Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photoshoot Sneak Peak


Creepshow Photography Shoot

Had a lovely (and long) shoot with Creepshow today with the most awesome models, Crash & Minxy.

We met up around 11am and started make-up & hair after a bit of chatting and joking around. We turned out to be a crazy bunch.

The first look was a hollywood glamour/starlet actresses kind of vibe. I don't have photos of that. Crash & Minxy looked to die for and I can't wait to show off those dresses - it looked so prom!

Unfortunately, Crash had to leave early, so we shot with Miss Minxy for three more looks - I said it was a long shoot.

The first : bondage dead goth girl. We also thought she looked like a street walker as we walked over to the house, haha.

I was also tagging along with camera in tow to take a few shots b/c now I think I'm a photographer, haha. I have ways to go, but I take good candids of my photographer & model.

We even managed to change make-up looks for each outfit. And of course, I also think I'm a make-up artist.

Next up - ethereal ballerina. I got a little shimmer dust happy and Minxy's face got covered in it, but that's not as bad as what we did for the last look.

She was such a trooper because it started getting very cold and windy...

But you would never have thought from the shots.

Lastly, we did 'my boyfriend's picking me up behind my parents back'
It got insanely windy and the sun was completely down. Lighting in a pinch? Well you figure it out...and for make-up, I got glitter happy. I hope it came out in the photos, but I put red gloss on her lips and mixed a buttload of glitter in it. Minxy's opinion on glitter lips? 'It's gritty'

All in all another great shoot with Miss Julie of Creepshow. Can't wait to show off the final results.

Go check out all the lovely, talented ladies at : (Minxy) (Crash)

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I love reading your posts... they're entertaining