come out and play with us!

This event is ALMOST here and I'm going nuts making things! I'm going to start posting video blogs about it all, but right now I don't even have a minute to record anything, haha.

So Philly peoples or anyone around them parts - take the drive! A fashion show from three designers (one of them being me!), live music, food and what's this? Burlesque? oh yes...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mayhem Fest

Among all the craziness gonig on with moving back home and sewing...I was asked to go cover one stop on the Mayhem Festival.

I had gone to see mainly Manson, but really got a great taste for a lot of the other bands.

I took photos, did a gneral reviews and spoke with seven bands (well, one from each) on the stop.

Everything will be slowly posted on soon - can't wait to share my experience with y'all

I'm getting ready for the fashion show i'm doing in the fall. I'm definatley going to start doing video blogs about my progress. I'm getting frustrated with how much work I have ahead. I wish I had an assistant or something. haha, one girl I know offered, but she can't get to my work space! oh wells

Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Funny...

I haven't posted anything in a long while, but I'm avoiding writing an article and find this to be hilarious -

I did an interview yesterday with this singer. I did a really bad job and now I'm spazzing b/c there's so much I needed to ask and didn't, so now the article sucks.

So in any case, the singer had to call me on his phone not connected through other number - it happens.

Later that night, I'm transcribing the damn interview and my phone beeps - text message. It's from a number I don't know asking who I am. I'm like 'huh?' Then two and two together - it's from the singer's phone.

At the time, I'm dying thinking this is funny and kinda cool. I explain who I am, he's like sorry we've been drinking, I say to go have fun.

That's about it. If it had been a singer I was like in love with, I would have be bummed that was it.

So anyways, I'm doing more research for this damn article and hear him talking about his girl that is on tour with them. I don't know how these girls do it, I couldn't put up with the tour schedule - plus, don't you have a job?

Well in any case. Thinking about this more - you SO know that it was his girl who texted my number last night.

How much does it suck to be a band dude's girlfriend? I couldn't deal with all the people you meet day to day. Anyone out there have any stories to share on this topic?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Send me to Chicago!

Dude, I would very much like to go to this Riot Fest over in Chicago in October. It would be fun. But I think I'm going to Iceland (yes, Iceland) then. darn.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin & Envy on the Coast - show review

OK! I saw this show back June 20th. I had hoped these images would go on Shut Up Magazine, but technology hates me and I couldn't upload them.

So I'm putting them here! yay!

Taking Back Sunday & Anberlin live shots from Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA, June 20th.

Show was AMAZING!!!
Read the full recap on

Missed most of Envy On The Coast, but the singers came out and sang on the last two TBS songs. EOTC = Really good stuff

Anberlin surprised me. They are really great. First time seeing them, definately not the last.

TBS is my favorite, never have a bad time with them. Plus I got mad close to Matt Rubano. I heart him! I've only met Adam & Fred (well, when he was in it) before, so yay Matt!

I'm not a photographer. But not too bad in my opinion.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh No! Senses Fail!

So, I just heard a couple days ago that Heath from Senses Fail will be leaving the band after Warped Tour. Kinda bummed.

Everything sounds all kosher and he just wants to move on in life and such.

I'm just bummed b/c as a fan (obviously I never shut up about them), it felt this last record they finally came around and have the basis for something really amazing musically-wise.

Plus, I didn't know if Jason Black - their bassist on tour & from Hot Water Music - was going to maybe record with them. I was excited for this and I think Heath was damn good, so...that plus the lyrics I love and the way Heath and other guitarist Garrett worked together...

So now I wonder who's going to come in or is bad news going to come? Probably not, but we'll see after Warped what's going to go on with them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little emo

Ok, wow. Life has been sucking beyond belief. Why am I even posting that here? Because it ain't all about the sequins and metallic spandex. haha

But writing has hit a wall and I don't think I should continue with trying to do features and this and that - it is taking up time that could be spent making stuff.

Then today my parked car gets plowed into. Stupid.

Conflicted about another issue.

Too lazy to go and walk to Dunkin Donuts for chocolate milk.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This week has slowly become full of surprises!

I had been a little down in the dumps for whatever reasons, but now things are looking up & realy fun!

My friend invited me to go see The Decemberists tomorrow with her. Can't wait to see them - I hear AMAZING things about their live shows.

Then we're heading out for a day in Philly and to see The A.K.A.s open the outdoor concert series for this Sailor Jerry store. Excited as hell. They are amazing as well.

Then, last minute, going to see He Is Legend this weekend and what's this? Meeting them via non-stalker methods? haha, wtf, this is funny and cool at the same time.

I don't know if I'll get to see Taking Back Sunday when they come to town...but Spinnerette is going to be here REAL soon and their album will be dropping the next day - CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Cool. My friend invited me to go with her to see The Decemberists this week. Really excited to see what they're about.

If you haven't. Go listen to:

I just die!

IAMX & Henry Rollins

So I went to see IAMX at the Bowery Ballroom - AMAZING show.

You want to see an artist that knows how to incorporate cabaret into the live show.

Loved it and really want to see him and his band mates again. Sucks this was like the only area show.

Next day we went to see Henry Rollins' spoken word. Didn't know exactly what to expect.

It was very interesting. ABut sometimes a little too like - "Really dude?"

He mainly spoke of his travels around the world and how he can piss off 'the man' by going to the Middle East or Africa and just be a creepy dude and take on the hospitality of anyone who'll give him a place to eat and hang around.

No, it's really interesting to hear about everything he's done, places he's been, how other people are, but it's really not pissing off anyone b/c the people you want to piss off don't really pay attention to you.

See it just sucks, b/c mainly the people who go see him already kind of think the way he does. People who aren't like him should be forced to go and listen, then some change will be going on here.

But in any case. Really interesting and it does make me want to travel, but I'm more of a 'nothing past Switzerland' kind of girl.

I was just so happy and comforted to hear someone else express basically the same exact feelings and opinions I have towards marriage, human breeding and drugs & alcohol.

I would write a letter thanking him for making me know I'm not the only one, but then I would be the biggest dork ever.

Looking for an interesting evening - go see either of above mentioned artists.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I obsess over certain random things for no reason and then - BAM! I find out why my subconcious was drawing me to whatever it was.

I want to look like Brody Dalle of the Distillers...find out -

I didn't know about this.

GREAT music - check it out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SnapM? Oh yes...

So, I've wanted to go for awhile now and I will be attending the June 26th event and as sort of a 'featured' but not really type clothing designer there.

