Thursday, May 7, 2009

album: HELL YEAH by The Horrorpops

Hell Yeah! This album fucking rocks!

It's old, but I JUST got it this weekend. I bought it at Bamboozle. I wanted the vinyl BUT APPARENTLY the grounds people/promoters/monkeys DECIDED it was NOT cool to bring vinyl into the festival.

The lovely merch guy of the day said there was something that there was a deal with only CDs or something like that and that they had vinyl, but couldn't bring them in. What nonsense. I hate people. (Or he was lying and being I was last minute, didn't feel like unpacking everything to get to the vinyls, hahahahah)

Ok, "Mistake" and "Where They Wander" are just the greatest songs by The Horrorpops off the album, maybe even like Top 5 from their catalouge - they only have 3 albums though.

I like this album a lot because you have songs like those that are more reflective of their style, maturity and are a bit more complicated in sound. Then you get these cute and distinctly rockabilly songs like "Cool Flat Top" and "Baby Lou Tattoo" that can be a little too Cry Baby & corny, but works so well.

The first half is the strongest and then they lose me a bit, but all in all, definately worth the buy especially with the summer coming up. I would kill to drive around in some vintage 50s car with a hot Johnny Depp in Cry Baby looking guy driving.

What? That's not sexist - I just can't drive stick shift!

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