Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh No! Senses Fail!

So, I just heard a couple days ago that Heath from Senses Fail will be leaving the band after Warped Tour. Kinda bummed.

Everything sounds all kosher and he just wants to move on in life and such.

I'm just bummed b/c as a fan (obviously I never shut up about them), it felt this last record they finally came around and have the basis for something really amazing musically-wise.

Plus, I didn't know if Jason Black - their bassist on tour & from Hot Water Music - was going to maybe record with them. I was excited for this and I think Heath was damn good, so...that plus the lyrics I love and the way Heath and other guitarist Garrett worked together...

So now I wonder who's going to come in or is bad news going to come? Probably not, but we'll see after Warped what's going to go on with them.

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