What does that mean? I'm on the 'featured' list on the organizer of this event's model mayhem and I'll have a little area to set up clothes for people to check out and borrow for the night for all the shoots going on.

Cool, I know. haha, it sounds fun and really tiring, but I'm excited! I hope the two models I'm talking with like what I'm bringing and maybe another or two would borrow a piece.

As soon as I'm sent a photo, I'll have something kick ass to share! Not in relation to Snapm. Uber exciting for me.

rock on

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I just want to look at it


Have you ever been shopping and come across something that you just MUST have? I had that moment today.

A BEAUTIFUL vintage dress was just calling out to me from across the store and I was totally ready to shell out $150 for a dress that I would probably never ever wear. Why? Because to me - it was just THAT beautiful.

It was THE perfect old Hollywood dress. Dusty tan silk dress that was rouched horizontally at the bust and then gathered all around the high waist and left to flow out for miles. A cute sating bow was at right below the bust.

BUT to make it even more perfect - the neckline (a strapless piece) was trimmed in mink. I JUST DIED!

I tried it on and I was trying to convince my mom that I'm loosing 10 pounds and if I loose the padded bra...It would totally fit. No seriously, it wasn't that far off from closing.

I know it was a bit too much money, but I wanted it. It was like on the one episode of the Rachel Zoe Project where at NYC fashion week, her husband kinda flips at all the vintage in the living room. He's like "What's it all for?" And she's like "I just want to look at it."

I was having that moment. Can't get this dress off my mind. le sigh....

It was so a Ginger Rodgers dress. She would dance the hell out of that dress. Gorgeous.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ok, so I made a video blog, but apparently it's too big, I can't upload it and I'm not remaking it for the third time.

I went to the city today to meet with another designer. She's amazing. We chatted and I really hope I'll get to help her out with stuff.

Almost didn't go, well, thought I was going to die on the subway. I've been fighting this minor stomach bug. It sucks. And it's like everyone around was mentioning different things to do, but all I wanna do is just go to sleep. Sucks b/c I'm off from work today!

Whatever. I'm going to try and eat a salad. So far cereal and fruit have not aggrevated my stomach, so let's see how veggies do.

I'm actually really REALLY behind on my blogs for Shut Up. I didn't even realize it until now. I'm going to get to work on the ones that were already supposed to be handed in - the holiday weekend really threw me off.

Then I'm goign to listen to Taking Back Sunday & The Sounds' new stuff and review that.

So much music, so little time. Plus I wanna sew! I want to go home, but I think it's best to stay here.

Omg, Daisy of Love is retardedly awesome. Daisy is really dumb, but genuine. I got to say, this is the best dating show. Why? B/c there's some actual 'real life rules' going on. While she only seems interested in the drama on the show and not what you're about outside of the house....

I like that she did ask Cage to leave b/c he was seriously scary and threatening to beat the shit out of Flex. WTF. So I like that b/c she thinks this show is all about finding her love and promoting the fact that she can't sing...she does treat them like boyfriend try-outs.

Funny that she kicked him out the week before they're doing a cage fighting match.

I'm watching Loaded: Blink 182 on Fuse. At work yesterday, this one student comes in and obsesses over how she's going to see them like omg, 3 times with like Panic or whoever, it doesn't really matter b/c it's BLINK!!!

I saw them when I was 16 and was a dork too. So I get it. But it's still uncomfortable to hear that shit. Leave Blink dead. They were better back then, not now. Not now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A New Week!

Ok wow! Some good, some not so good and some sighs of relief.

To be honest - we all go through bad moments and have to witness people we love go through really really tough times, but when it happens to you, you feel like the only person who has ever had to deal with it.

But we realize we're not alone and that all we can do is be there for those we love and offer support and company in their dark times.

Sometimes it's a long road ahead that you're scared to death to have to deal with and watch unfold.

Then you're out of a moment and things are slowly getting back to normal.

And then as if to distract you, a really great opportunity hits and you think - how can I possible be happy about it and ask those around me to feel the same when you know there's bigger things going on?

I'll have the exciting part hopefully to talk about by the end of this week. Just send positive thoughts to people around me and say a prayer that I don't loose my mind with the on coming heat of summer.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Good and the Bad

My good friend's mom said I'm crazy and just b/c something good happens, does not mean it has to be conter balanced by something bad.

But I'm not so quick to believe.

Had some bad news dropped last night, but it'll be ok, just going to suck for a minute.

However, to keep myself distracted, I got some exciting news to hopefully pimp out next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm a dork

But tell me she's not THE cutest cat ever

We were listening to snippets off the new Method Man & Redman album. Sounds good...and Busta put out a new album too. woo!


I won tickets to see Henry Rollins in June!

My friend and I are stoked b/c money is tight, so now we don't have to buy them.

First week of June - IAMX & then Henry Rollins, June is off to a great start.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Katie

Katie is in school...two hours away from Kitty

Kitty is an annoying cat

She is also very fluffy

I lost the internet last night, so I couldn't post this until today. I went and watched Heathers - it was awesome

Summer on the horizon...

Sounds like a band name don't it?

Looking ahead -

Warped Tour-ing
Moving back home
Putting together a collection
Writing about a bunch of new music & tours (so happy!)
Being stressed out by everything!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Song of the Day - "If U Seek Amy"

"If U Seek Amy" by Britney Spears

Ok, so the damn song grew on me. Still is really stupid though. Some chick was listening to it in her car at the mall and then it came on twice on the ride back. So...'love me, hate me, say what you want about me...'

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Song of the Day - May 13th

I'm going to be doing a song of day!

Why? Because then you can be singing what I got stuck in my head. Could possibly be the same song each day too. hahha, no seriously - whatever is stuck in my head will go here.

First song -

"Baby Lou Tattoo"

Fun, upbeat, mentions the Misfits and I love how she says 'tattoo'

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show Review: Bouncing Souls with The Loved Ones

The Crazy Donkey, Long Island, NY

umm...I've never been to the Crazy Donkey, but have wanted to go b/c a lot of cool shows have passed through here.

NEVER AGAIN! Almost as bad as Toad's Place in New Haven.

Toad's Place was fine venue wise, but the people & townies - HORRID!

Crazy Donkey had a 'meh' crowd, but the internal layout was awkward and made the designer for Irving Plaza seem like a genius.

It was hard to work your way into the place for starters - everyone was hanging around outside,smoking & drinking and it felt like we were at a house party - perfectly fine if there wasn't two AMAZING bands getting ready to play.

We came in just in time for THE LOVED ONES and they were great. Played mainly older songs. And then a cover by the dude from Bright Eyes - so my friends informed me.

