Sunday, December 23, 2012

Latte Diaries #2

December is almost over and the holidays are upon us! I'm excited to go home and while 'home' is a half hour away, I haven't been in about two weeks and it's nice to have other people in the house.

November sucked and just when I thought Decemeber was going to turn decided to mess with me. Was totally screwed over on something and that only made everything else in my life that much more frustrating. And just when I thought things couldn't be worse - stomach bug hit.

But as is my life - when really bad things hit, really good always follows to help ease the pain. Was asked to lend out clothing for two insane shoots, both for submissions and hopefully you'll be able to see my designs in print modeled by amazing models and the one photographer is a pretty big deal - don't know if I can say much.

Hopefully within the week I'll be making an event announcement! It sounds like it'll be a sick time and I'll have new designs...animal prints...battling drag queens...I'm stoked.

It's funny how I was out and super busy everyday last week that last night, when faced with nothing to do, I was going nuts! You would think I would be tired and happy to do nothing and chill, but I can never sit still. Back to work today and time to get a project settled - b/c there's a million things to do and like no time. Story of my life.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Latte Diaries #1

I have been an eggnog chai fiend! Last week, I was the costumer for this amazing off-Broadway production of the Identity Theater Company, 'The Boys Next Door,' which ran at The Drilling Company Theater in NYC. It was SO much fun and the actors involved are just absolutely amazing. So amazing that the play is extended for four more shows December 12th - 15th!

There's been a lot going on and I'm trying to regroup and rebrand. On the non-fashion side of my life, November felt like it killed my social life and I just couldn't win. I read there was a Mercury retrograde last month and like to blame my frustrations on that. I'm looking forward to the holiday season and New Year to bring me back closer with friends and family.

A new restaurant I got to try was DBGB Kitchen & Bar down in the Bowery. I got this amazing omelette and hash browns and a French bellini. SO good. My friend and I are planning to go back. Their entire menu looks amazing, but I just want all the brunch items.

I'm trying to get new clothing pieces made and I've been working on a project for a music video, which I'm so stoked on what's been made so far. But I can't reveal just yet! Still have photos to post on here - but there are photoshoot images on my Facebook, so check it out.

And finally...don't forget - Sunday, December 9th, 10am - 5pm in Philadelphia. Check out for more info. I'll be selling things super cheap. Come say hi!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Latte Diaries - 2012

Last year I did this 'Chegg Diaries' and it worked out pretty well in keeping me updating this blog. What's 'Chegg' you ask? It's the marking for an eggnog chai latte at Starbucks, which I was seriously drinking like three a week, then take a picture of the cup and talk about all that's been going on.

While they're looking to have eggnog hopefully within the next two weeks, I got a Creme Brulee latte last night before class. So let's reflect on the past, well two months.

The biggest change is moving to a new apartment and now having a workspace where I can have clothing everywhere and no one to tell me I'm making a mess. So yay!

Did an amazing photoshoot with Jon Russell Green Photography, models Bonnie BlackLite and Heather Ann, and with Brittany Diaz making everyone gorgeous! Plus new images from Miss Mischief rocking Sibyl Vain - she is FLAWLESS!

Will make blog posts of those images. So look out for that. I'm also working on two projects this month. One is an off-Broadway play and I'm doing costume design. The other, I have to keep those designs under lock and key for now.

One thing I can say...DECEMBER 9th!!! 10am - 5pm down in Philadelphia, I'll be at the Holiday Edition of the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market. Me and my sister will both be selling handmade awesomeness. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sugar & Spikes Drop Dead Gorgeous Fashion Show

Did you join us for this event? You missed one hell of a night if you weren't out.

I can't believe this happened a month ago. It was a great event as always by the Sugar & Spikes ladies and I had the best models rock a lot of new designs.

Here's a clip of the night, showing off all that went down. From burlesque, magic and two other amazing designers. Can you spot me?

