Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pop World

Did my lord Davey Havok write a book? And it's coming out the beginning of April? I guess so.

Love him and am interested to know what the hell he decided to write a book about. Sounds like it will either be super glossy and tried too hard picture book or a decent project. I'm going to go with the latter.

Yay! This week started off like it was the end of the world for me. To quote Taking Back Sunday - "So sick, so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick." Ever get caught up with everyone around you telling you a different story about things that finally you're not the crazy one - everyone else is! I'm done being driven insane and so, had the most insane week ever!

After a mild breakdown, I regrouped and took a step by applying for a couple jobs. Next day, met a legend in the rock and roll hair/make-up world and after went for an amazing meal at Max Brenner with the best company ever. Wednesday, I got called for an interview and then that night I went with Ms. Mika of Sugar & Spikes to an SFX event featuring Cherie Lily!

I LOVE her! So fun, great performance and I got to say hi. I'm such a dork and usually never go up to artists, but Mika pulled me over, got a fun picture and her EP! Make sure you check out her music. Especially if you're looking for new work out tunes. Fun night and we knew so many people there - I'm always so surprised when people remember me, because I have that weird memory for faces and names, so it throws me when I find others that do too.

Went for the interview - GOT IT!!! So now I start next week at the cutest boutique in NYC. Also bought a lot of fabric...because things are back on and I need to be making outfits for zombie models!

Last night went to a bunch of bars after an event we tried going to, but was closing down (or whatever, if people are going to be all 'guestlist is closed,' I could give a shit and don't bother pushing to get in even when people before us just entered). I'm going to make a seperate blog on those places. Now more friend time this weekend. It never ends! I love it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

March Music

It's been a long time since I was excited over new music. Even when Blaqk Audio's 'Bright Black Heaven' came out, I didn't buy it and still haven't listened to it.

But I'm back and ready to plunge headfirst into the land of new music. The other week I went to the Whitechapel/Emmure NYC show and wanted to cry over how it feels as though I abandoned my first love and the one big high in my life. I haven't been writing for the one music publication or been in a photo pit in forever. Breaks my heart. I got caught up living a life that took all my ambition and energy away from work. My mind is clear and I know now I can manage the clothing line, random costuming gigs and music journalism.

So with that little motivational rant out of the way...

March I am DYING for new IAMX and Senses Fail. Both groups have tour dates for April and May and I'm about to buy tickets (or maybe get listed which would be awesome). Not sure if IAMX has any previews available, but I'm really scared with the first single "Mi Amor" from Senses Fail. It opens hard and hope the rest of the album is in that direction, but the chrous/hook is odd from them. Sounds like all the 'silly metalcore/post-hardcore AP Mag bands of the moment.' I've heard people comment they don't like how it's over-produced, I just feel it's trying to appeal to younger fans and therefore, making it not Senses Fail.

Well, we'll just have to wait for the end of March to hear things.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Inspirational Update

I'll explain the above image in a minute. So here's a little update in the magical land of Sibyl Vain Clothing and also a little bit about my life too. This will either be boring or random and funny.

Been asked to do a million shoots and one big project. Currently working on a million things that I can't really show online...maybe teaser shots.

Waiting for my laundry to be done right now - it's 11:30pm

There may be a monthly event in March or April that involves different artists and music and I might be showing a few designs at. So rad!

Dying to get back to weekly dinners with my best friend, who has been a slave at work. Yet, my poverty at the moment says I needed a pause to save up to splurge at new restaurants.

When does Spring happen? I want to do outside shoots!

I also do take care of wardrobe on film sets and for theater productions. Was on hand at a short film shoot at Cafe Lalo and it was SO cool! Really trying to get out there and find more gigs.

Looking into selling at two big events this year. Sent in an application and have to wait till March for confirmation. I have high hopes, but last year didn't get accepted, so we'll see. The other I'm just waiting for them to announce when the next event will be this Spring. But of course, me and my sister agreed to do the Spring edition of the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market.

Conflicted in life...right now, debating buying Manson tshirts on eBay. Think I'm going to do it.

Truthfully though, there's something in my life I'm conflicted over and it drives me nuts. I know what I should do, but I know what I want to do and they don't match. If I was a 'normal' person (no seriously, there's something I want to write a book about and have it turn it into a movie because people wouldn't believe me, but I'm not about to reveal it to any non-super close people), I wouldn't be debating this.

But I look at it as: Out of misery, comes great beauty.

While it sucks to be miserable and confused, I'm using it to fuel my designs and most importantly, my drive to work.

I have my next 'collection' concept all planned out, but will keep quiet about it until we're close to shooting things. Below and the image above are some inspiration I've been looking at. I'm going nuts because I have these intense images of how I want the shoot set up and I just want to bring them to life like yesterday.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tiffany Ann Wonderment

Having been able to work with Tiffany Ann is just tops in my book. I've sent over quite a few things to her and stellar images always emerge.

Just wanted to put together a post from the last batch of images she had sent over to me and's been quite some time, haha. You've probably seen these on Facebook or Tumblr, but here's a few I don't remember posting and that are just too gorgeous.

All photos by Tiffany Ann

model - Jeselyn
Sibyl Vain mesh leotard / high waisted ruffle shorts

model - Dasha
Sibyl Vain gold skirted shorts

model - Leah Rose
Sibyl Vain gold bow bikini top and lace up leggings

model - Nicole Roberts
Sibyl Vain gold jacket and red metallic dress

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Riot Vixen Magazine...Again!

Jinxi Jey (right side) wearing a Sibyl Vain bow bikini in the current issue of Riot Vixen Magazine! Photo was done by Madness Photography and hair/mua by Brittany Diaz (see previous post for even more images of that shoot).

And guess who's on the issue's cover? Miss Mischief! So fabulous, not to mention that she is also wearing a Sibyl Vain studded bust leotard in the last issue of Riot Vixen Magazine. Whoa.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Updated Etsy This Week!

I added new dresses to the Etsy shop a bit ago and now this week, I will be adding sale items! So if you had seen something listed not too long ago, but didn't get a chance to grab it, here's your chance again and at even lower prices. Call it the 'I need more room in my workspace sale!'

Below are the new dresses and be sure to keep your eye out for updates this week at the Sibyl Vain Etsy

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tattoo Glamour

Here's a couple images from a shoot I provided some wardrobe on. Orchestrated by make-up extraordinaire, Brittany Diaz and photographer Madness Photography, the shoot was going to be on the glam side of things.

The make up was to die for and Chazy of Madness Photography captured the models beautifully. The girls were Jinxi Jey, Karma Kitty Mariko and Tina HeartThrob and oh yes...there was a male model on hand - J Michael Kent - but you have to go to Madness's site to see how he fell into the story.

Pretty and badass? Quite so.

Want to see more? Check out any one of our websites! Make you sure you visit Sibyl Vain Clothing.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chloe VonCreepy Is the Sweetest!

I had given a bunch of pretties to the lovely Chloe VonCreepy the other week for a photoshoot she had coming up. Not only was she able to shoot a couple looks, she also made this AWESOME and super sweet video blog talking about my line.

Check it out as she describes pieces I gave her and she also does a mini fashion show. Plus, there's behind the scenes video of her recent shoot showing her do Beetlejuice makeup and being on set.

Chloe is just amazing and be sure to check out her other videos and be sure to send her some love and say Hi!