Sunday, April 19, 2009

17 Again!

Saw the movie 17 AGAIN yesterday. Ok, totally lived up to being one of cutest movies ever.

It's nothing close to Oscar award nominee, but wasn't just another stupid teen movie. And honestly - Zac Efron turned out to be just splendid in the role. I thought he did a fantastic job of playing a 38-year old guy trapped in a 17-year old's body.

There was one part that I was like - Aw...totally intriguing and different.
But then I was like - no...I've seen that before.

Haha, it's a movie that's not like ground-breaking in its storyline, but they did a lot of stuff that put a nice, refreshing twist on a typical plot.

A lot of laughter and the movie starts off with Zac completely shirtless - ALL the girls in the theater gasped and then giggled on that shot.

Totally feel in love with him too. I have a new crush. Definately want to see it again!

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Coffee Maker said...

if Zac Efron plays his cards right, he will be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood