Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is going to be short and won't make much sense. But you'll understand -

I'm going to that Bamboozle thing soon. In checking out the artists, I came across a lot of new faces that I'm excited to hear, but I also hit some of the retarded ones as well.

Usually, if I don't like something, I ignore it and don't talk about it b/c that's the only way to make something go away.

But I just had to comment on this stupidness - Care Bears on Fire.

I'm all for girl bands and I welcome it! The Donnas, Go Betty Go, etc...

So when I saw two images of all girl groups for the festival there was this Care Bears on Fire and this other retarded group. For BOTH the members are under the age of 16, mainly 13-15, and the one band is a pop group, so whatever, but this Care Bears group pains me.

Their myspace says that they've charmed hipsters with their throw back to pure pop roots. UGH! All they're doing is using Blondie and other classic pop-punk meoldies with typical Disney styled 'punk' lyrics. You know, whining about how you hate homework, parents, being told what to do and think. That bullshit.

Wow, they're so punk rock. Even Avril is more punk & original than these kids. Their spot should have been given to a better band. But as my sister says - you got to let 8th graders think they're cool.

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