Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer

Wow, ok. So most of you will say - Jeffree Star? One of those myspace celebrities? Yea, another delusional internet celeb who thinks they are a singer.

But wait! Take it back!

The new album Jeffree Star has coming up is actually pretty darn good.

I love the "Louis Vuitton Body Bag" song and Mika Skiba is in it. They lyrics are dark too. The whole album, I mean look at the title, goes back and forth between what you would think with 'I'm the shit' lyrics and also topics that are much deeper than that.

We're not talking John Lennon or anything, but thankfully the lyrics are not the shit some myspace idiots write and have a bit of wit to them.

The music is way better than what I had heard in the past from J*. I had loved the live shows for the spectacle they were, but now I'll be more stoked on hearing "Bitch Please" or "Fame & Riches. Rehab Bitches" which features Breathe Carolina (not a fav of mine though) that is friggin awesome as hell.

So yea. This is just me throwing my ideas together for a better review. If you like dance/techno, check it out. It's fun and definitely will be a step in the right direction that really will seperate him from the myspace internet personality label.

love it.

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