Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My NYC Reality

Last night I ventured to the city for dinner and shockingly tried a new restaurant! I usually drive into the city and I feel like I'm in a video game when I'm driving on lanes with barely there lines and cab drivers driving like maniacs.

One part of my trip that's super important is what's on my car's radio. A song changes your mood, makes you recall different images you associate with it and can also make you feel as though you're in your own little movie.

This song came on right as I was trying to get through the Chinatown/Canal Street area. All I could think of was obviously the 70's and tough times. So in my mind, everyone was wearing bellbottoms, had horrible hair and wait a minute...that's exactly what I saw! Stupid hipster fashion...


We went to The Stanton Social Club. While it was SO good...spent WAY too much. But lobster rolls, crabcake corn dogs, the oddest drink that was pretty damn good and tons more...totally worth it.

I was hoping to hit up Babycakes, but they close early on Mondays - UGH! So my friend suggested a place she goes to, Suger Sweet Sunshine. This place is super cute. I loved that the one cupcake name is 'Bob.' However, I stuck with the 'Sunshine' and 'Sexy Red Velvet.' The sunshine tastes just like the homemade vanilla cupcakes my neighbor makes, but the icing on the red velvet is BANANAS! Not bananas as in the fruit, but bananas as in whipped cream and yummy goodness.

All I could think about on my ride home was eating the cupcakes. Then the intro/chorus to this song came on...

Now NYC turned into '90s hip hop. A la a Jay-z video from back in the day.

It's my delusion and you're just living in it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thom Browne - My New Idol

I've seen collections by Thom Browne before, but they never really clicked with. Then I came across his Fall 2012 Menswear Collection via www.Outsapop.com

Holy shit. It's brilliant.

It's like everthing in fashion has been done before and moving forward, we're playing with shapes and proportions. Thom Browne hits it dead on. Let the images speak for themselves.

I just love the crazy football player/Herman Munster proportions looks. It's smart, out there and yet disturbs me every time I look at it.

Even more, I ventured over to his website and he has a few of his collection presentations videos posted and it's incredible. It's right alongside what McQueen and Galliano did and Browne is American - not that it's inconceivable an American can pull it off, but who else is doing shows like this that kind of have a 'fuck you' underneath all the high fashion snobbery?

images from www.NYMag.com

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gaultier's Winehouse Couture

I just flipped out over Gaultier's Spring 2012 Couture show. It was beautiful, magical and clearly was honoring someone who Gaultier loved.

It's Winehouse Couture - the non-grungy/dirty version of how she dressed. And then at the end, he resends the models out with first dark veils and then white and pastel veils. It was a beautiful reflection on her style, then mournful and now angelic.

This collection is just stunning. It feeds the need of the 1950's badgirl, diva and 1980's party girl a la Madonna. Just love.

The first look clearly sets the tone for what the collection is about. The second and third image just show the re-interpretation of a blazer and then it seems like the biker jacket is a cape. And who doesn't love an 80's party dress?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Not Ink Master

Anyone else a little 'meh' on Van Halen's return?

I know they've grown, matured and will never be exactly what they were back in the day, but I expected something more.

Good song no doubt, but as a first single to mark their return? Eh....

And yes, I wasn't expecting Diamond Dave to be running around the stage in spandex, but I had hoped for a more upbeat, faster tempo. And stupid me didn't keep tabs on their tour and I highly doubt I'll be seeing them live anytime soon. BUMMED OUT!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wait. What Day Is It?

Things have been SUPER busy! Which is wonderful on one hand, but annoying on the other. I feel I rather be just 'go go go, deadline deadline deadline, sew sew sew!' than waiting around, searching for new projects and having breathing room to make things and not be rushed. I work better with deadlines than setting my own.

This past week, well no, hell! Since December started, there's been so much going on! I'm back in the swing of photoshoots, trying to update the online store more, going after new vending events, writing a bunch more and well, trying to also have a social life, haha.

There was a family party over the weekend, which was lovely. I come from a very small family, so we've 'adopted' close family friends and sometimes that's all you need in life. Then this week, things took off. I had to focus and make a few things for shoots, schedule drop offs, two interviews, my normal work day, there's a private screening tonight I'm attending, volunteering tomorrow, D.R.U.G.S. hopefully on Saturday and then off on Sunday to Philadelphia for a photoshoot with ladies from Reflections 2011.

Yesterday I got to work and honestly told my manager I felt weird coming in because I didn't believe it was Wednesday. If you didn't know me, you would think I was on something - which is furthest from the truth. I'm now finally religiously using my phone's calendar - which leaves me in a time and space limbo, never knowing where or when it is and just waking up, looking at my phone and letting it tell me where I need to be that day.

Part of me still hates technology and prefer writing things down. But carrying around a paper calendar/date book is annoying. I found this website that shows off Snoopy collectibles and I wish they had journals and diaries for sale, but I didn't see any. If you're obsessed with Peants check this site out: Peanuts Collectibles

Friday, January 13, 2012

Natalia Fabia Solo Show

I was an Art History major in school. I loved it. I however did not know where to go for a job in that world and because girlfriend of Eugene Delacroix couldn't happen, I decided to do the fashion thing. Being part of the alternative scene, I've seen just about every type of scene queen/alt model photo that's out there.

