Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin...

As I look at the clock say 1am, I realize the Reflections event is a week away.

Looks I still have to prepare: 4 guys & 5 (?) girls, also my own!

ugh! my sister is helping do small hand stitch work, b/c she's quicker at that than I am, but I'm still nervous I won't have everything done.

I've been helping out this amazing designer Sumie Tachibana for the past months - just a couple days - for her collection, which she's showing tomorrow in Long Island City. I'm helping out as well all day, shall be fun.

Then I'm heading over to the New York Couture show. Crazy! I'm going to be so tired tomorrow.

I'm torn on music for my show. erf. I need to go and sew a little before bed. I wish I was like Sabrina and could just point and the pieces come together. Plus, our cat Kitty would be able to talk. Damn that Salem!

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