I got like body checked by this horrid drunken idiot, I think I have a bruise on my lower back. Everyone else did not like him and he got beat up in the pit, haha.

Just wonderful and worth the trip out there.

THE BOUNCING SOULS are always so fun even though I'm not 100% familiar with their catalog. But...something was lacking.

Last night they played in Asbury Park - it's like basically home and I'm still surprised it was not the last show of the tour.

So tonight, it was like something was off. It was their singer, Greg. Now. He's not like the crazy frontman or one that makes a lot of small talk, but you could tell something was off and I felt bad for him.

Maybe I'm wrong, but seriously - he was either really tired, something heavy was on his mind or he was on something.

Vocally, he was fine. It was cool to see how little effort he has to do besides open his mouth and pretty damn perfect vocals come out. But even his smiles felt forced. Didn't help that the people in Long Island SUCK.

Oh wells. They played "True Believers," "Here We Go" and "Lean on Sheena" - that made me happy.

New Blogs!

This week I took a look at Cinema Bizarre.

My Birthday Massacre show review is also up (I'm a little cleaner and more focused on show reviews outside this blog)

I think I'm going to start doing video blogs too. I'll upload them to my buzznet (, but embed the video here too. It'll just be in regards to the fact I have a new hair do (though I'm going to dye it AGAIN Tuesday) and the items I'm working on for the collection I'm doing.

Ugh! I want to do like a show or something in the fall with all I'm coming up with. Anybody got any ideas how to do this or know events in NYC that would I might have a shot at being part of?

I'm trying to finally get my teeth whiter...strips suck!

Sewing Machines & The Bouncing Souls

Last night I almost had a nervous breakdown. My sewing machine does not want to sew.

I'm working on skirts for this lovely designer, however, the test material we bought gets sucked under the plate where the needle goes in to catch the bobbin thread. I think the material is just too thin and slinky, but still! It's not fun when a huge part of what you do (no, make that 1/3 of how you do things - serger being 1 and fabric being 2) doesn't work.

I'm going to see if it'll be nice today.

If not...I'm taking a bat to it and going to see The Bouncing Souls and The Loved Ones tonight! yay!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

album: HELL YEAH by The Horrorpops

Hell Yeah! This album fucking rocks!

It's old, but I JUST got it this weekend. I bought it at Bamboozle. I wanted the vinyl BUT APPARENTLY the grounds people/promoters/monkeys DECIDED it was NOT cool to bring vinyl into the festival.

The lovely merch guy of the day said there was something that there was a deal with only CDs or something like that and that they had vinyl, but couldn't bring them in. What nonsense. I hate people. (Or he was lying and being I was last minute, didn't feel like unpacking everything to get to the vinyls, hahahahah)

Ok, "Mistake" and "Where They Wander" are just the greatest songs by The Horrorpops off the album, maybe even like Top 5 from their catalouge - they only have 3 albums though.

I like this album a lot because you have songs like those that are more reflective of their style, maturity and are a bit more complicated in sound. Then you get these cute and distinctly rockabilly songs like "Cool Flat Top" and "Baby Lou Tattoo" that can be a little too Cry Baby & corny, but works so well.

The first half is the strongest and then they lose me a bit, but all in all, definately worth the buy especially with the summer coming up. I would kill to drive around in some vintage 50s car with a hot Johnny Depp in Cry Baby looking guy driving.

What? That's not sexist - I just can't drive stick shift!

I'm Such a Girl!

So I was off to one of the many jobs I have and realized a certain individual would be there today.

I had been all ready to go and once I had this realization...RAN into my room and tore apart my closet for something cute to wear.

I wound up with just jeans a tshirt, lightly low cut, and called it a day.

I have to dress nice, casual and not how I would to a concert or anything like that. But I my closet sucks! I have no work clothes and NO time to make stuff for work. UGH! What to do?

Maybe I'll take a ride to the mall next week and investigate.

Turned out I missed him walking in and then when I did get to talk to him, it was the most retarded converstaion about details of the evening. He kept a nice smile throughout it though.

Ever have a day like that?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BAMBOOZLE - The Final Day

What a LONG day for me Sunday was!

Got ready to go...huffed and puffed about the rain...and when I got to my door - UGH! Pouring rain. Luckily, it did taper off a little making the day totally barable, but sucky.

Ok! So yet again - $20 to park - screw you Giant's Stadium's people. Tickets were free, so I guess I should shut my mouth...

Saw THE SOUNDS. They are AWESOME! Can't wait for the new album. Their singer (isn't her name Mia?) had on the coolest Blondie/old punk chick outfit - leather jacket, ripped hosiery, short shorts and a tucked in bigger blouse.

We headed over for ULTRAVIOLET SOUND and they were fun as hell and just amazing. I really need to see them perform at a club environment and dance my ass off. They're working on a new album. yay!

3OH!3 was retarded, but not in a bad way. A lot of people crowded the stage for them and most of them came running back when the dance pits started. Whatever.

Saw like three songs by HASTE THE DAY. Again, decent set is all I can say as I don't know their music.

I did hang around the 'hardcore' stages for the most of the day and witnessed some of the most rediculous bahavior ever. Kids are silly. It did make each of these 'on the verge of being huge' bands seem bigger than they were b/c the pits opened up in front of BOTH stages (the two were right next to each other).

Case in point - A DAY TO REMEMBER. They ARE amazing and great - go listen to them! I think they deserved to be on a main stage. Just great music, mainly from the new album HOMESICK but one or two oldies.

Ok, the end of the night - I had lost my original group, but caught up with my lovely sister and her friend. They wanted to see this one song by a horrid band Brokencyde. I usually do not mention acts I do not support, but I just want to say that I can see the draw in one or two songs, but really this band is nonsense.

While they danced all crunk-like, I went to see TAKING BACK SUNDAY. I walked over for one song and left. The main stages were TOO TOO TOO PACKED I coudln't deal. The same with NO DOUBT. One song, but the acoustics were lost from so far away and it just felt fake. You need to be by the stage to enjoy.

Example: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. I caught their set and yea, new pick for favorite post-hardcore/goth/emo band of the moment. Maybe it's the look and mood they present on stage that keeps my attention, but there's a few songs that stand out and are great. Let's see what direction they go in for the next album.

I was standing around, waiting for my people to come from No Doubt, so I saw this band set up - thought maybe they were an Anti-Flag type deal. Turned out to be teens from California who take a stab at punk. Name: DRIVE A. Cute and the crowd was mainly teen girls taking photos...

