Friday, April 30, 2010

Flogging Molly = Love

This past Monday we went to see Flogging Molly at my favorite venue, Starland Ballroom

River City Extension was playing as we got in and I'm considering them like The Decemberists only more punk rock. Lots of instruments, fun, folky and easy to get into.

Turns out my friend knows the one band member and asked me to go to their CD release party in Asbury Park earlier in the day. Who knew I was going to see them that day?

Big D and the Kids Table were also up before Flogging Molly. Of course I knew who they were, but had never really bothered to get into them. They showed me I suck at life. Awewsome as hell.

90s ska still proving to be relevant and just as killer as when it first was huge. You could tell the new stuff from the old (he said what was what), a little harder/darker maybe describes the newer material.

Fun times, expecially watching the street punks dance around. Skinny boys in studded vests and jackets are love (and most were of age - they would find liquid refreshments in the bar area! that's how i know)


Yea, I saw them at Warped Tour, but this trumps Warped Tour like whoa.

They played on and on and everything was a song near and dear to my heart. I'm not too into their new album, Float, but can't win them all.

The crowd was just bananas the whole time and while you could see a bit of boredom/anticipation during slower songs, they needed them to rest and reflect.

What was really something was how the band interacted with each other and the crowd - being so genuine is rare these days. Singer Dave King, when he wasn't making mention of his wife and bandmate Bridget, pointed out the young fire fighter in the crowd who apparently stalks the band when they play, haha.

We left before the encore, but a Monday night is hard when work has to come the next day. Such a great show though - the crowd was on point, the openers were stupid awesome and Flogging Molly is always professional and just plain good.

Plus we kept noticing the trend of red socks. Can you see them on guitarist/banjo-ist/multi-instrumentalist Bob Smith? Was there a reason I didn't know?

Thursday, April 29, 2010


No photos, no reviews, no sob stories...


-My work is going to be seen in some really cool places!

-My clothing gets to travel all across this country...I loves me models & photographers!

-Getting ready to post some new items for sale, I have no room for new pieces

-Concert season has begun! This week has been and will become the most shows I've seen in a week

-Plus, I got a photo pass for Courtney Love (I'm kind of refusing to say Hole). She looked good, but my photos came out horrible, haha, but it was fun

-I have new photos to post! Not yet, I'm lazy right now


Oh, and my Jared Leto interview I did for The's one of their MYSPACE BLOGS, nevermind it was on their website newsfeed. OMG! Their publicy people must have liked it :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jared Leto and Big White Balls

Oh you'll see...

I was stoked to interview His Holy Leto-ness (, which was an awkward phone thing, but I was even more stoked on a photo pass at the Roseland Ballroom...

Seemed His Leto-ness or whoever, took away the photo pit for more 'fan together time' or whatever and I got yelled at by security (well sorta, not really, ok, i'm exaggerating). So I got stuck taking photos upstairs with my base model camera - oh wells.

But the show was AWESOME!
Street Drum Corps - Neon Trees - Mutemath - 30STM

I like Street Drums Corps. At the end, they were sawing at the metal barrels and the singer came out in leggings and a military helmet - I want to make him leggings next time.

Neon Trees were meh. I can see where people do like them, but besides the singer wearing an epic red jacket in the beginning and their drummer is a girl, who also was hanging out downstairs chatting with everyone after the set, I'm not too impressed.

Mutemath was AMAZING and their drummer comes out, hangs up his hat and duct-tapes (velcro?) his headphones to his head. Then it was just one big explosion of music, completely grabbed you and then that faint hint of a Southern accent of the singer (they're from New Orleans) came out and had me hooked.

So, I was stupid and went to the basement bathroom DURING the set, fearing the line between Mutemath and 30STM. I was a fool and thus was left only seeing 4 songs by Mutemath - they ended by flipping over the keyboards, taking apart their equipment and still playing it and making music.

On to 30STM...

The floor was rediculous the whole night, so thank God I was upstairs. Stupid Leto though at one point, told everyone from the back to take 3 HUGE steps forward. They did. Poor people in the front...

For the show...It felt at times that they played each song as if it were the last of the evening. Over dramatic and long pauses, as if to hear the screaming of fans.

They played one (or maybe two, I'm not familiar with the first album) old song and then an equal mix of their current and previous release.