And for some of my favorite images of the night (photo cred: Karina Antigua - Ely Kay). For more info, photos or just want to find out more on the clothing and gorgeous ladies, check out my Fanpage.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Embarrassing Fact About Me

Back in the day I really REALLY didn't like Britney Spears or most of the annoying pop ladies for that matter. Britney was dating my Justin Timberlake and even though I secretly loved the music, I put on the front that boy bands were my heart and their female counterparts were evil like the high school cheerleaders.

I've been revisting music from my high school years and looking back, have to give it to Britney for being a damn good entertainer. Especially with MTV playing VMA performances throughout the years in advance of the this year's award show, I'm on repeat with some performances.

One of my top picks is Britney's 2000 performance of "Satisfaction/Oops...I Did It Again." I think the remix of "Oops..." is still fierce and let's admit it, better than the orginal.

So here's the embarrassing fact: back in high school, I learned the dance routine from Britney's performance and wanted to do it at our yearly talent show. Never happened (thank god). Surprisingly, I do still remember all the moves, but don't expect any Youtube videos popping up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!

Coffee is amazing and the whole Keurig Machine is fantastic for us lazy people.

So now that I'm an environmental hipppie thanks to documentaries on Netflix, I'm becoming more aware of my plastic usage. The one thing I pointed out when we got the machine was how the k-cups were all plastic. I also was pissed feeling like now we're paying $1.00 per cup of coffee when you could get a pound of beans for the same price as a box of k-cups, but get a bunch more cups of coffee out of it.

But of course I didn't do anything to change things up except I stopped drinking coffee everyday. Not fun.

Then my mom buys a new brand of k-cups: San Francisco Bay Coffee. Just love and I'm actually drinking the Rainforest Blend, which is my favorite. Plus! It's a few dollars cheaper and what I love is the bottom half of the k-cup is a filter, not plastic. How cool!

Monday, August 13, 2012

OMG. Inglot.

If you're looking for a REAL make-up blog with TONS of reviews and just awesomeness...check out: Confession of a Cosmeholic
And if anyone knows make-up, it's this lovely lady.

But if you're just looking to hear my random make-up buys, read below.

INGLOT. How did I not know this brand was awesome? I thought their products were expensive, but not at all. When I went, the circle eyeshadows were 40% off, so it was like $8 each, which is a steal.

But I bought lip stuff and am IN LOVE with the lipstick. The Red #229 is exactly what I've been looking for - classic red, with a shine and a pink/purple undertone. The fragrance is wonderful too. Same for my second buy, AMC Lipgloss #543. This is THE COOLEST thing ever. It's holographic. Yes, I know. I can't wait to use it on top of a lipstick and it gives your lips such a shine. I imagine this works at a photoshoot like insanity.

Here are better images:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Westville...Return to Food

I have been slacking on this! I've been going out for dinner almost every day this past week, but haven't been left feeling too well after. So it's home cooking for the next few days, limited alcohol and lots more juice and smoothies for me!

The one restaurant I cannot wait to try again when my stomach isn't acting up is the WESTVILLE RESTAURANT. I had gone to their EAST location, which is right on Avenue A and 11th Street and next to the Hi-Fi bar, which I still haven't gone to yet.

Their standard menu had some really great sounding items - even the salads, though pretty simple, sounded amazing. It's a vegetarian friendly place, but there are a few meat options and lots of seafood. Each of us ordered off the Specials Menu and now I discover they list the specials beforehand online.

I ordered a plate of sides and couldn't finish them all - so I also had a wonderful lunch today. We also ended the night by ordering two bottles of wine at TERROIR WINE BAR and one we all fell in love with - Hermann J. Wiemer Riesling. Luckily my one sister lives by the Finger Lakes in NY and I'll be getting more of this wine next week!

