Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh snap...basically a day away

I'm watching Ralphie May stand-up on Comedy Central. Funny dude.

Was all excited for Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but they only showed ONE new episode and then had this weird, but semi-funny, cartoon show afterwards. Where's the Sunny in Philly kitten mittens episode!!!

I'm almost done with everything! Just finishing up two looks and then making little like accent pieces tomorrow.

My sister is packing and getting ready for the return to school, so i can't force her into helping me :( but she is going to sew one or two things for me.

next show, I NEED an intern/assistant who will work for my gratitude and an outfit.

There was a little confusion drama this morning that I freaked out over, but it was clarified in like two seconds - see, this is why people get into fights and such without stopping and trying to figure out things b/c usually things are just a misunderstanding.

I have to bleach and re-hot pink dye my hair tomorrow.

A band I really like is playing at one my one job next week. It's going to be sick and one of the students today told me he'll stalk the band along with me, haha.

October is almost here. AFI, Dance Gavin with Emarosa, Iceland music festival, Boys Night Out (HELL YEAH!) and then, well, October is over and November might bring another show featuring my designs...stay tuned

Here's the upcoming show -

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