At one point, I saw cameras facing my direction, which was away from the stage, and was like - Look! Leto's beneath us at the sound board!

So yay, he sang "The Kill" right there and then once over...the security guards started like moshing and pushing the crowd apart for Jared to make his way back to the stage and we were left thinking - how did he get to the sound board in the first place?

But yea, great show and for the finale, they brought fans up on stage - most were those that purchased the 'VIP Package' and then they pulled maybe ten people from the crowd. Cool. Then BIG GIANT white balloons were thrown into the crowd as the band finished up "Kings and Queens."

Jared liked to talk and make jokes that I read he did in other show reviews. So...I was just wishing i had the extra funds to see them the next day over in Montclair at Wellmont. Oh wells - it'll just be sweeter the next time they come to town.

He made a lot of funny faces...

Oh and he lost his shirt at the end. Seriously, the girls in the crowd ripped it to shreds as he ran back to the stage.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Had To...

So, I'll admit it - I would LOVE to get a bit of liposuction done OR implants to be more proportionate and just fuller. Basically my body is out of whack and I want to be proportionate - I mean hell, I'm reminded when I'm fitting spandex outfits on myself.

But I wouldn't have both - well maybe only b/c I don't have the money.

But you know who does have the money...Tweedle Dum aka Heidi Montage

We were talking in work and I was like - those new photos, her boobs are now really THAT big?

My suspicions were right. Holy shit girl! You're boobs are as big as your head. People say plastic surgery addiction and I'll also add trying to follow Playboy idiots and Pam Anderson b/c without reality TV, you realize you're nothing.

Whatever. I started looking at photos, before and after, and want to throw in my two cents.

You know, she was cute and she always had the cute little body I would die for right now. She then gained fame and was always wearing high-end clothing and yea, what would you want to change?

Ok, well maybe if I had the money I could always find things to change too. Here's a photo from the 'between' time. Yea, she's prettier, BUT what it is more so - If you just did way lighter hair, bleach the eyebrows and a really good make up job, you wouldn't have needed surgery. I agree with the nose job and you want to know something, if she really was an A cup before...they why not get an implant to have more womanly curves. BUT! She went retarded and not like to a full B cup, which is what she should have.

Dude, seriously, your boobs are larger than Spencer's head. This is just horrific and did she get more work done to her face? I think so and that's a shame, she was way prettier before. Those implants looks like they hurt. ouch!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bitch, Please! Project Runway


First - (and probably other fashion week websites) have had Project Runway shows up on their sites since February and well, there's 8 or whatever designers up there. Bravo people got to keep some secrets!

I've been in love with Seth Aaron's collection, so of course he was going to make Olympus Fashion Week (oh wait, or is it Mercedes Benz?)

Second - Seriously? Jay over Mila? Whatever. Go look at his show and check out the details on his clothing. Gimmicky my was like hipster bondage and when he said samuri vs. geisha - YES! You can see that and it's so awesome.

Not too fond of Emilio's or Mila's collections, which is weird b/c I really did love the last few pieces Emilio did - Can you say that sparkle strapless dress is on my 'to make' list?

But anyways...

Dear Gwen Stefani,

Tell your in-house designers THIS is how you do high-fashion, punk chic right.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ageless Boys...

I'm sitting here, preparing for an interview with one of the men below and freaking out. I've already interviewed two of the three guys I talk about here - yep, I'm cool.

After countless (and really pointless) Youtube videos, I stumbled upon a vintage one.

Jared Leto back when he was Jordan Catalano with Claire Danes! LOVE! And my, he hasn't aged.

It reminded me -

I had someone make a comment that played upon my love of Davey Havok and my clothing label's name - Sibyl Vain, which if you don't know, is the girlfriend (though her name in the book was 'Vane' not 'Vain') of Dorian Gray and killed herself, which you can bet Gray was mostly to blame - go read the book!

The comment went something like 'ageless boys will be your demise'


So I guess I need to stop lusting/adoring my Davey Havok and Jared Leto. Yea, right. Well, lusting for Leto and adoring Davey - that's more like it.

Seriously? This is 1995? After, go watch some currrent video interviews he's given or drool over following image

ps - he now has a mohawk and has dyed it pink for the new tour

Random Davey live shot from an 'Old AFI Rules' myspace group posting. After: photo (I took!) from their current tour.