All in all one of the best times I've had in awhile. I like that you can go into the Stadium and sit, use the bathrooms, stare at the field. I don't like being FORCED to throw out water bottles if you thought you could bring one in HOWEVER...weed is allowed in and not snuffed when smoked.

So if they can sell it - you can't bring it in. I need to find a music event that's there to support the bands AND pay grounds workers/the venue's facilities WITHOUT raping the fans' wallets.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bamboozle: DAY ONE

Where to start?

Well we almost didn't get in - but the lady at the ticket booth got eevrything worked out and I got 'listed.' haha, whatever

Let's see...Heard "Shake It" by Metro Station - Danny Devito and a deformed Cyrus, fun times.

Turned to the left and started to watch Bloodhound Gang. We left after the first song. Why? The sound people had the vocals down and you couldn't hear him and we really didn't feel like sticking around the whole time just to hear that animals song.

Caught a bit of Artist vs. Poet - cute and fun music.

Then looked for band merch. Ok, WTF is this? They basically hearded all the artists for the respective stages into ONE tent, with a few exceptions. I can see how it was a somewhat 'ok, maybe this is cool,' BUT no. No no no

ALL the other tents at the place were fucking tshirt designers. NOW I can't hate on all of them, but seriously, shouldn't this be about the music? Whatever, can't knock the hustle, but I wasn't thrilled about it.


We get back to the music - waiting for Dance Gavin Dance, we get to see Young Love. Fun dance music. He's dorky on stage, but charming. Like it.

Dance Gavin starts with the first track off the new album (remember, I don't do song titles well) and it's GREAT. Then they start doing those songs I know, but am not uber familiar with. The idiot kids open the pit up and it gets annoying. They do Track 7 from the new album and end with "Rock Solid." So not too impressed, but a decent set.

Turned out two of the most enjoyable sets were Kid Cudi and Asher Roth. Kid Cudi is like what hip hop needs and Asher is just a white boy who is going to be pegged forever as a college/stoner rapper. Both were great.

I saw them off to the side before the tech guys set everything up and it seemed like they were a little disgruntled. But they came out and just killed it. Perfect perfect. Music on point, vocals sounded great and they were smiling and Patricia is the one of the best front women ever.

"Freaks in Uniforms," "Where They Wander," "Walk like a Zombie," and a few other ones filled the set and we danced the whole time. They even went to do a signing after the set and being dorks, felt weird going over, but in buying the cd gave a thumbs up on the set as they walked away.

We went over to see Gwar and they were crazy. And the music is pretty darn good. haha. We only stuck around for three songs and yea, they're definately the show stoppers.

Fun times. Day two later...

Bamboozle Recap: HOODWINK

WOW! What a weekend!

I forgot my camera at my house and won't get back there till this weekend, but I didn't take too many photos anyways.

So let's begin - Hoodwink!

This year, they had different artists play a full set of cover songs. Here's who we checked out -

-Forever the Sickest Kids doing Avril Lavigne
-Danger Radio doing Britney Spears
-The Ataris doing The Misfits
-New Found Glory doing Green Day
-Anti-Flag doing The Clash

Unfortunately, they parked us in the lot which was not close to where we had to go to pick up tickets. So we had to walk ALL the way around the grounds to get to the gate. Ugh!

So we listened to Forever the Sickest and they were fun. Yea to "Skater Boi."

Danger Radio was next and they started with "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)." That was fun. They were actually really good and made the music sound great - basically becuase the songs were being sung by someone who COULD sing.

They did this jazz version of "Toxic" - eh, but nicely done.

A dance pit opened up and this kid just danced like nobody's business and even did two backflips in a row - rock on Britney boy! The two idiot boys who 'opened a pit b/c it's so funny to do and we're so cool b/c we did' totally got served by Britney boy.

I have mad respect for The Misfits, but honestly...don't know their music. Shh! Big secret. But I still was like - Can The Ataris pull it off? Yes they can.

They were really good and it wasn't like they were trying to be JUST like The Misfits, which I think worked.

Then I was dragged over to see NFG do Green Day, but we were forced to watch the end of Sum 41 thinking they could pull off Metallica. They are an example of a band that tried too hard to be like the one they were covering. Boo to them.

NFG choose a lot of songs that are low on the Green Day radar. So I wasn't so into the set at all, but it was a good choice of band to cover. Nice performance.

Last was Anti-Flag. I've never seen them before, so it's funny my first time is hearing them do only another band's music. But it was great.

At first I was like the lead singer is trying too hard to be Strummer or he has a sore throat. I'm not sure what was up, but his voice grew on me and the second guitairst took over more vocals and yea, it worked so well.

Started with "London Calling," stuck with songs from the the middle of their career and played "White Riot," "Bored with the U.S.A.," "Career Opportunities," "Should I Stay or Should I Go," and ended with "I Fought the Law."

Yea, even with the downpour during Danger Radio and then the chill we got from drying off, it was a good time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bamboozle: Day 1

Today was AWESOME!

I think more so in just the whole experience of the day not so much with who we saw. Except Kid Cudi & HORRORPOPS

We took photos of this weekend and once I have a free moment, which is never, i'll post them all with commentary.

Lovely day Friday & Saturday, let's hope Sunday is the same.

List of To Do's

-Make a dress & romper
-Write these two little blog pieces
-Go to Bamboozle
-Go to work
-Get started on new pieces
-Not go crazy!

Of course, not neccessarily in that order.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost Bamboozle!

Guess what tomorrow starts? The Bamboozle weekend!

I do say I was spoiled by going the last year it was held down in Asbury Park, so since it's moved to Giant's Stadium's parking lot - it kind sucks.

But the bands are good and I'm surprising most people by saying that I'm really going for The Horrorpops, NOT No Doubt. I rather see them on their headling tour - plus Paramore is with them!

But yea...Hoodwink tomorrow and then it's the small stages on Saturday. Sunday kind of sucks b/c the only bands I want to see are on the main stages. However, last year The Souls played the main stage and we got insanely close - HOWEVER, most of the audience is like 16 and the bands on this Sunday are geared towards that age group - The Souls are an 'older' band, so yea.

But I'm seeing The Souls next weekend!

I'm kind of getting nervous by this swine flu thing. I'm such a hypocondriact (wait, that's not how you spell it). So being I'm right outside the city...I'm all nervous these commuters are going to infect me! Or even my roommate might bring it home! I should ban her from the house...haha

oh wells...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is going to be short and won't make much sense. But you'll understand -

I'm going to that Bamboozle thing soon. In checking out the artists, I came across a lot of new faces that I'm excited to hear, but I also hit some of the retarded ones as well.

