Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin & Envy on the Coast - show review

OK! I saw this show back June 20th. I had hoped these images would go on Shut Up Magazine, but technology hates me and I couldn't upload them.

So I'm putting them here! yay!

Taking Back Sunday & Anberlin live shots from Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA, June 20th.

Show was AMAZING!!!
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Missed most of Envy On The Coast, but the singers came out and sang on the last two TBS songs. EOTC = Really good stuff

Anberlin surprised me. They are really great. First time seeing them, definately not the last.

TBS is my favorite, never have a bad time with them. Plus I got mad close to Matt Rubano. I heart him! I've only met Adam & Fred (well, when he was in it) before, so yay Matt!

I'm not a photographer. But not too bad in my opinion.

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