What first caught my eye of artist Natalia Fabia were the elements of the scenesters in her paintings and basically, I thought they were photographs. Her work is realistic, yet impressionistic and comments on our generation.

Her first solo show, Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle, is opening tomorrow at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC and hopefully I'll be able to get in during the opening reception. I'm so excited to be able to see her work in person. I feel the colors will just vibrate off the canvas and be even more beautiful than just viewing her work online and in magazines.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


CUPCAKES! Who doesn't love cupcakes? I hadn't made them in awhile and still haven't, so it's not like there were cupcakes scattered all about the house. But it was kind of funny how I overdosed on cupcakes yesterday.

I was in NYC Tuesday and just had to stop after dinner at Baby Cakes Bakery and I bought two cupcakes and brownies. I was a madwoman! I hadn't been to Baby Cakes in like 2 1/2 years - I kid you not. They are the best cupcakes in the City, vegan or not. And do I even have to mention that their icing is amazing? They have shots of the icing for sale at the bakery.

I ate the vanialla cupcake the next day at work and was upset because it wasn't hat perfect light, fluffy cupcake I'm use to when you eat right after buying, haha. But still super yummy. I get home and you know what's on the table...

Yep, cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery. Obviously not those above, but weird flavors I hadn't tried before. I took a bit of the one that I thought was cookie dough, but was this weird, I guess it was biscotti. Who knows. Wasn't too fun. Then today I had the other Baby Cakes cupcake I bought - red velvet. I'm going to NYC tomorrow and I think I might have to make another Baby Cakes visit...I'm obsessed!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NYC Day - Thrifty and Iron Maiden

Yesterday was a good NYC trip. I got to pick up clothing from the lovely Mika of Sugar & Spikes. It was cool too because where we met was right by the ABC Studios and I got to see the news crew setting up.

Then I made my way to Brooklyn to kill time by shopping. I begun at the Hipster Mecca - Beacon's Closet. I started there because you have to check your other shopping bags and figured I would be buying stuff at other stores. Thank God it wasn't crowded and I twirled around all the racks and saw a few Betsey Johnson dresses.

Being I was 20 pounds too big for any of the dresses, I opted for a grungey Iron Maiden shirt that I hope to revamp. Then at the register there was a ton of Betsey Johnson jewelry. I just wanted the braclet, but the sales girl didn't want to separate it from the matching necklace. I'm such a sucker. But the more I look at it, I feel like its a bootleg! Haha. Still really pretty though.

I hit up Buffalo Exchange, which is the best, but I was out of luck for any cool finds. I also had a coughing fit and had to run out before I finished looking through all the t-shirts. That also meant I had to skip roaming through Junk (yes that's the name of the store) right below Buffalo and seeing what's up with this Monk Vintage right above.

Had an awesome dinner at Inoteca in the LES, managed not to break down in a puddle of tears and a broken heart finding out about a certain engagement and then chatting with my other friend about Japan, dreams and research papers.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Language - NYC Parking Signs

This is the death of me - how to read above sign. There are so many of these around the city! I was going to park in them the other day when my sister was fabric shopping and I got stuck driving around until she was done. I was going to parking in one today, but THANK GOD I did some research online - BECAUSE I CAN'T!

Turns out when I thought you could park during the mentioned time for standing by commercial vehicles, you can't. I thought you just have to Muni Meter pay, but that's for the commercial vehicles. I need to do a pick up today and wanted my car right there to put the stuff away, but now - nope. I can't put it in a garage b/c they don't let you come back to drop things off. So looks like I have to park legally at a muni-meter in Union Square then subway it up to Midtown and then back to Downtown. Erf.

That's it for rambling! So Downtown, Subway, Midtown, Subway, Car, Brooklyn for shopping, LES then FOOD!

If anyone knows different, would love to hear. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, well. I think my Buzznet blog is finally recognizing I set up the RSS Feed. Yes!

To celebrate, this song I couldn't take off repeat today.

2012 Kick Off

Had the first photoshoot of 2012 with the photographer who I did my first ever photoshoot with - Creepshow Photography.

We had Jezzter and Sarah Strange Wings playing the parts of stunning models, Miranda Zip doing make-up and I even had my assistant Miss Connie on set to help! It was quite a fun time and on top of that...we were celebrating Creepshow's Birthday!

It was such a fun time and I always love how Julie Creepshow directs models. Plus Sarah and Jezzter blew me away with their posing (I was in love with the first look we did) and Miranda surprised me with glitter lips and dramatic eyes.

We did the first (shown above) at this abandon building we randomly found. We decided it must have been a school. But I started getting freaked out and stood by every opened window in case a ghost or vagabond appeared and I had to make a fast escape - I felt bad, but I was only concerned about my escape and not the others, haha. It was pretty creepy and we even found an animal skull.

We went back to home base and dressed the girls up like hipster party girls - night and day and you're going to love it!

Lastly after a pizza party, little black dresses were worn and Jezzter was a 50-foot bendable woman and Sarah became a guitar goddess.

I can't wait to get back more images and show them off. There'll be lots more updating too. The holidays killed me and then I was under attack by a mild cold that for some reason sucked the life out of me.