I have a few photoshoots coming up by the end of this month. But for now, there's two magazines out through the end of this month. Allison Mindy Roth is a featured model wearing Sibyl Vain in SUGAR HEART MAGAZINE, which you can get on Mag Cloud. And then the winner of the Sugar & Spikes Beauty Pageant is wearing a Sibyl Vain bow bikini in the August issue of URBAN INK MAGAZINE and...the spread was shot by Steve Prue!!!! OMG!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

“Born to die” | Kidz 'r EViL

Recently worked with stylist Christina Roman, who joined forces as creative director with videographer Adisa Sobers and mua Rebecca Pesantez to create this! Can you pick out the Sibyl Vain pieces?

Photoshoot is still hush-hush, so I'm anxiously awaiting teaser photos.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Totally got lost in a world of wardrobing for film and theater. And it was fun!

But now it's back to the world of Sibyl Vain Clothing - trying to get A LOT of sewing and new pieces made because once other projects present themselves, I'll be off again.

Trying to keep blogs of mine seperate on the interwebs. Figured to make my Buzznet my thoughts on fashion in music. So check it out if you have a moment - Sibyl Vain on Buzznet

I'll probably add of couple of those posts here too. And I'm in the works on setting up a full list of my wardrobe notes on another blog. Yeah, I'm trying to be a busy girl.

Current music video whose fashions I'm OBSESSED with - Swedish House Mafia's "Greyhound" or really, ad for Absolut.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Update

I tend to do this 'disappearing act' regularly. So what has been going on?

Things have been CRAZY!!! And unfortunately, not all has been good.

Let's start with the bad: mad family drama. It finally worked out, but only after it reached the point it did. But now there's one more thing that has to be taken care of. Where's the magic wand to wave around and people just disappear?

Then I had mad apartment drama. Long story...

Luckily it's just those two big stressors that were causing me to hide in my room and not come out when I wasn't working on other things. I finally had the opportunity to assist a costume designer for a short film. And now I'm helping out on more projects. It's so exciting, but I never expected the work to be this intense. It's so fun though.

Bamboozle is coming up, my sister is graduating soon and looking towards the summer is always an exciting time. But first up! Philly Punk Rock Flea Market. Sunday, May 13th (come out before or after brunch with mom) across from the Starlight Ballroom - I'll be there with my sister and we'll be selling diy pieces, samples and hopefully some gear for your cat.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wines! I Drink You!

I think since Easter I have been drinking wine everyday. Orginally, I was going to head off to Whole Foods for the usual Salmon Run brand I like to pick up, but I didn't have the time to. Then I was yelled at and stripped of my Easter basket unless I retrieved wine for the holiday meal. Enforcing my right as eldest sibling, I dragged my sister the long, treacherous three blocks to the liquor store so I may indeed have my chocolate bunny.

Now. I love wine. It's awesome. But I usally just get a recommendation from the waiter when I'm out for dinner at classy joints. So when I'm in the liquor store...I just buy the pretty bottles or whatever is decently priced. Plus, I don't think of the town's liquor store as a carrier of high-class wines.

But I'm now addicted to CUPCAKE VINEYARDS! And they are on sale at the local store for like $9 a bottle. Whoa.

Really like the Sauvignon Blanc - it's light and crisp and not bitter like some other nicely priced brands. I seriously think I drank the whole bottle in two days.

Then, last night I bought Cupcake Vineyards' Moscato and was quite pleased. I just had to throw a sliced strawberry in the glass and then had a stroke of genius. Strawberry puree! I just bought the Magic Bullet Blender that day and decided to try it out. What a cute mini-blender. Plus I added Winter White Savannah Bee Company honey and it was really good.

I have a new brand and I'm happy! Plus, the name is so cute and there's blend names like 'Angel Food' and 'Red Velvet' - got to look into that.
Also tried out some new reds. the MARK WEST Pinot Noir is pretty good and I like with dinner. The gentleman at the store said it was their top selling and was like $12. As for pretty bottles, I bought ROSE'S SWEET RED and expected sweet, but this was still really dry. Not bad though, but I want more to decorate my sewing studio like the label than drink more of it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Becoming a Juicehead

Since I'm from Jersey, I got myself a juicer. So no, I'm not becoming a juicehead like they speak of on Jersey Shore, but my friends keep calling me this in regards to me wanting to juice. It sounds kind of gross the more I talk about it.

