Thursday, July 29, 2010

Modern Glam Punk Rock

Gah! Omg...I die for these images. They look like ads for magazines and such. Rawr!

photo - Tiffany Ann Photography

model - Miss Mischief

hair - HeadsWillRoll

MUA - Lauren O'Jea

clothing - Against All Authority garter dress & military inspired tassle shrug (all by me of course, Sibyl Vain Clothing)

Really Project Runway?

Anyone else think that the McKell chick shouldn't have been thrown off?

I thought her dress was cute - I don't see a photo up on the website yet of it - but there were like three other people who should have gone home before her.

So a little letter to why I feel this girl was sent home:

Dear Heidi Klum,

You are Heidi Klum, super model & Victoria Secret model. You were, are and always will be that and gorgeous. But unfortunately you feel the need to eliminate every remotely pretty girl from your show. I still am not over how you threw off Alison from season something beause her outfit made her model look like a 'fat minnie mouse' when obviously it should have been the retard-o older guy thrown off. It only just goes to show no matter how beautiful and successful you are, people can still be insecure to hate on pretty girls. Plus, just because you've been a model for your whole life, doesn't mean you undertand design.


Being a model does not mean you understand fashion design just as being a designer you are automatically a stylist.

Now it's on to watching the replay of Jersey Shore. I'm laughing my ass off! It's sad to see people act are retarded as you know they do, but I watch and thus, it will live on.

I'm a real Jersey girl - I still don't get how people who don't even live in New Jersey (I think one or two of them do) are like my state's representatives.

And the Anglina chick...why would MTV resign her? I mean she walked out on the first season and her punishment should be her regret of not sticking with it - sad she wants back AFTER the success of the first season. And did she bang Pauly D? Is that what he said?

I need my own reality show or something.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More of Nori & Cheeks

I wish there had been more of these two wearing clothing I've made, but maybe in the future. They're so awesome!

Watching the end of The Craft - one of the best movies ever.

I have to get a review done and then it's back to sewing. I also have to figure out weekend plans, but that can be played by ear.

Photo - S H Photography


Nori Zay


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I want Rockabilly hair!

Rockabilly, pin-up, Bettie Page, whatever you call it...I'm bringing a picture of Patricia Day (from The Horrorpops) to my hair dresser. And if it then brings me a dude like Nekroman, well so be it!

(found over on The Horrorpops' Myspace)

Today I went to the most-mega Wholefoods ever. Like there's no pre-packaged food (ok there is, but it's like hard to find and just in the one section between the household cleaners and beauty products). But serioulsy, the amount of hot food, fresh produce and liquor...whoa.

They seriously had more beer than the wine store I go to. I wanted to build a fort in the wine section and hide there and then eat all the prepared foods and raspberries while no one was there.

I made it out and just wished they had Jamba Juice - they had everything else.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Down, Two to Go!

The first huge thing of the summer - photoshoot for Alt Noir was today.

HOLY COW was it EPIC!!!

I don't know how I'm going to make it till the issue comes out in the fall.

Oh wait! Yes I do -

Two fashion shows! Yea, I'm insane.

I had a bit of a rude awakening I guess you can say this past week. It made me think about what I want to do in life and where I want to go and I'm pretty damn sure I blew an amazing chance at a job that would benefit my time management with sewing (allowing me to keep and maintain it as my artistic outlet) and thus having a real job that like would be awesome.

Live and learn I guess - maybe I have to keep reminding myself maybe it was for the best?

Who knows. I'm just excited to have things focused on the shows now. LOTS of work.

The work week begins again - two part-time jobs - crazy! Things never slow down.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interpol Overdose!

I'm OBSESSED with this song currently. I think I've just listened to it like 15 times in a row. And there's a free download via their website or somewhere. LOVE

It currently captures exactly how I'm feeling right now. I really hope I get to see them next weekend.

Yay! I'm super stoked on this event made possible by the letter 'S' for Sugar & Spikes. Love those ladies!

Come out and rock out with us and see all the goodies I've created

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy poopers!

Just a random thought of the day.

My birthday is tomorrow and the age I'm turning, the number has always followed me around, so I took this year to be the one that things happen. So far, this summer has sucked and been really sad - from my car accident to loosing so many people around me.

But I can honestly now say that things are looking up. Maybe I was right and we had to experience all the hardships to get to this point. Wish they didn't happen, but we take everything all with us and look to the future.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Warped Tour! Dude!

My sister and I conquered Warped Tour yesterday in Camden. It was awesome - really REALLY hot, but awesome.

Yes, we got there late - I came from North Jersey, so...

We missed Alesana, I See Stars and Enter Shikari, but we've seen them before and we'll see them again - would have been fun though.

I was lucky and had a photo pass for the day, but kept missing that timeframe of 'the first three songs' to jump in the pit and my camera isn't sweet enough to really capture everything from in the crowd. I got some cool shots though, just gotta edit.

To start we saw Four Year Strong, who had some technical difficulties, but it worked out and then we headed over for Mike Posner. He's fun and later when he was signing at his booth, I joked this is the closest I'll get to Justin Timberlake. So cute.