Now, how can we ladies harness their ability to never age? Or...I have to start scoping out boys who dress/act with a character to them, so I'm assured he'll never age?

I can have their lead singer? yea? Thanks Motionless in White dudes!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yup, I'm Tiger Woods, I'm Tiger Woods

Do you remember the "More Money, More Problems" music video?

P. Diddy pretended to be a 'Tiger Woods' in the beginning skit - I think he was Diddy Woods. Whatever.

So at the height of the whole Tiger Woods scandal - which I don't even consider a scandal. If We had to go through that kind of crap every time some other athlete cheated on his wife throughout their marriage...Um, it would be like 24 hour coverage.

And are you surprised? It's like on the South Park episode - he just got caught, that's all. I can't put any man above being tempted by women b/c whores will grab onto anything with money and a link to that 15mins of fame they can never acquire without causing drama.

I just feel bad for his children - when they're old think this won't make his Wikipedia?

I think it's hysterical that finally we hear a wife took action and with a golf club of all things! The irony!

But what I heard on the radio back when it first got rolling, was a little more upsetting than the whole thing. A rap song, which such a catchy beat, talking about:

"I got women in the 'burbs
Women in the hood
Yeah my wifey mad
'cause she knows I'm no good
Man I'm just a dog
I'd be faithful if I could
But I'm Tiger Woods
Yeah, I'm Tiger Woods"

Followed by 'Go get 'em Tiger!' over and over and just more silly rap lyrics by Maino.

I couldn't stop singing the damn thing, but I thought - Really? You felt the need to expand on this personal situation, that of which the media should have never got involved in?

It's just like every other celebrity cheating scandal - the public and media FEELS IT'S THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS TOO! Well, it's not.

Now, the big thing is the Nike commercial where it's Tiger, just looking at us, with a voice over of words spoken by his deceased father (where did they get them again?) and it's like Tiger's being reprimanded by his father.

If that was me, I would vomit at that concept being presented to me - this isn't like Natalie Cole and her duet with her dad.

Take a listen and tell me this isn't so wrong, but so damn catchy -

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nicki Minaj

Nowadays...Everyone is trying to do the Lady Gaga/futuristic/drag queen styled outfits and looks...mainly for attention.

But it's easy to pick out the copy cats who can't do it right, the hot messes, utterly clueless and then of course - those who put their spin on it and nail it!

My new muse - Nicki Minaj

I first heard of her back on "Lollipop Luxury" for Jeffree Star's current release. Looked her up and was like - huh?

But she, like the Drake (Jimmy from Degrassi) kid, I gather she hit heavy on the mix tape circut and then did Young Money and other cameos and her solo album is getting ready to hit stores, with the first single and video, "Massive Attack," being my favorite of the moment.

I am also stoked on the "My Chick Bad" song she is on, by Ludacris, b/c Eve is on a remix of it - LOVE

So my case in point - I'm excited b/c it feels there hasn't been a new female rapper in A LONG WHILE. There are times were her lyrics are silly, but oh wells, I think that's part of her charm.

I read a quote that she likes to be quirky so not to be labeled solely a sex symbol - hard not to do, look at her curves! But earlier images makes her out to be another Lil' Kim (remember when she started out?) and now her new video,'re not trying enough not to be a sex symbol. Haha, no hate though.

Back to her look...She embraces the "Barbie" thing and has rocked the pink in her hair. Then blonde wigs, a pink one in the Luda video and now green tresses in the "Massive Attack" video - that hair style looks really nice on her.

I liked how on or wherever they were quick to say she was trying to be like Lady Gaga, after performing with Luda at Spring Break for "My Chick Bad." There is a line in the song 'body looking like milk' so I'm thinking more her outfit was inspired by that, not Gaga.

Then for the video of this song...PINK HAIR!

My favorite is for the "Lil Freak" video she cameos on with Usher, she has Cruella Deville hair and that's what I'm rocking now.

It's like Jeffree Star rubbed off on her a bit. Plus, Raquel Reed was commenting on how she also rocks Tom Tom corsets - a brand Raquel has modeled and worn before.

Massive Attack video - love!