I bought the JACK LA LANNE'S POWER JUICER a couple weeks ago and finally used it this week. I've only done three juices and it's great, but when you look at how much fruits and veggies go into one drink, it's a lot! You really need a gameplan and a long shopping list if you're going to incorporate doing this daily. And it sucks because fresh foods are expensive. I've been shopping mainly at Trader Joe's, but need to start keeping an eye out on the supermarket flyers and need to get over to the farmer's markets around me.
Here's the juicer. Doesn't it look like the one robot from Mystery Science Theater 2000K from the side? (oh wait, did they use a juicer for that robot?) I had a little trouble setting it up - I had the metal bar down and it wouldn't start. Duh, it has to snap the whole machine together. I was shocked at how quiet it is on - gets a little noisey when using harder fruits/veggies.
The first drink I made was a pear/lime/lemon combo. I had to take off the skin of the lemons and lime and the lime was super hard to do. But this was SO good. Really tart, but the pear was delicious and sweet. Plus, it had like a pear puree sitting at the top of the drink, so it was more like a smoothie than straight-up juice. It's my first time with fresh juice.

Second, I tried a veggie combo. The cucumber was kind of big, so I think it somewhat diluted the whole thing and I wasn't too keen on this. I had to add pepper!

Today, I made a fruit-based drink with some broccoli in it. Didn't taste the broccoli and I had tasted the drink before adding the second half of the cucumber and it was super sweet and good. I added strawberries (note the red stripe) and then the end of the cucumber. It got weaker tasting and wished I could have just used the cucumber pieces for the hummus I had later. I added ice and liked it better cold.
Really happy with this. I get like 2 cups from the recipes so far and was surprised. The recipes included with the juicer are cool and I have to find more online. I'm scared to try leafy veggies, but they made it seem impossible juicing carrots and that wasn't so hard.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artist Love - Michael Paulus

I am the biggest Snoopy fan and my inner goth kid just fell in love with the drawings by artist Michael Paulus. I'm not sure how I came across his work on Etsy, but I am saving my money for when I move into the new apartment, because I want a couple of these to have around.

He does a bunch of different characters in this fashion from Hello Kitty to Powerpuff Girls to Looney Tunes. So cool!

Also check out other pieces. There's even a 3D photo image and I got it without trying and then when I went to try again, I couldn't see it in 3D. It was like back in middle school with those weird static images that you had to stare at and an image popped out at you...never worked for me.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sephora Buys!

I need to be stopped! Spent the other day hanging out with the lovely Rebecca (mastermind behind the Reflections events I've been a designer at) and used that time for much needed shopping ventures. My favorite buys of the day are above. So girly and so awesome.

First we hit up FRESH MARKET and I bought chia seeds for smoothies and wanted to buy acai powder, but this medium sized can was $27... so no buy because I already knew I was spending too much on Easter chocolates for my mom & sister and coffee.

After a quick snack, we headed to the mall for the destination we talked about all day - SEPHORA

Hadn't been there in ages and still had a gift card from Christmas (present from my lovely assistant Connie). What to buy? What to buy?

Didn't really need make-up, but then again when do you not need make-up? I did restrain myself and only bought the one perfume and grabbed a lipgloss that was surprisingly on sale. And just when you think you've made it to the counter all set, you grab one of the nail polishes en route to the cashier.

MISS DIOR CHERIE - I had received a sample before and loved it. So I was excited to finally buy a the real deal. Wanted Madame by Gautier, but they didn't have it.

HELLO KITTY LIPGLOSS in LOLLIPOP - It looks like the color will be thinker when put on, but nice sheen and it's Hello Kitty, so completely adorable.

BETSEY JOHNSON for OPI 'It's My Pink' - I really don't need more pink nail polishes, but it's Betsey Johnson and check this out - it's scented! Her 'Too Too' fragrance (by the way, the bottle is outfitted like a stripper ballerina) I tried, but didn't care for, scents this nail lacquer. Turns out after two nights, a smelly concert and tons of hand creme, it still smelled like the Too Too fragrance.

