Friday, May 29, 2009


Ok, so I made a video blog, but apparently it's too big, I can't upload it and I'm not remaking it for the third time.

I went to the city today to meet with another designer. She's amazing. We chatted and I really hope I'll get to help her out with stuff.

Almost didn't go, well, thought I was going to die on the subway. I've been fighting this minor stomach bug. It sucks. And it's like everyone around was mentioning different things to do, but all I wanna do is just go to sleep. Sucks b/c I'm off from work today!

Whatever. I'm going to try and eat a salad. So far cereal and fruit have not aggrevated my stomach, so let's see how veggies do.

I'm actually really REALLY behind on my blogs for Shut Up. I didn't even realize it until now. I'm going to get to work on the ones that were already supposed to be handed in - the holiday weekend really threw me off.

Then I'm goign to listen to Taking Back Sunday & The Sounds' new stuff and review that.

So much music, so little time. Plus I wanna sew! I want to go home, but I think it's best to stay here.

Omg, Daisy of Love is retardedly awesome. Daisy is really dumb, but genuine. I got to say, this is the best dating show. Why? B/c there's some actual 'real life rules' going on. While she only seems interested in the drama on the show and not what you're about outside of the house....

I like that she did ask Cage to leave b/c he was seriously scary and threatening to beat the shit out of Flex. WTF. So I like that b/c she thinks this show is all about finding her love and promoting the fact that she can't sing...she does treat them like boyfriend try-outs.

Funny that she kicked him out the week before they're doing a cage fighting match.

I'm watching Loaded: Blink 182 on Fuse. At work yesterday, this one student comes in and obsesses over how she's going to see them like omg, 3 times with like Panic or whoever, it doesn't really matter b/c it's BLINK!!!

I saw them when I was 16 and was a dork too. So I get it. But it's still uncomfortable to hear that shit. Leave Blink dead. They were better back then, not now. Not now.

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