Friday, April 10, 2009

Show Review : Greeley Estates

Crocodile Rock Cafe
April 9, 2009

Bands: Greeley Estates, Iwresteledabearonce, Memphis May Fire, Fact

Horrid, intolerable traffic made an hour and fifteen minute drive take close to three and a half hours. Being that we left early to get dinner beforehand, we still got there with time to see another band and the headlliners or so the website said.

We get there and the dude at the door is like - No, FACT's up next.

So all that paranoia that I wouldn't make it to see the band I'm to review was for nothing. But we walk over the 'underground cafe stage' and laugh b/c it's like a hole in the wall, maybe 200 people? Probably less.

There's some hardcore and annoying local band (i'm guessing) playing. Eh. Their friends at the bar were having fun. This was an hour after the show was suppossed to start. I think the promoters added two local bands, which screwed over the rest of the show...

FACT was on at 8pm. They played 4 or 5 songs. They're from Japan!'s like they take what the American post-hardcore bands are doing and add hip hop, electro and something of a Japanese sensibility to the music.

It was like Hellogoodbye and a typical hardcore/screamo band. Plus their drummer was so excited and mainly only knew curse words, but was happy nonetheless.

We still didn't understand the line up and figure GREELEY ESTATES is next. I'm like - All the roadies are really cute.

Turns out it's the band MEMPHIS MAY FIRE and they're good, but we left for the set to eat.

Come back and think now it's GREELEY. Nope. Southern looking boys start on stage and we hear screams. Whoa! They have a girl singer/screamer. The band - IWRESTLEDABEARONCE.

Really really impressed and the crowd went insane for them. However, the novelty wore off that it was a girl singer - she's like a combo of the metalcore dudes and Bjork - and then I started thinking whether they're good or not. Pretty good.

Now is it time for GREELEY? It's almost 10:30pm. Yes, that's right...10:30pm is when they took the stage. And apparently Allentown has a curfew - curfew? what the hell is that? I say: kick the minors out and they can play for me and a few of the remaining barflys.

They did like 6 or 7 songs. Throw back to "Y'all with the Vampire Squad"! Very nice. They stuck to the new album, the first being one I didn't recognize at all. It was a good set, but I was pissed as hell they got screwed over and barely had 30mins to play. They were so on point with the music too.

Things that were weird -
-The flyer has IwrestledaBearonce above who was the headliners?
-Did their drummer bulk up and gain a bit of weight and grow his hair? It sorta of looked like him, but now wikipedia says there's another drummer, but I can't confirm anywhere else
-Why does this venue suck?

Come back Greeley boys!

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