Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BAMBOOZLE - The Final Day

What a LONG day for me Sunday was!

Got ready to go...huffed and puffed about the rain...and when I got to my door - UGH! Pouring rain. Luckily, it did taper off a little making the day totally barable, but sucky.

Ok! So yet again - $20 to park - screw you Giant's Stadium's people. Tickets were free, so I guess I should shut my mouth...

Saw THE SOUNDS. They are AWESOME! Can't wait for the new album. Their singer (isn't her name Mia?) had on the coolest Blondie/old punk chick outfit - leather jacket, ripped hosiery, short shorts and a tucked in bigger blouse.

We headed over for ULTRAVIOLET SOUND and they were fun as hell and just amazing. I really need to see them perform at a club environment and dance my ass off. They're working on a new album. yay!

3OH!3 was retarded, but not in a bad way. A lot of people crowded the stage for them and most of them came running back when the dance pits started. Whatever.

Saw like three songs by HASTE THE DAY. Again, decent set is all I can say as I don't know their music.

I did hang around the 'hardcore' stages for the most of the day and witnessed some of the most rediculous bahavior ever. Kids are silly. It did make each of these 'on the verge of being huge' bands seem bigger than they were b/c the pits opened up in front of BOTH stages (the two were right next to each other).

Case in point - A DAY TO REMEMBER. They ARE amazing and great - go listen to them! I think they deserved to be on a main stage. Just great music, mainly from the new album HOMESICK but one or two oldies.

Ok, the end of the night - I had lost my original group, but caught up with my lovely sister and her friend. They wanted to see this one song by a horrid band Brokencyde. I usually do not mention acts I do not support, but I just want to say that I can see the draw in one or two songs, but really this band is nonsense.

While they danced all crunk-like, I went to see TAKING BACK SUNDAY. I walked over for one song and left. The main stages were TOO TOO TOO PACKED I coudln't deal. The same with NO DOUBT. One song, but the acoustics were lost from so far away and it just felt fake. You need to be by the stage to enjoy.

Example: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. I caught their set and yea, new pick for favorite post-hardcore/goth/emo band of the moment. Maybe it's the look and mood they present on stage that keeps my attention, but there's a few songs that stand out and are great. Let's see what direction they go in for the next album.

I was standing around, waiting for my people to come from No Doubt, so I saw this band set up - thought maybe they were an Anti-Flag type deal. Turned out to be teens from California who take a stab at punk. Name: DRIVE A. Cute and the crowd was mainly teen girls taking photos...

All in all one of the best times I've had in awhile. I like that you can go into the Stadium and sit, use the bathrooms, stare at the field. I don't like being FORCED to throw out water bottles if you thought you could bring one in HOWEVER...weed is allowed in and not snuffed when smoked.

So if they can sell it - you can't bring it in. I need to find a music event that's there to support the bands AND pay grounds workers/the venue's facilities WITHOUT raping the fans' wallets.

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