Monday, November 30, 2009


ARG! I know, move on stop harping on things. But I just read/saw a short clip and it brought me back. No one reads this blog anyways, so let me just vent and have it on the record. If any of those people find this, well, I'm right.

Seriously? I know I AM a hypocrit in many things I do. But they're minor. Like:

What I say - "kids are so spoiled these days, if my little one wanted a new doll, but she had ten goods ones at home, tough."

What I do - "my niece wants the new Barbie, but her mom says she has to many dolls. just buy it for her, she deserves it.'

Or when you say 'today is the day i take advantage of the things around me and get to work.' and then i lay on the couch all day b/c i 'deserve' a break.

I know, that makes no sense.

So anyways, it just keeps bothering me. How can you continue on with something when one of the things you're trying to make known with the charity you work for and support and yet you still continue on with a habit that causes the disease you are trying to help cure?

what? is it by the time you get lung cancer from smoking that all your work in raising money to help find a cure will actually result in actually developing a cure.

it's just like how SO many nurses, doctors, paramedics and chefs (i throw that in there b/c aren't they always tasting foods) are HUGE smokers.

blah blah and why is it that the only people i become friendly with are smokers? i'll die from second hand smoke long before all of them.

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