Sunday, June 7, 2009

IAMX & Henry Rollins

So I went to see IAMX at the Bowery Ballroom - AMAZING show.

You want to see an artist that knows how to incorporate cabaret into the live show.

Loved it and really want to see him and his band mates again. Sucks this was like the only area show.

Next day we went to see Henry Rollins' spoken word. Didn't know exactly what to expect.

It was very interesting. ABut sometimes a little too like - "Really dude?"

He mainly spoke of his travels around the world and how he can piss off 'the man' by going to the Middle East or Africa and just be a creepy dude and take on the hospitality of anyone who'll give him a place to eat and hang around.

No, it's really interesting to hear about everything he's done, places he's been, how other people are, but it's really not pissing off anyone b/c the people you want to piss off don't really pay attention to you.

See it just sucks, b/c mainly the people who go see him already kind of think the way he does. People who aren't like him should be forced to go and listen, then some change will be going on here.

But in any case. Really interesting and it does make me want to travel, but I'm more of a 'nothing past Switzerland' kind of girl.

I was just so happy and comforted to hear someone else express basically the same exact feelings and opinions I have towards marriage, human breeding and drugs & alcohol.

I would write a letter thanking him for making me know I'm not the only one, but then I would be the biggest dork ever.

Looking for an interesting evening - go see either of above mentioned artists.

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