Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going Into Hiding!

Wait what? But it's the holidays and a new year - I can't possibly be going into hibernation?

Oh, but I am.

What does that mean?

-No shoots/events/etc

-Working on a new collection which will be debuted like whoa

-Updating the Etsy store with tons of pieces from past shoots & events

-Getting my act together

So until March...yes sure to check back for updates, sneak peaks, music nonsense & guess who's website IS FINALLY ready to go live for the new year?

Here's some awesome shots we did not too long ago.

Drop Photography:

models: Leza Brooks & Sasha Thompson

Monday, December 6, 2010

Again Reagan?

I had the pleasure of shooting with photographer Reagan Lam and model Rachel Jean and Glamdoll Make Up Artistry.

Reagan always blows me away and I've only worked with him one other time - he was the first to shoot a guy's outfit I made. Go Reagan!

Rachel Jean I hadn't worked with yet or even talked much with prior to this shoot, so I was flattered she asked me to this shoot.

We started in the ghetto, but then moved location thanks to the sun now setting so friggin' early in the day. But I didn't care - look who was shooting, what could go wrong?


So here's two of my favorite shots and you can view the whole set on Reagan's Flickr Link Here

one-armed ruffled shrug / red sparkle ruffled crop top / velvet & leather tuxedo leggings

Sick slick little black dress

In This Moment @ Santos Party House

Do I even have to explain how I adore In This Moment?

OK, so I'm behind on listening to their new album, but great sound, meaningful lyrics and a front woman who is girly as anything, but still can kick your ass.

We rushed over to Santos Party House down town somewhere, haha, and according the online set times, were only going to catch like ten minutes of ITM.

Nope! Something went wrong with scheduling and stages, friend (who I dragged to this and probably hated me after) and I walked in an opener, but ITM was next. Interesting old school metal - don't know the opener's name.

It was just this perfect scene: you walk in from the cold hallway and are hit with the smell of weed and alcohol lingering above the packed floor of fans head to toe in black attire. The lights create a haze above the drunk floor and ITM sets up shop with a microphone stand covered in skulls that stands on a raised platform for singer Maria Brink to stand upon.

The sound overall was a bit scratchy to hear, but it was full speed ahead once started with new material at the ready. They pulled out "Forever" and "Beautiful Tragedy" and I was happy. Am really stoked to get the new album - sounds a lot harder than their previous - sucked I couldn't get to the merch stands to pick it up.

I promised my friend to leave early, but next thing, there were two songs left and I said, let's hear what the last will be. Well, it was 'THE' song I wanted to hear and we stayed. "Daddy's Falling Angel"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Senses Fail

BTW - Senses Fail's new album The Fire really has grown on me and no doubt - they're best album musically. Really great, go give it a listen.

Electric Factory
November 27, 2010

OMG! I couldn't go to their show the night before Thanksgiving at Starland, so I figured I would try to get in to the Philly show.

The damn show sold out and I took the chance that my request went through for tickets being I didn't get confirmation (but I was pretty confident it was all good). But we make the trip and firgured if we couldn't get into that show, we would go across town and see Foxxy Shazam!

So it was a win-win situation if you ask me.

But...I walk up, give my ID and low and behold - two tickets are mine!

I made the mistake of not asking for set times, b/c my friend and I got stuck watching ALL the bands on the bill. Late show.

Balance and Composure was good, but I really wish I could have done without Title Fight and then Bayside. I was never into Bayside - even with a Weezer cover, meh.

Senses Fail was amazing. It's been awhile and I was loving all the older songs i.e. those off Let It Enfold You. I haven't listened to that album in forever. And they mainly stuck with older tunes, only a couple off the new album. They did do "Lifeboats" - my favorite.

The music sounded perfect and their singer was insane - drunk? who cares - Stellar performance, running around, doing acrobats and improvising when microphone dropped and seeing if he could sing in a handstand.

Left before the last song - don't know what that was or if there was an encore. But I was happy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Videos! Oh baby...oh dear...

New project from Craig Owens (ex-chiodos member, cinematic sunrise) with Matt Good (from first to last) and some other people.

It was weird b/c it said you can 'download and uncensored version' and I'm like - huh? Yea, you want to see this dumb broad's boobies, I guess that's what it means. There was no reason for her to be naked. Sorry "model" chick, you got screwed into being a piece of meat.

Anyways! Song sounds like a FFTL wannabe song. Eh. I want to hear more though...


I loves him mucho - this song GROWS ON YOU like whoa. I kept saying that was Lil' Jon, but haha, I forgot about T-Pain.

So I gave you 'blah' and now I give you 'yes!' PS - Kesha's new video for "We R Who We R" is GREAT! The make up and hair is RIDICULOUS and I'm trying to work it in a shoot; HOWEVER, there's advertising that sickens me, so I'm not posting it here. Yep.