Usually, if I don't like something, I ignore it and don't talk about it b/c that's the only way to make something go away.

But I just had to comment on this stupidness - Care Bears on Fire.

I'm all for girl bands and I welcome it! The Donnas, Go Betty Go, etc...

So when I saw two images of all girl groups for the festival there was this Care Bears on Fire and this other retarded group. For BOTH the members are under the age of 16, mainly 13-15, and the one band is a pop group, so whatever, but this Care Bears group pains me.

Their myspace says that they've charmed hipsters with their throw back to pure pop roots. UGH! All they're doing is using Blondie and other classic pop-punk meoldies with typical Disney styled 'punk' lyrics. You know, whining about how you hate homework, parents, being told what to do and think. That bullshit.

Wow, they're so punk rock. Even Avril is more punk & original than these kids. Their spot should have been given to a better band. But as my sister says - you got to let 8th graders think they're cool.

Monday, April 27, 2009


While I should be sewing...

And helping out on my website...

I'm working on another stupid idea that keeps me entertained and highly amused.

You know how guys are obsessed with that fantasy football, baseball, is there a hockey too, and whatever else there is?

Well, I'm making hybrid bands. Not to be confused with my new hybrid OBSESSION - Isles & Glaciers (honestly, I could ONLY have imagined Jonny Craig and my Craig Owens together in my dreams and now...this!)

I'm putting together fantasy bands of all the effeminate & made-up guys in bands out there that I adore and find amusing.

My friend tonight said her band would kick my band's ass and I said bring it!

Honestly, wouldn't this be a hilarious activity to spend countless hours on online and track who's band gets booked and how many friends they get on myspace? hmm...actually - isn't there something like that online already? Kind of like Rock Band only you don't have to screw around with those stupid faux-instruments

Show Review : The Birthday Massacre

Highline Ballroom
New York, NY
April 27, 2009

I LOVE The Birthday Massacre. I've only seen them three times now and each time, I'm just in love.

That sweet, music box melody that plays throughout their songs puts the biggest smile on my face and it's safe to say their show got me out of the horrid mood I've been in since early Saturday afternoon.

I also caught I Am Ghost's set. They're good and I definately will listen to them when I think of it. They were like a toned down, polished & intricate Aiden. Plus the bassist was hot from where I was standing.

Check them out.

TBM started with my favorite, "Red Stars" and ended with "Happy Birthday."

Honestly, they filled the insanely quick, but a good hour and 15-ish minutes set with songs from all across the board.

Chibi got her hair cut since last I saw them and she looks awesome! Such a cute cut.

They're also such a great live band because the interaction between all of the members on stage is as fun to watch as it is moving along with their music. Chibi makes the cutest/funniest faces to her band mates and the audience. She's twisted like the chick from the craft (and The Waterboy...what's her name? she's a rad actress too), but she's child-like and sweet.

Then, they're just another band who's music is better live than in the recording - yea, there's not a lot out there.

Just love them! Wish I had gone on Saturday too, but that's what makes it that much sweeter - don't overdose!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Blog & Update!
IWrestledABearOnce write-up is posted on the site.

Check it out! I really like what this band is doing.

In other news...

I'm planning on putting together a mini-collection. I think this is how I'm going to do things from now on instead of just making things randomly and with no cohesion.

I can't wait to get started.

I have a few things to get done before I start sewing, but I've already got ideas.

Say hello to custom sizing, different fabric choices and craziness.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Way to Read My Nonsense

YAY! I'm now a blogger for Shut Up! Magazine. (

I haven't posted anything yet, but when I do, I'll leave a note on here.

Yay for probably more people reading my ramblings. Got to get my act together though. Can't be talking about how cute Zac Efron is...or maybe I can...

Monday, April 20, 2009

What can $200 buy you?

-Almost 200 small lattes from Dunkin Donuts (it's a special around here and smalls are $1)

-A really rad leather Betsey Johnson purse & necklace from Loehmanns

-20 yards of spandex

-4 rounds of shots for you and four of your friends at a NYC club/bar

Now...I understand that people have to get paid and I can't expect everyone I work with to do things for free. However, when you have like three photos to show me of your work and ask the price above for your time, I get a little cautious.

But then when I see a set done of yours that looks pretty whatever after from what I heard about all the work that goes into a photo...well...

I don't know. Sometimes I don't understand this whole world of trade, paid and feels the artsy talented people do for free & trade and the ones who know their shit and deliver (but are full of themselves) or the very average ones require the monies.

Whatever people.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

17 Again!

Saw the movie 17 AGAIN yesterday. Ok, totally lived up to being one of cutest movies ever.

It's nothing close to Oscar award nominee, but wasn't just another stupid teen movie. And honestly - Zac Efron turned out to be just splendid in the role. I thought he did a fantastic job of playing a 38-year old guy trapped in a 17-year old's body.

There was one part that I was like - Aw...totally intriguing and different.
But then I was like - no...I've seen that before.

Haha, it's a movie that's not like ground-breaking in its storyline, but they did a lot of stuff that put a nice, refreshing twist on a typical plot.

A lot of laughter and the movie starts off with Zac completely shirtless - ALL the girls in the theater gasped and then giggled on that shot.

Totally feel in love with him too. I have a new crush. Definately want to see it again!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wait what? That IS Jessica Simpson?

When I first heard the new Eminem song, "We Made You," I was sort of into, but I DID NOT believe that was Jessica Simpson.

Listen to her - is that really her? I can't find anything that says otherwise. I mean, I still think she's awesome and a great singer, but really? That's her?

Plus, I love how the only press I can find is that her camp is not really responding to how they made fun of Jessican in the video by having a 'chubby' girl play her.

If I had my vocals (either recorded via a contract or sampled for the song) on a song whose video clearly was making fun of me, I would be way more vocal about it.

Something seems so weird about this whole thing. So either Eminem is not as big as we thought he was, it's just expected, or it's really not Jessica on the song.

Can someone help?

The video is quite typical of what he's done and nothing like earth shattering. It takes the cheap punches at the easy targets in pop culture today. I like the making fun of Brett Michaels (and Eminem actually looks like a nice looking version of Michaels).

But either way with Jessica - jokes' on Eminem, b/c the impersonator in the video is gorgeous.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ohh....the 'dead' shots

I finally got photos back on the red one-sided tiger skater dress paired with the rib cage miltary corset. Wow, that was a mouthful!

