Sunday, May 31, 2009

I just want to look at it


Have you ever been shopping and come across something that you just MUST have? I had that moment today.

A BEAUTIFUL vintage dress was just calling out to me from across the store and I was totally ready to shell out $150 for a dress that I would probably never ever wear. Why? Because to me - it was just THAT beautiful.

It was THE perfect old Hollywood dress. Dusty tan silk dress that was rouched horizontally at the bust and then gathered all around the high waist and left to flow out for miles. A cute sating bow was at right below the bust.

BUT to make it even more perfect - the neckline (a strapless piece) was trimmed in mink. I JUST DIED!

I tried it on and I was trying to convince my mom that I'm loosing 10 pounds and if I loose the padded bra...It would totally fit. No seriously, it wasn't that far off from closing.

I know it was a bit too much money, but I wanted it. It was like on the one episode of the Rachel Zoe Project where at NYC fashion week, her husband kinda flips at all the vintage in the living room. He's like "What's it all for?" And she's like "I just want to look at it."

I was having that moment. Can't get this dress off my mind. le sigh....

It was so a Ginger Rodgers dress. She would dance the hell out of that dress. Gorgeous.

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