Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Funny...

I haven't posted anything in a long while, but I'm avoiding writing an article and find this to be hilarious -

I did an interview yesterday with this singer. I did a really bad job and now I'm spazzing b/c there's so much I needed to ask and didn't, so now the article sucks.

So in any case, the singer had to call me on his phone not connected through other number - it happens.

Later that night, I'm transcribing the damn interview and my phone beeps - text message. It's from a number I don't know asking who I am. I'm like 'huh?' Then two and two together - it's from the singer's phone.

At the time, I'm dying thinking this is funny and kinda cool. I explain who I am, he's like sorry we've been drinking, I say to go have fun.

That's about it. If it had been a singer I was like in love with, I would have be bummed that was it.

So anyways, I'm doing more research for this damn article and hear him talking about his girl that is on tour with them. I don't know how these girls do it, I couldn't put up with the tour schedule - plus, don't you have a job?

Well in any case. Thinking about this more - you SO know that it was his girl who texted my number last night.

How much does it suck to be a band dude's girlfriend? I couldn't deal with all the people you meet day to day. Anyone out there have any stories to share on this topic?

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