I hope there'll be more, but I'm sure - doesn't matter though b/c these shots are rad as hell!

There's also more photos from this shoot on my myspace -

OH! and I'm FINALLY FINALLY in ALL CERTAINTITY getting a webpage up and running by the end of May. yay!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just got done listing new items to my eBay thing -

Manson dress, Misfits jacket, green striped leggings, tiger skirt (made by my sister), skulls skirts

now it's time to go pass out so I can wake up super early tomorrow! I'm a lucky girl...

People suck

I was passed out last night thanks to Advil PM (plug! send me a lifetime supply now), but was woken up around 12:25am. Why? Some car alarm in the lot next to my house went off.

Usually, they go off after 10 or 15 mins. This? Nope. And it was mad crazy loud and annoying. 20 minutes went by and then I hear people talking and the damn thing gets turned off.

My roommate updated the story...

Started around midnight. That means it was going off for 45mins.
Some shady car came up to it and turned it off. Who was driving the car? I don't know, but thank you to them or if it was the owner...screw you! get your alarm turned off b/c nobody would want your lame ass car!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Transcribing Fun

I'm transcribing the recent interview I did with Chris from MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.

I'm strangely drawn to this band ever since I saw them back in the fall. The music is honestly pretty good amid the sea of emo/screamo/metalcore/post-hardcore/whatever you call this people bands.

There's a strong similarity to Underoath (who I'm not at all a fan of), but with an Aiden twist (and you know I love me some Aiden any day).

He was super nice and gave a good insight/introduction to the band. Check them out -

Yummy Zac Efron

Ohhh....Did you see all the Zac Efron photos from his GQ spread shot by Peggy Sirota?

Everyone is freaking out over the shirtless photo, but somehow his body looks really beefed up and icky. I like the one above. I love boys who have the retro 50s Elvis greaser kid of hair and's a toothpick NOT cigarette!

I cannot wait to go see that 17 Again this weekend. I'm such a dork, but hey - HE'S 21! So suck it! I can look and oogle without guilt.

And his Saturday Night Live performance was pretty darn good. It'll be fun to see where this kid goes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photoshoot Sneak Peak


Creepshow Photography Shoot

Had a lovely (and long) shoot with Creepshow today with the most awesome models, Crash & Minxy.

We met up around 11am and started make-up & hair after a bit of chatting and joking around. We turned out to be a crazy bunch.

The first look was a hollywood glamour/starlet actresses kind of vibe. I don't have photos of that. Crash & Minxy looked to die for and I can't wait to show off those dresses - it looked so prom!

Unfortunately, Crash had to leave early, so we shot with Miss Minxy for three more looks - I said it was a long shoot.

The first : bondage dead goth girl. We also thought she looked like a street walker as we walked over to the house, haha.

I was also tagging along with camera in tow to take a few shots b/c now I think I'm a photographer, haha. I have ways to go, but I take good candids of my photographer & model.

We even managed to change make-up looks for each outfit. And of course, I also think I'm a make-up artist.

Next up - ethereal ballerina. I got a little shimmer dust happy and Minxy's face got covered in it, but that's not as bad as what we did for the last look.

She was such a trooper because it started getting very cold and windy...

But you would never have thought from the shots.

Lastly, we did 'my boyfriend's picking me up behind my parents back'
It got insanely windy and the sun was completely down. Lighting in a pinch? Well you figure it out...and for make-up, I got glitter happy. I hope it came out in the photos, but I put red gloss on her lips and mixed a buttload of glitter in it. Minxy's opinion on glitter lips? 'It's gritty'

All in all another great shoot with Miss Julie of Creepshow. Can't wait to show off the final results.

Go check out all the lovely, talented ladies at : (Minxy) (Crash)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Show Review : Greeley Estates

Crocodile Rock Cafe
April 9, 2009

Bands: Greeley Estates, Iwresteledabearonce, Memphis May Fire, Fact

Horrid, intolerable traffic made an hour and fifteen minute drive take close to three and a half hours. Being that we left early to get dinner beforehand, we still got there with time to see another band and the headlliners or so the website said.

We get there and the dude at the door is like - No, FACT's up next.

So all that paranoia that I wouldn't make it to see the band I'm to review was for nothing. But we walk over the 'underground cafe stage' and laugh b/c it's like a hole in the wall, maybe 200 people? Probably less.

There's some hardcore and annoying local band (i'm guessing) playing. Eh. Their friends at the bar were having fun. This was an hour after the show was suppossed to start. I think the promoters added two local bands, which screwed over the rest of the show...

FACT was on at 8pm. They played 4 or 5 songs. They're from Japan!'s like they take what the American post-hardcore bands are doing and add hip hop, electro and something of a Japanese sensibility to the music.

It was like Hellogoodbye and a typical hardcore/screamo band. Plus their drummer was so excited and mainly only knew curse words, but was happy nonetheless.

We still didn't understand the line up and figure GREELEY ESTATES is next. I'm like - All the roadies are really cute.

Turns out it's the band MEMPHIS MAY FIRE and they're good, but we left for the set to eat.

Come back and think now it's GREELEY. Nope. Southern looking boys start on stage and we hear screams. Whoa! They have a girl singer/screamer. The band - IWRESTLEDABEARONCE.

Really really impressed and the crowd went insane for them. However, the novelty wore off that it was a girl singer - she's like a combo of the metalcore dudes and Bjork - and then I started thinking whether they're good or not. Pretty good.

Now is it time for GREELEY? It's almost 10:30pm. Yes, that's right...10:30pm is when they took the stage. And apparently Allentown has a curfew - curfew? what the hell is that? I say: kick the minors out and they can play for me and a few of the remaining barflys.

They did like 6 or 7 songs. Throw back to "Y'all with the Vampire Squad"! Very nice. They stuck to the new album, the first being one I didn't recognize at all. It was a good set, but I was pissed as hell they got screwed over and barely had 30mins to play. They were so on point with the music too.

Things that were weird -
-The flyer has IwrestledaBearonce above who was the headliners?
-Did their drummer bulk up and gain a bit of weight and grow his hair? It sorta of looked like him, but now wikipedia says there's another drummer, but I can't confirm anywhere else
-Why does this venue suck?

Come back Greeley boys!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weird Times can be Fun

The past two days were weird and I'm left like 'what just happened here?'

Wednesday, was exhausted, but looked foward to this one show...turned out we were listed for another date on the tour (which had already passed) and even with a bunch of texting and calling (reminded me of Kathy Griffin talking about getting in club Hyde)...nothing could be done.

