Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Tried!

I tried so hard not to like this damn song, but I gave in...

"Egoista" by Belinda ft. Pitbull

Pitbull is mad sexy in my book, then the clothing drew me in and then the song just got under my skin.

Speaking of singers...

Jonny Craig this weekend!

Plus, there's a couple of singers (obviously not Jonny Craig, haha) who I want to get clothing to. Luckily I'm planning on con-ing my way into bombarding them with free clothes at shows coming up. Finally! I have connections, haha!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Too much sleep = werid ass dreams

Last night I had a dream that combined my day job and high school into one big maze and then I started speaking Spanish and French - what was going on there?!

That's what you get for sleeping for 12 hours.

This weekend I provided half of the wardrobe for a music video. So cool and I might be able to post behind the scenes photos soon.

I'm getting ready to get items listed in my Etsy - it's just such a daunting task b/c I have SO many things accumulating in my stock over the past year and I just want to get rid of them - I might do like a 'Buy one, Get one half off' or something.

I'm also looking forward to the CMJ Music Marathon this year. I'll probably be heading out to a few shows. It's just driving me crazy b/c I want the schedule to be announced NOW! I work till 9pm during the week and so it's hard to make shows when the headliners usually go on at that time. I like the CMJ Marathon b/c a lot of the shows are late - but now who will go with me?

SO many shows coming up and I'm actually more excited to hopefully get out and start shooting again - I miss editing photos actually.

Here's another image from Reflections. It was the last look and my collection was of freak show acts. This was supposed to be like 'P.T. Barnum and his Fiji Mermaid.' I wish I had done a bit more, but hell! That blazer took A LOT of effort and the dress kills.

So they became another freak show - Prom Attendees (if you know me, you understand how I become ill over traditional teenage events)

Leo & Chloe Von Creepy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harlow Magazine Fashion Reviews

I just dominated a whole tray of mini Cinnabon poppers that you get from like Costco and heat up and there's ten mini morsels of Cinnabon fixes. Not exactly like what you get at the mall, but yummy. So happy before watching Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Really cool shoot this weekend! I'm too sure how much I'm to talk about it...

But while fashion life has calmed down and I can FINALLY get things listed for purchase, day job life is hectic and sometimes annoying. In a month I'll be complaining how boring it is.

Here's shots from the second issue of Harlow Magazine with Sharon TK on the cover - my god, doesn't even look like her! That girl is awesome as hell. Cute magazine too!

I submitted things for review and was stoked when I open the magazine and see Audrey Kitching wearing something of mine. Woo! I thought they were going to have other models, but cool - Audrey and the mag's editor wearing my stuff.

They said the fit didn't work, but if that's the only con, can't complain - b/c I mean hey, those things I sent fit me and I'm 5'9, 135lbs. They are 5'4 and super tiny.

But...notice how my label name is spelled wrong with the CORRECT spelling RIGHT below it in the website address? So many people are doing this to me lately and I think I'm going to start being a diva about it.

More magazines coming out soon where you can spot my clothing :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reflections 2010! Pt. 1

for more info and fun

OK! My collection shown at Reflections was inspired by sideshow and circus acts. Each look was a particular character and my interpretation of them. Check out the photos below.

I'm going around stealing photos and waiting for more - I really wish I had enlisted my one friend to take photos with my camera. Oh wells...

SO much happened at Reflections 2010, held at Polaris nightclub in Philadelphia. It's crazy how you go in, thinking there's like 8 hours till your show takes the stage and you can kick back and slowly get things together and then it's like BAM! 30 minutes before the models take the stage.

Got there after lunchtime, went and got food, started setting up then it was like - hurdles popped up, got caught in conversations, went back and forth with what outfit each model should wear...that my friend is how 2pm quickly becomes 8pm.

It was cool because there was artwork being displayed and me and the main woman behind the event, Rebecca Marchand, are big AFI freaks and there was AFI-related pieces that put a smile on my face.

This is Part 1 of the my Reflections experience and I guess, I'm going to start with the end result - it was awesome! If you missed it, you suck.

I did leave around midnight, which is when the real fun began, but a 2 hour drive back home was not something I wanted to tackle at 2am on 5 hours of sleep.

I'll end with images. So far it's all I've found and are super awesome. This photographer shot Reflections last year and his images were my favorite of the bunch and this year was no different.

Photos by Jason Hyde (

Vika Noxx as the Lobster Girl
leotard with red metallic accents, tulle tail and red metallic lobster mittens

Sqeak Machine as an Artsy Clown
wet-look spandex backless leotard with fishnet thigh highs

Brian Ross as the Carney
black & red baseball shirt (I cheated and didn't make the jeans or wifebeater, haha)

Ashleigh as the Tight-Rope Walker
red metallic crop top, monster tutu (belt not by me)

Ana X as the Geek (she ate some blackbirds before they went in the pie)
red & black flapper leotard

Sex Slaves & Toxic Vision

Yea, so it may have been back in August, but hell! I wanna talk about it.

August 21st at Santos Party House in NYC for bands, fashion and one drunk birthday dude.

My sister and I get stuck in Chinatown trying to get there b/c there was the one festival that weekend in Little Italy and they had a street blocked off - some crazy guy was the 'traffic director,' which meant no cops were around and so he just yelled at us if we didn't move fast enough.

We made perfect timing though - things were running a little behind and thank god too, b/c the music was SO loud between sets, we went downstairs to escape it between acts.

My photographer/friend/Sex Slaves worshiper was also there - doing what, you may ask...keeping guard of the Sex Slaves' merch table. haha, she's too funny. And...takes really cool shots of those boys at shows (just not of that night). Check it -

We walked in on the one band playing, London from Daisy of Love is in it - don't know, wasn't too impressed.

One of the best parts of the night was the crazy man of honor, Samuel Valentine, who was happy and drunk as it was his birthday. That plus his accent made his introductions of people quite entertaining.

Like I said - perfect timing. Toxic Vision showed her fall collection 'Widowmaker' and it was bananas. I wish I had the body (and monies) to buy some stuff. From highly embellished bustiers, to monster fur sleeves to her standard spandex pants, I was so enjoying everything.

My favorite went early on - just covered in crosses = love. (Totally stole this from her etsy:

After were The Sex Slaves and omg - DIES! Music = fun and crazy as hell, Band Members = hot as hell, Overall review is AWESOMENESS.

Gotta get into this band and stalk them, haha. Check it -

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost Here!

Just about a week away is the Reflections Art & Fashion event. SOOOOOO much stuff I need to get together - I feel really behind this summer, but it was kinda a stressful/depressing summer.

Anyways! for more information on everything and how you can buy tickets beforehand, what to expect and more.

Of course my clothing line is always number one in my heart, but I've been really bummed I haven't written for the magazine I write for in about two months - ouch. I'm looking ahead though to all the great concerts coming up in the fall - free tickets! haha

But now at my day job, they're slowly making me a telemarketer. What the...
I'm just such a spaz on the phone, I stumble over my words like whoa - I guess that's why all my interviews had to be scripted, which was a complaint I received from a couple people helping me become better in my writing.

I'll leave you with another killer image from Tiffany Ann Photography, featuring Chloe Von Creepy (who is also going to be at Reflections!). More from Tiffany Ann with Trailer Darling & Miss Mischief modeling.