So excited to do all my nails in my new polish, spray on Miss Dior Cherie and pop on a coat of Hello Kitty lipgloss with my new sailor print dress. Plus, I got a sample of the Purity face wash by Philosophy.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild

Oh my Madonna, I have offended thee by not getting your new album yet.

But I do LOVE this video. It's classic you. Black and white, static-y and fabulous dancing. "Vogue," "Justify My Love" and even "Human Nature" come to mind.

I haven't been searching for it, but I so know people are going to complain that you're taking from Gaga who had men dancing in heels in her video for "Alejandro," but that was done by Steven Klein and who has shot with him way before that? You. And can we have a moment for just one of the amazing spreads featured in W Magazine?

I'm still mad I missed that installation. And I'm also mad at why men (well, the men in the video) move better in heels than I do!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitty vs. Kitten

For two weeks, my sister's cat will be living with us. Her name: Dusty

But do not be fooled by her cuteness. She has stayed with us before and developed an arch-nemesis. Her name: Kitty

Kitty has been living in our house since 2004. She runs this place. So when Dusty decided to be adopted and travel from Philadelphia up to North Jersey for her mommy's winter break, Kitty was not happy.

They hated each other in the beginning and Dusty would stay upstairs and Kitty remained irked downstairs. Slowly, Dusty ventured downstairs and Kitty would hiss, but Dusty wouldn't care. Dusty would follow Kitty around, learning on how to be the cutest cat ever and Kitty would just roll her eyes and keep moving. But in the end, they learned to deal with each other.
But Dusty would soon return to Philadelphia for the start of the Spring semester and Kitty would rejoice and stroll around the house without fear that this other feline would not be too far off.

Three months would pass until Dusty would make a return. Kitty was stunned! Why? She meowed, she hissed, she gave looks that could kill and she also took to the web. For the next two weeks Kitty will be Twittering at The Sibyl Vain Twitter about her troubles not being the only cat.
(and yes, I have lost my mind in doing this, but it's fun)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Addicted to CUPCAKES!

I felt like an addict last night. After dinner at INOTECA down on Rivington in the Lower East Side, which is amazing and you need to go if you haven't. I think I've gone enough times where I don't have to read the glossary they include alongside the menu. I am in love with the tuna and capers sandwich, which is so simple and plain, but delicious. And thank goodness I'm writiing this because I was reheating my mozzarella en carozza from last night and it almost burned. It is SO good from this place. It's basically an epic grilled cheese.

Great wine and appetizers are always the bruschette, which most are so delicious and do change up with the seasons.

But here's where I go nuts...

I want dessert to take home. I was craving a cupcake from BABYCAKES, but also I am IN LOVE with the icing on the 'sexy red velvet' cupcakes from SUGAR SWEET SUNSHINE. We go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine and I'm buying six cupcakes for $10.50 for me and my friend. This place is so cute and the cupcakes taste homemade/box cake and SO yummy. Then I go for my vegan cupcake at Babycakes and spend $4.75 for one (though I think she over charged me a dollar, but I felt already weird by having her put the cupcake in my bag with the other baked items).

Above are my buys!

Babycakes vanilla spelt cupcake: always good and the icing is amazing that I was scraping the bag for the icing that stuck to it
Sugar Sweet sexy red velvet: the cake is nice, but the icing is like real whipped cream and holds up perfectly the next day
Sugar Sweet goodie goodie: simple chocolate cake with light peanut butter icing

I Wrote A Letter...

As I sit here and watch my currently silly movie obsession, MY FAKE FIANCE, which actually has me more excited to get an apartment than get married. Though if a guy like Joey Lawrence asked me to get 'fake married,' I don't think I could turn him down.

But it's making me put aside my embarrassment and explain a little 'purge' I did the other day.