Oh wells. It was off to sleep for another concert-going adventure! of the musicians texted me with apologies the next day! Get out of town and it wasn't his fault at all. What a cool dude.

Pick up my partener in crime and we headed off for the next venue. Umm...3 hours of traffic. I wanted to kill someone. Figured I would be late for the band I was suppossed to review...

Go up to the door dude and he's like - 'They're up next!'


Some shitty local, hardcore band is playing. It's already an hour after the show was supposed to start. So, did the band I was to see get bumped up?

No, but their set was like 4 or 5 songs long. Then...two other bands played for like a good 30 mins and then THE HEADLINERS only got like 6 or 7 songs done.

Seriously, someone needs to be yelled at from the venue for screwing over the headlining act and apologize to me b/c I haven't seen them in forever and was looking forward to hearing a good 45min set, not barely 30mins.

Quick show review to follow

Now I have an interview in an hour and a half. This'll be interesting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Fake Fiance

I adore Melissa Joan Hart. I think she's just amazing, will always be 17 - 21 no matter how old she gets and reminds me of my two older sisters, so I'm partial to liking her.

So I was excited to hear there's another ABC Family movie she's made. Plus, Brian Joey Lawrence is in it - let's see if he's still a cutie.

However...I was a little disappointed at the plot when I saw the commercial real quick earlier today. Doesn't it remind you of that Christmas movie (Holiday in Handcuffs) she did with Mario Lopez? Which I loved mind you.

It's the time-old story of unlikely couple who have to be with each other, even if they don't want to, and then find themselves together in the end.

Oh wells...I love her, he still is handsome, cheesey love movie - I'M THERE!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Screw Model Mayhem

haha, just kidding. I'm looking for male models with the scenester/glam metal/post-hardcore/brootal look. I'm beginning my men's line and already have 3 shoots on the drawing board to showcase these pieces.

Guys like this are ALL over myspace and at the shows I go to, but I'm trying to find ones that actually want to model and will benefit my clothing and not just stand there.

If you come across this and know anyone in the NYC/Jersey area that would be interested...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Or if you or someone you is in a band that fits this look and has a personality that would rock out at a shoot and want some promo in the photo credits...tell them about me.

rock on!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Video Inspiration : Love Sex Magic - Ciara

EEE!!! Just saw the video for "Love Sex Magic" by Ciara with *my* Justin Timberlake

This song is quite typical of Justin's style, but Ciara pumps it up and makes it uber sexy.

PLUS - have you seen her outfits? You know I LOVE making leotards, bodysuits and anythign prepare for this stuff.

I SO SO SO want that bodysuit with the studding so it looks like a metal bathing suit (haha, reminds me of when Britney wore her underroos over her pants in "Slave for You" video.


Isles & Glaciers

I won't shut up about this singer -

I just found out about the hybird band that I should have known about when they first made the announcement - Isles & Glaciers.

Who? Jonny Craig & Craig Owens. Oh, and other people, but this combo is what made a huge smile come across my face. It's interesting to hear them together.

I've only listened to three songs on youtube, but the best one (quality value) is Empty Size/Sighs and Wine. Jonny stands out against the vocals of Owens and the guy from Pierce the Veil (correct me on that too, i'm not familar with him and am confused b/c he sounds UBER girlie).

Seriously, it's a friggin' boyband, only now instead of R&B influences or techno, we've got post-hardcore electro influence.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ode to Jonny Craig's Voice

How you made Dance Gavin Dance that much better...but Emarosa shows your talent even better.

One of the best male voices in the genre? How about in the whole music game.

Seriously, it looks effortless the way he just opens his mouth and a whole range of sounds come out. Back and forth between soft seranades to the forceful, almost screaming screams. There's the gritty raspiness that accompanies the natural soul found here.

Yea, I'm a dork, but whatever.

Show Review - Sweet Brag Tour

The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
March 31, 2009

Bands: Emarosa, Sky Eats Airplane, A Day to Remember, Devil Wears Prada

They started RIGHT on time, so we walked in halfway through the third to last song for EMAROSA. The venue was already packed packed (it was a sold out show), so we headed upstairs. But by the time we sat down, it was time for the last song, "Set It Off like Napalm."

Lead singer, Jonny Craig is incredible. Mind you the music is solid, but it continues on this steady path that especially when you listen to the album, Relativity, it all meshes together and it's his vocals that bring it up and down.

Really need to see them again...

SKY EATS AIRPLANE had a million lights on tour with SENSES FAIL, but did not have them here. HOWEVER...the lead singer (who reminds me on stage of Craig from CHIODOS), did Jane Fonda "run in place" aerobics most of the set.

Is this a new thing? B/c then A DAY TO REMEMBER and a bit of DEVIL WEARS PRADA were doing it, which I hope was to make fun of him and not is a new trendy move.

Their music makes me nervous and annoyed. I didn't like them the first time, but was a little more impressed this time around. Still, nothing different or fabulous, but whatever.

A DAY TO REMEMBER is realy good, different in my book and the hottest thing out at the moment. Honestly, they should have been the headliners.

Most of the balcony flocked to the floor and opened it up like nobody's business. As soon as the the chant for "Downfall of Us All" hit, the kids lost their shit. It was awesome.

The chanted and filled in lyrics and you could see the lead singer was blown away. It's cliche to say, but they sound better live. Really great song choices. They mix like hardcore, punk, pop, rock all in one pot and it's good. Try it, you'll like it.

Plus, they ended their set with confetti showering the crowd below - hot shit!

DEVIL WEARS PRADA had these boxes placed on stage of different heights. The tops were outlined in pink, green and maybe an orange electrical tape and they glowed. That was the most interesting part of their set for me - sorry.

We stayed for three songs and hit the road. If you like them - rock on. I just can't get into them.

Sweet Brag Tour - very sweet.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


yea...just watched it on BET's 106 & Park.

when did he come back? that's so funny (ane awesome)

I loved Ginuwine back in the day! He new video/single sounds just like he always has - really nice, sexy R&B. Plus, Tyrese was in the video! my 13-year old self is swooning

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lady Gaga & Cazwell

"Just Dance" by Lady Gaga won't die. Every bloody radio station plays it constantly and I'm sick of it.

I knew about the damn song months before I started hearing it in that Best Dancer competition on Fox promo commercials. Once I heard that, I was like - awesome for her! That song was totally going to get attached to something like that.

But now you all will know about it. Crap.

I still listen on occasion, but usually get sick of it halfway through...until now.

He's a saint. Love it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Icky Dreams...

