Thursday, April 2, 2009

Isles & Glaciers

I won't shut up about this singer -

I just found out about the hybird band that I should have known about when they first made the announcement - Isles & Glaciers.

Who? Jonny Craig & Craig Owens. Oh, and other people, but this combo is what made a huge smile come across my face. It's interesting to hear them together.

I've only listened to three songs on youtube, but the best one (quality value) is Empty Size/Sighs and Wine. Jonny stands out against the vocals of Owens and the guy from Pierce the Veil (correct me on that too, i'm not familar with him and am confused b/c he sounds UBER girlie).

Seriously, it's a friggin' boyband, only now instead of R&B influences or techno, we've got post-hardcore electro influence.


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