There's been movies made of what's been going through my mind, other women have been in this same situation, songs have been written about my feelings...but it still didn't stop me from feeling like I was the only person ever to experience this. Ever fall so hard for someone and not know why, but you feel as though it was fate that made you cross paths? Oh yeah, that was me for about two years, no wait, almost three. It sounds so pathetic writing and I've told myself that over and over, but these thoughts didn't go away.

Here's why I had to get over this person...he just got engaged to a girl I know he's been dating probably since I met him. It's wonderful, but now I REALLY need to stop thinking he could ever be an option.

I had always heard when you're mad at someone to write a letter, but not send it. That'll help with your venting your frustrations and get over it. So I thought the same might work for these feelings and with a little help of wine, I filled a pretty gold envelope with 8 pages of everything in my mind. Mind you the paper was like 3 x 5" so it's not like I wrote a novel.

Sealed and hidden away in a box of old mementos, my plan is to one day re-read it when I'm older or come across it when I've thought I've forgotten all about this. I figure I've have a big laugh about how silly I sound and how he was only a pre-cursor to the one I'm really meant to be with.

We'll see. I encourage anyone else to do this too so I don't sound so strange. However, I've still got this kid on my mind.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Punk Rock vs. Posh Life

Sometimes I feel I live a double life. Most people would say I'm one of those weirdos who has pink hair, wears all black clothes and goes to a lot of rock concerts. But then there's some that will look at me and think I'm this artsy spoiled brat who drinks during the week and dines on the weekend with several trips to go overseas lined up.

But I think what I'm really trying to figure out is not what others may think of me, but where the hell do I think I fit in?

You would think one would have things figured out after college, but sometimes that's not the case. Even with two degrees that should have sent me into teaching or art curating, I still wanted more. So following the leads of so many other sewers/designers, I decided to try to sell my designs on eBay and Etsy and try to get photoshoots set up. Then the next step would be making millions and on my way as the enxt Betsey Johnson.

Not the case.

I'm on the road to a new career dealing with wardrobe and it's so exciting. But until then, it's my social life that can't be ironed out.

It's like, one night I'm out with my fellow punk-rocker seeing Orgy play at Irving plaza (which was awesome as hell) with all the goth kids. All black clothing, pinkish-purple hair and Converses. After, we headed to one of the best bars in town, Otto's Shrunken Head and got glow in the dark drinks and got our pirate on. Plus, the music was perfect Interpol, Smiths, chill dance. After, we hit the diner next door and got disco fries. My new guilty pleasure.

But then the next day I'm off to my friend's birthday celebration. She's this picture perfect Anthropologie hipster and have a fun night around Union Square. We grab food before at Maialino in the Gramercy Hotel. It was snobby older people in suits, dresses and even the hipsters look intimidating. But the food was so good.

After we went to Pierre Lotti Wine Bar and sat outside being the weather has been so nice. The waiter was rude and we all joked about it. But the wine and drink menu was awesome. Had the nicest port wine and two of the people in our group got these absinthe and bourbon drinks called The Ramsey or something and were in love with them (and ready to sleep). PLUS! They had Jacques Torres Chocolates and we ordered a bunch. Perfect compliment for the drinks.

So, that's the two sides of Union Square : punk rock at Irving with pirate rum drinks and disco fries that didn't break the bank and then posh food and drinks that were worth the price, but you have to be aware you'll get looks for the hair color and tiger print dress. Pick your poison.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Etsy

Listing new items in my Etsy store tonight, March 5th.

Trying to get all old stock up in the online store and yes, I FINALLY will have t-shirts I had made for the past two collections up in the store next week.

Oh, and cross your fingers this week for me! I got denied for vending at this one event, but hoping for confirmation for another, which they're supposed to make this week.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Futuristic Barbarella

How insane are these images?