The day was spent mostly just walking around chilling. Emarosa was AMAZING! They only played like five songs, so it felt super short, but so good.

All the bands like Motion City Soundtrack, We the Kings and Summer Set were all cute, Warped standards that were fun, but I think I'm a bit too old to really enjoy, haha.

Riverboat Gamblers and The Casualties were great. Seriously, just great and made Warped. Especially Riverboat Gamblers, who I haven't seen in years - just, what Warped SHOULD be.

Ended on In Fear and Faith, who got better since last I saw them and older...haha, I thought they were teens last year when we saw them, but nope. They are older. Last was Sum 41, who were so 'meh.' The singer had people come up on stage halfway through the first song, so I was like 'fuck this...' and left the photo pit. Oh wells.

Funny - we get screwed over in leaving the parking lot and had to sit and wait for about 30 minutes. Who walks by to get to their bus? Sum 41. Apparently the singer is now dating one of the scene queens who bounces from band member to the next. Can't hate, I would love to do that too, but you know she does it to 'further' her 'career.' umm...yea.

People this year were pretty cool. There weren't any like really rad, showman performers, but good music. Pretty sure we were listening to Flatfoot 56 while waiting for traffic to move - they were good.

I'm going to in addition to some photos, I always love the bands that walk around and ask you to listen to their cd players. I don't, b/c those earphone creep me out. But I took a few fliers and there's a few bands I didn't mention above or I missed and wanted to check out that I'm going to like 'review' in the upcoming weeks. Check it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OMG! Shoes!

...and boys!

Yes! My male model count is going up, up , up! Check the photo below out!

But even more importantly is the lady on the right, Nori Zay, who is like kickass model big time - like, Tyra Banks? Yea, you gotta watch your back.

Super excited b/c looks like I'll be getting a photo pass for Warped Tour - yes! I did Mayhem Festival last year, but I've never took photos at Warped or even paid attention to photographers, so I'm a bit nervous as how it'll go.

It's fun - it's a hobby for me and my camera is a base model, but I think I do well. Find me on Facebook or Myspace and check out what I've done.

So busy week, busy month, busy year! Anyone else out there going to Warped? I'm still on the fence about Mayhem :(

Models - Cheeks & Nori Zay
Photo - S.H. Photo
Clothing -
on him: shirt, model's own. pants, Sibyl Vain re-vamped vintage leather pants
on her: Sibyl Vain blue metallic jacket, hologram leotard, silver metallic bow gloves. shoes, dunno but want them!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sugar & Spikes Fashion Event!

I love these ladies - Sugar & Spikes : Fashion Show & Concert

I was lucky enough to be apart of their first fashion show last November and they asked me back this time around! I have a lot of work ahead of me, but since I might not have the second part time job of mine for much longer...I'll tons of time! haha

Stoked it's at Knitting Factory - how cool!

Mark your calendars and come out for a fun night.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outdoor Budoir

Ok, so I make titles for all images I get back from photographers and models - I'm weird.

Saw this movie 'Cyrus' last night. So weird...and the review they had posted made it seem really funny. But whatever - 'Are We There Yet' was funnier, same premise.

Photo - Barrie Blau
Model - PXE
Styling - The Corset Girl (Lily Lisa)
Shrug - MINE! heehee, made from a vintage 80's sequined silk dress and faux fur accent.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barrie Blau is a god!!!!

I'll have two other shots to add to my list of why Barrie rocks, but here's two I don't even think she posted.

I sent her a box of goodies and then she surprises me with a stunning shot of Jordan Supernavage, who has like no make up on and is freakin' stunning as hell in one a black faux snakeskin Minxy dress. WHOA!

So yea, back to work I go. I really need to do a video blog.

It's still awkward driving my new car, but got to drive down to Philly-ish area this weekend, so I guess that'll break it in.

And I'm waiting on all the specific details and flyers, but keep updated - - fashion show in August! Knitting Factory on August 19th - stoked!

It'll be my first time at the new location of Knitting, I honestly wasn't aware of when they first moved, but I realized it about a year after and was so bummed. I can't even count how many times my sister and I went to the Leonard Street location. That place rocked and probably beat out Starland Ballroom as most visited venue for us. ::cries!::

Barrie Blau Photography
Jordan Supernavage...more like 'Super-modelin-avage'...yea!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is How I Holiday...

I sew and work around the house. Today is the 4th of July and while most people are out with friends or at family barbeques, or whatever...I love holidays because I usually never have to work and thus, I get to sew and feel totally stress free over it.

That said - the pressure is on for the upcoming fashion shows and quite an epic shoot at the end of the month. I can't say much about that shoot, but OMG, I'm DYING!!! It's going to be so cool.

So, today, our cat - Miss Kitty - killed/found her first mouse. When my mom spotted it, she had no idea what she was picking up (with a paper towel) and I instantly saw the head, legs, tail and said it was a mouse and my mom almost dropped it - she freaked. Kinda funny

Bought my car and getting everything finalized Monday/Tuesday. Not too stoked on it, still REALLY want the Charger, but I guess I'll live. I just keep reminding myself of all the money I'm saving. hmph.

Here's some images I don't think I posted here.

model - OriJnel
photo - DragonInk Photography