Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fantasy & Vintage

Still without a car, but soon I'll have a new one.

I swear, I sometimes think my life is either really really cool & fun or just really stressful & upsetting.

Part time job land is being shaken up and making me all nervous. It's sad that I can be so scared of loosing a job that's easily replaceable...well, not really b/c no one is hiring. Ugh!


Interview next week, pretty cool. I'm pissy b/c I would JUST DIE to be like a VJ/some type of host on like Fuse. I mean, hell, I'm watching the Warped Wednesday and that Alison chick is interviewing people. She is Fuse's second host named Alison. I do music journalism, my name is Alison, people love me and I'm adorable - someone hook me up!

Anyone else going to Warped Tour out there? My sister and I will be in July - excited!

Here's new photos by Gas Oven -

Check her out and these lovely models -
Kat Kalashnikov
Allison Mindy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Which car? I'm so lost!

Omg, so I had my accident two weeks ago. I'm perfectly fine, but slamming into a guardrail killed my car. Scroll down a bit and see a photo of my poor dead Fred (car).

So, I'm obsessing over what car to buy next. I'm just so lost. I thought I was going to get a Dodge Charger, but then I started reading about it...I need the AWD, which is more than the standard RWD.

But then we look at the gas's not horrible, but maybe I should think about the long term money that could be saved.

So I moved on to the Mazda6. Let's also make mention I test drove the Toyota Camry, but while I was totally comfortable, it was just a nice, safe car and didn't make me want to buy it right there and then.

The Mazda instantly felt simple, fun and great. But I keep going back to the damn Charger!

Then when I recalculated the AWD, b/c RWD scares the life out of me though it shouldn't...I realized that maybe I could look into a Volvo, b/c now the Charger was the same price point as a Volvo.

So we're going to the Volvo dealership Wednesday to test drive and talk, but until I drive it, I'm just debating about the Charger and Mazda.

Ugh. Such a dilemma b/c I'm just afraid I'm going to get the Charger and after two years, I'll be sick of the gas mileage and feel like it was money wasted if I try to turn it in. But I can't get my mind off it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are finished photos from the shoot we did two weeks ago. Dude! Love them.

Models: Megan & Leann

Photo: Scott Mack

Clothing: Sibyl Vain Clothing (duh!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yay! First Interview!

So cool!

Check it out - sucks the print is so small to read, but put on those glasses or buy the issue at the end of this month and read my crazy answers.

I'm working on two other submissions and two runway shows. YES - TWO! Why? B/c I'm crazy and can't say no, but always love working with with the people behind The Reflections Project and then the ladies of Sugar & Spikes.

Fun for all and more details will follow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Photos to Come!!!

So...after an extremely tiring and emotional weekend - we shot!

My one photographer, Scott Mack, has a new studio/work space that like has one huge perk - awesome backdrops for shooting.

He was shooting with this brand new model, Leann, who turns out - I went to grammar school with! Small world. Those shots were looking kick ass, moody punk rock.

Me and my other model, Megan, got there at the same time and it was a go. We were looking to do three looks.

The photos, without editing, were looking amazing and I'm stoked on getting these images all set and sent to me to show to the world. It was dramatic, polished and fun!

Here's some sneak peeks.

The make-up table and see the flash spot? The would be me hiding behind the light.

I thought she looked like a super hero.

Our photographer tries new angles

Fixing the lighting or something. Megan's excited to be locked in the elevator wearing an outfit some other girl should have worn for something cool, but we'll keep that secret locked in the elevator

Almost the end...

So, I'm not going to be over dramatic or 'woe is me' or whatever. But I was just in an accident and completely wrecked my car. It's dead. The front is smashed in and there's a huge dent in the side.

I was driving on a major highway, middle lane, clear day, normal amount of traffic, doing 70mph, no loud radio, but heavy thoughts about recent friends were on my mind.


The car on my left was trying to change lanes, I moved over (swerved, whatever you want to say) and lost control. I think the car on the right side of me hit me and that's what sent me spinning.

Bashed into the guard rail and thank God I'm fine. Two huge bruises and though it hurts, doesn't seem my nose is broken.

Scary to think how quickly things could be over.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Next Week!!!


I am BEYOND STOKED about next Tuesday when the new issue of Glam Rock Magazine goes online. YAY!

We did an awesome shoot for this feature in the magazine and I was SO fortunate to be able to work with so many talented people on this project (hell! I've had the great fortunate of being surrounded by tons of talented artists on so many of the projects I've done).

Anyways...keep an eye out for it. You'll love the shots we created. Oh and how cool - I'm first on the list of all the lovely people featured in the magazine. heehee, I'm kinda all smiles on that.

Barrie Blau, Nicole Gevirtz, Vikka Nox, Alien Baby & Kami...those ladies are kick ass beyond belief.

New Interview & Irony

Cool! My interview with Jeffree Star was posted online. Check it out - it was kind of hard writing b/c I'm not use to doing articles outside the Q&A format.

The Aquarian - Jeffree Star

So's funny b/c right now the movie 'To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.'

Why is this relevant?

Well, the opening bit is a drag pagent and it's at Webster Hall. Know what it reminded me of? One of the greatest fashion shows ever thrown there - New York Couture!

Jeffree has modeled for the line, so it comes full circle.

Updates to follow!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the Countdown Begins!

OMG! It's June! When did that happen?

I'm now in full 'got to get fashion show pieces together' mode. I'm doing the second Reflections Project fashion/art/culture event this fall. SO excited! Check it out for getting your tickets early, VIP baby!

But that means I got to get everything together and in a timely manner. No last minute things!

So I'm planning on updating this thing on the regular, like 4 times a week with ramblings, video blogs and sneak peaks of what's to come.

Aren't you excited?

So for the first of June...I give you photos I've been sitting on for a minute. So pretty!

photographer: Shadowspawn

model: Machine Sex

clothing: white pvc Minxy dress