It has been a long time in the making for me and Elli Fox to finally work together and I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity! She asked for futuristic pieces and immediately I thought bodysuits. I mean, you say future and I think like Star Trek and the weird uniforms they wore. I had some really cool material already on hand and I also bought some really cool hologram material I hadn't worked with before to create pieces for Elli Fox to choose from. Then to my surprised, she shot them all!

photo - Francisco Castro Photography
model - Elli Fox
mua/hair - Amy Ockermand
jewelry designer - Serket Jewelry
clothing - Sibyl Vain: purple laser cut bodysuit, faux sequin leotard, hologram bodysuit

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smoothie Overdose!

Wake up every morning like I work at Jamba...
(see what I did there? haha)

So continuing on my health kick - though I'm not eating an uber amount of healthy stuff - I make fruit smoothies everyday, usually for breakfast. Well, brunch really, being as I don't wake up until 11:30am. Some days I've been having two and while it's not super low calorie, it's a better option than ice cream or cookies.

I start each with a liquid: vanilla soy milk or juice, which I love pomegranate juice
A binder: vanilla Greek yogurt or banana
Fruit!!! Honestly, it's hard to screw up which you pick. Raspberries are my favorite and of course one of the more expensive fruit.

Anyways...Here's my recipes (which change depending on how much you want, you may need to add more while blending, etc)

4 oz. Pomegranate juice / 2 tbs. vanilla greek yogurt / big handful of frozen mango, pineapple & strawberries

4 oz. vanilla soy milk (LOVE Trader Joe's brand) / 2 tbs. vanilla greek yogurt / good helping of whatever frozen fruit

4 oz. juice or soy milk / 1 banana / good handful of frozen fruit, blueberries and strawberries are great

4 oz. juice or soy milk / 2 tbs. vanilla greek yogurt / frozen raspberries & strawberries / 1 - 1 1/2 tbs. choc. chips

I also sometimes add flax seed oil like 1 big tbs. of it into the non-soy milk based ones. I also want to get soy protein powder, but the jars are all huge, so yeah. Looking into chia seeds, agave, super foods and coconut oil.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Gorgeous!

I don't need any big intro for these images. They speak for themselves and are stunning!

The gorgeous AiTenshiMisha asked to borrow a couple pieces and I was happy to oblige. Turned out too she was shooting with Alicia C. Photgraphy! Alicia C. was one of the first photographers I worked with back when I started and I've watched how incredible her career has become over the past couple years. Plus AiTenshiMisha is one of her main models, so it was great to finally work with her.

Alicia C. Photography
model/hair & mua: AiTenshiMisha
gold shrug, black dress and ruffle back jacket: Sibyl Vain Clothing

Thursday, February 23, 2012

OMG. Food.

I've been watching WAY too much Netflix. I watched two health documentaries - 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' and 'Forks Over Knives.' Really interesting and now I think I'm becoming a health nut. While they never considered themselves vegans, basiclaly the vegan lifestyle was promoted to help maintain your health, live a long life and with eating good amounts of plant-based foods, you could heal your body from the inside out.

What I really was interested in was when they commented on those following this diet how their skin looked great. I don't have horrible acne, but I'm at an age where I'm just like "Seriously? I'm too old for this." I've tried so many skin care products and they don't work. And of couse the one thing I haven't tried is something I've always knew and been told - I have horrible eating habits.

I don't like water. I eat a lot of candy. And while I'm vegetarian, I eat more pastas and breads than veggies and fruits. Here's the start to my attempt at eating a diet full of veggies, fruits, grains and minimal dairy.

The documentaries were mainly about juicing and duh, I never put two and two together that the nutrients from the foods absorb faster and better when made liquid. Gets in the blood stream quicker. Of course. So I'm in search of a juicer, but until then, I'm making smoothies! Frozen fruit, greek yogurt, soy milk and juice and whatever! They've been coming out so yummy and tomorrow I'm starting on making banana-based ones.

I'm also trying to buy good food and I'm a Trader Joe's addict! So to help ween me off sodas, I've been drinking their sparkling waters (lime and the reaspberry & lime are the best) with a splash of juice sometimes. Then their Tom Yam soup - love! And you can heat it up on the stovetop. I just make sure to strain out the pieces from the spice pack before putting it in a bowl.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Food Adventures of February

New restaurant obsession...Azya in NYC!