I had been joking with my sister that I want to try out for the next Rock of Love (you so know they're going to have another). I figured I can definately get on that damned show b/c I'm the 'good sweet girl' and I so want to be all like 'don't kiss me! you icky old man!'


So I caught a bit of an episode last night along with Tough Love (a new guilty pleasure), but it was like 5 minutes.

I had a dream that I was on the show and I hadn't let him try anything the whole season and I got pretty far. But then he had me in the bottom two and it wasn't clear, but I sort of was thrown out.

Then as I'm walking away through like a venue type place, I realize I loved him - ick! I go back, state my case and play kissy-face huggy-bear and I'm back in the game.

Why couldn't it have been David Lee Roth or Sebastian Bach. haha

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stupid Warped Tour Bands

Another reason why I love Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail - Read this and what he said

I just saw the Saints and Sinners Tour and don't remember him saying anything about dumbass Brokencyde. But I also don't remember Brokencyde saying anything racist in their lyrics.

Apparently, besides making horrid headache music, they use the n-word in one of their songs.

Is it racist? Probably not.
Should they have used it? Hell no.

But -

They're basically ripping off 'crunk' music (badly) and how many times do we hear the n-word in that music along with 98% of other rap music out there? A lot. So they're just being retarded white boys and thought they could get away with it.

But are they being racist about it? I don't know.

Are they making music that is irrelevant to the Warped Tour? Yes, but then again, when's the last time the line-up for Warped has been completely relevant to it's punk & rock roots?

Kids today need to be smacked over the head.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Alesana - Show Review

March 6th, Blender Theater
New York, NY

Move over Chiodos (I'll get back to you over Warped), but for now, my new guilty obsession is Alesana.

They're on an insanely long tour and I want another fix after seeing them at the Blender Theater. Especially since their set seemed to have been cut short b/c the venue people didn't think enough to start earlier in order to accomodate five bands.

We started with I Set My Friends on Fire, which it turns out there's really only two of them - but a drummer travels along for the tour. I sort of developed a headache, but was enjoying myself surprisingly. The singer's ranting and screaming was drving me mad...but there was something catchy about it.

They had a bunch of technical problems and the audience were quite mean to them, but they continued on - good for them!

Fear Before (the march of flames) took the stage and had four fake trees along with them. They've difinately become way more quirky and 'interesting' than last I saw them 4 years ago.

The music has become something involving more ambient/progressive elements and it was quite a treat to listen to. Also to weird you out, was someone dressed as a gorilla/ape walking around the stage. Something else impressive - their singer manged to get almost half the mic in his mouth.

Vocally, I wasn't impressed. But the whole package is pretty entertaining and it's a shame they don't tour around here more often.

I hate to be mean, but Drop Dead Gorgeous was horrible. It's just the same blah blah hardcore screaming and heavy guitars that's just - shut up and bring on the other bands. The crowd really liked them, but it gave me time to nap and clear out my text message inbox.

Alesana is just that band that you're afraid to admit you like, but you have every album on your ipod and totally can sing every word to when the girly sounding one (and girly looking one) sings.

They all herded up on stage and began to play. Lead singer/screaming ranted and raved all over the stage and then their girly singer started doing the most amazing moves. He stops playing, grabs the mic with one hand, then with the other - does the emo Mariah Carey hand flutters. Oh! I LOVES IT!

Their set raced by and everything sounded great. The music is insanely catchy, though on the hard side at times. I love "Seduction" and freaked out along with the rest of the crowd when "Congratulations, I Hate You" started.

They came back for the encore, but then I'm pretty sure they were ushered off stage and apologized (haha, encore was "Apology") for having to go and then the lights went on. Sucked.

But an enjoyable show overall - loved it

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saints and Sinners Tour

Show Review
Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

If you had looked foward to another Saints and Sinners down in Asbury Park around this past Halloween, then you unpleasantly surprised with a "See You in '09" line on the website. Promoters took the line-up package, condensed it to four bands and traveled the county.

It was a little upsetting, but they did provide a pretty ecletic mix of bands and one act is a favorite of mine, so I definately had to be in attendance.

First up - Brokencyde. My sister was stoked and said they are hilarious live. I took a listen on the myspace and was amused, but knew I would only be able to listen to 2 or 3 songs before getting a headache.

We were late, so that's about how many we saw. The guys primarily stayed hidden in the light show they had set-up on stage, but the kids on the floor didn't care as all they wanted to do was dance.

It really felt as though they stole beats from Lil' Jon and were just kicking and screaming with vocals over it. Fun for the first song, annoying for any other ones.

Haste the Day was excellent. They're your typical metal/metalcore band, but who know how to get it done right.

At first, I wasn't too into them and just wanted to see Senses Fail, but the more you listened, the more their talent shone through. Especially when they played tracks off their new album, Dreamer.

I was surprised when the lead singer took a moment to thank God and talked about Jesus for a second and said fans should come over and chat with the band later. Cool.

Finally! It was Senses Fail time. I had been listening to the new album a lot lately and was very excited to see them again since their Fall Headlining tour. But things didn't feel right...

The floor was barely moving. The lead singer was either tipsy or took note of the bland crowd and wasn't as intense as last time I saw them. And again, drunk Jersey trash girls make me sick.

The music was on point. Between Heath, Garrett and Jason Black (Hot Water Music, now joins them live), everything has been sounding just amazing live. But as I said, their singer wasn't as electric as back on the headlining tour and I felt bad when his new love of telling jokes/funny stories really hit a sour note with the crowd.

They played the majority of the new album and a few from the previous albums, but had to overlook the EP as for some reason, THEY were not the headliners of the tour. Whoever did that, was wrong.

So the headliners of the night were Hollywood Undead. I haven't seen them before and have mixed feelings about them. It is a guilty pleasure and the music is catchy, heavy and contain those hip hop elements. However, I get very ultra-feminist when I have to hear guy refer to women as bitches for only so long.

There are six members and there was also an additional drummer on the stage. I will give it to them that the music sounds just as it does on the album, even better maybe, and the energy and crowd response is great for them. The one guy even took a tween boy on his shoulders for the first (or was it second?) song and carried him around on stage.

"Undead" and "California" are favorites of mine so that was cool they played them in the beginning, but it sucked you had to wait till the end for "No. 5," well that's not really a shocker.

Saints and Sinners turned out to be a great tour package. Great bands, with one interesting and unique first act, but the suckiest audience ever.

Was it like that for the majority of the stops? The Hollywood Undead kids took over the population, which is cool, but makes it less entertaining during the metal & post-hardcore acts.