It's a wine and chocolate bar and what kind of chocolate? Jacques Torres chocolates!

My friend and I started our night last Friday at Pad Thai on 8th Avenue and they have renovated since last I was there. It's so pretty inside and the menu is still amazing.

We tried the crab rangoon and SO yummy. I of course got vegetable pad thai and had to take half of it home because I was so full.

My friend got a mojito and I got this strawberry puree and gin martini and we were set. But then the waiter came over and freaked me out because he came out of no where and asked if we were ready for a third drink. It was buy two get one free. If we had read the sign beforehand, we could have gotten severely drunk, haha.

We found this place by accident. We missed out seeing a movie, so dessert and wine sounded perfect. We were walking around aimlessly and my poor friend was hurting - new shoe problems.

So before she hit me over the head and stole my wallet to take a cab ride home...we looked frantically for a place to go. But where to go? Googling and Yelp wasn't helping and then I found Ayza and when I realized it was Jacques Torres, jackpot!

Super cheap and absolutely delicious fondue, amazing chocolate strawberry martinis and you can order truffles a la carte. They have a dinner menu and so I think that may be in the near future.

I was meeting my assistant in Hoboken for a mother-daughter dinner and being my mom and I got there early, my mom freaked out over going to Carlo's Bakery..thanks television. So yes, we decided to see how far we could get to being allowed in and began to wait.

My feet were frozen, but we waited. Finally we were one of the last people to get a number for admittance and after 45 minutes, were still a half hour away. UGH!

I won't give details, but the most loveliest lady I know was able to get us in and not have to wait that last half hour. It was packed inside, so I wanted to leave. But my mom did spend like $65 on a few things and was excited enough to have a photo taken outside.

Verdict? The cupcakes were NOT worth the wait. But the coconut macaroons and canolis were fine, but I really did enjoy the lobster claws. Really good!

Living Legends

Want to know what I did in February?

I FINALLY got to see Liza Minnelli in person! I got chills when she took the stage and almost started crying. She's just one of those entertainers that has become such a legend, someone unreal especially when looking at her talent and who her family is.

It was a great evening with a full backing band, fans all through the venue yelling 'I love you Liza,' and while he voice isn't exactly as it was so many years ago, Liza sounded amazing!

See that glowing light on stage? That's her! It looks farther than the view I had.

Next up, I randomly won Jay-z at Carnegie Hall tickets! Yeah, I was stoked. My assistant had come over to sew and so we had the radio on, I thought it would be fun to try and win and the phone kept ringing, I got through for caller 19, 40, 70 and then...the DJ answered. I've won so many things from radio contests, but this was the first in a long while, so I was shaking and so excited.

It was a great show. I'm not going to go into all the music details, because you can read about it other places. It was the best set list, all the radio hits and what I considered 'an older white person's dream Jay-z set list' especially being at Carnegie where it was a lot of older people (hello, the tickets were for charity and mad expensive).

We were up in the balcony, but front row, which was awesome until I realized I was getting motion sickness from focusing at the stage below. All the fans up there were younger and awesome. It was a big party...probably the first time things were smoked in Carnegie Hall.

It was all the raido hits and Alicia Keys and Nas were guests with Questlove on one of the drum kits. I died over "If I Ruled the World" with Keys filling in for Lauryn Hill. Another favorite was "Girls Girls Girls" with images of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor included in the projected images over the stage.

While it was so beautiful all the proejected images and taking us on a journey through the NYC skyline, guess who couldn't focus and almost got sick - this girl. Such a great performance with the full orchestra, but I kind of had to close my eyes the whole time. Listening was beautiful because the full sound really solidified this music as music.

You had Jay-Z's mom in the audience sitting next to Chris Rock, some of the players from the Giants there and below us was Russell Simmons and I'm pretty sure one of his daughters. Plus at the end of the night, Jay-Z came out into the audience...literally the balcony below us and I was scared trying to lean over and see.