Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dsquared & Frankie Morello

I love making the things I shirt recons, spandex leggings, leotards or whatever you wish and other just random oddities that you probably can't wear in real life.

Then I come across collections like these - high fashion ready to wear that sprung from rock and roll and punk rock with pieces that are classy and 'normal,' but with details that you might cry - punk! goth! fetish!

So I bring you my findings on my weekly trips to

Dsquared & Frankie Morello!

Dsquared - always loved their designs and it drives me crazy seeing this after I'm working on my next collection, which is also red & black. I just hate seeing things, b/c sometimes I can't get them out of my head and then I feel like I'm copying.

But don't you love the pops of red pvc-like materials? I'm still on the fence as to what are thigh high boots and just thigh-highs. My love is with how they styled outfits that are pretty normal and buisness like with leather and rock n'roll.

Love the shape of the bottom and look at the skirt popping under

This jacket is amazing...PLUS check out the back in the shot after. It's corsetted and tulle/lace/ruffles popping out. Again, the dress is to drool over

Hello RED! Plus the big one-shoulder is what I've been dreaming about. I want this look!

Frankie Morello
I don't know too much behind this label and I'm a bit lazy to look up more info right now, but this collection is so me. (Two Italian designers...been around since 1998) All black, some shades of gray in there and for a moment it's almost like they take the retarded hipster grunge/goth look and polish it to perfection. I love it.

I mean, hello! These pantyhose with the sequins and stuff...I want. Totally will try to make my own and will fail I bet. I want to rock this look

This is what I do, but more grown-up. If this is even a 'grown-up' look.

And their polished, evenings looks are sick - almost McQueen like with the re-assemblage of the suit. How cool!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

So I felt I needed to take part in the endless tributes/commentaries on the loss of one of the greatest designers we have in the fashion world.

I don't think I need to say much on who he is or the impact that he had on the fashion world during his time here - if you're reading this, you're probably familiar with his legacy.

It just really touches home a little on how his end came to be. I can only imagine what family and friends of his are going through. Thoughts are out to them.

For me, as a designer, it was heartbreaking and I'm still in shock. I've been obsessed for a few years now and with all the recent press he's been getting with Gaga wearing all his's like 'no, he can't be gone! He was just right here.'

Many other designers and models I talk to or have read thier tributes all make mention of the collections that blew me away, but I haven't heard anyone bring up what about him inspires me the most.

Yes, you could say his perfect combination of punk, goth and girly (mind you of the crazy tulleness).

Or maybe it's the way he put on a show...I always think storyline and what kind of theatrics can be pulled off (John Galliano also shares that ability with McQueen).

But it was his menswear and borderline costume/period detailing that he gave to his mens' pieces that blew me away and drove me to attempt dressing men. The cut, fit, shape, pattern, quirky details...MASTERFUL!

There are also feminine qualities that are somewhat hidden in his work and I'm finding designs of Ann Demeulemeester to be doing the same.

I mean, look how EXACT the patterns line up...different views of the garment...the softness and strength.

I could go on forever - I feel I'm writing a research paper.

What could have come is part of the pain that designers who looked up to him are feeling...

(I live on, looking at all the past collections)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Update

I'm still holding out on posting photos, but soon enough.

We finally got a real snow storm and today I do not have to go to any work! yay!

So after lunch and shoveling, I have tons of pretty things to finish up for next for my website!

I'm DYING to dye me hair something different, but I don't know what. I really want to do the Bettie Page hair with the Cruella DeVille dye job on the bangs, BUT I can't pull it off in having to dress that certain way everyday...

I need time to make myself a new wardrobe!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anti-Flag at Starland Ballroom

Concert look back...

ANTI-FLAG is great live and the kids who came out for their "The Economy Sucks, Let's Party" Tour stop on February 5th at Starland were great too. We know how quick a bad crowd can make a show suck.

Missed CANCER BATS who I saw a couple months ago in Iceland (yea, had to say that) and was bummed. Those guys were live and interesting - harder punk rock.

AIDEN was a weird choice to put on this tour package in my opinion and I feel should not have been the opener right before ANTI-FLAG. But whatever. I didn't know some of the songs and the vocals weren't that friendly on the ears, but it brought me back three years when we saw them frequently on tour.

I joined the photo pit area right as the first song ended and then frontman wiL invited fans to fill up the space between the barrier and stage - where I was. Thanks. haha, so my pictures suck of them.

It wasn't a sold-out show and left a lot of room to move about in the venue, maybe because of the snow we were supposed to get or maybe because the line-up was a tad weak or maybe, it wasn't a great choice to book this venue. Who knows.

I enjoyed ANTI-FLAG's set a lot and my friend liked it, especially when they ended with three Clash covers. They kept playing even as they started taking apart the drum kit, haha.

I hate when Starland isn't relatively full. Not entirely b/c I get silly and start feeling bad for the bands who should be playing to a larger crowd, but just that buzz in the air from a packed house isn't always there.

Well here's my favorite photos I took. Please remember, I'm not a photographer or have like the best camera or photo editing skills, but it's fun to pretend.

Click to view mad crazy big size!

wiL of Aiden
Read the flip side of his guitar...solo project much? Closest I got to him.

Chris #2
This shot is cool to me in the elements in it, but my camera sucks and this was as light as I could get it without loosing a raw, grainy quality.

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag.
The only shot of him that's somewhat decent.

Chris #2 of Anti-Flag
His t-shirt was hole-ly

Zombie of Aiden
Now, this was the theme of the photos I took (my camera is low quality) - RED. Toned it down a bit and I'm so horrible for saying this, but I got this quick flash of those images from Vietnam during the horrors that went on during the war of the way he looks. Yes, I'm completely insane.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First CREEPSHOW Shoot of 2010!

I said I would be posting some photos from the recent shoot we did. That girl is a monster in a quick turn-over of photos!

Here's a few b/c I don't feel like putting so many up here. So please check out the choice picks on

Photo - Creepshow Photography

Models - Minxy Mordacious & Caitlyn

Hair & Make-up - heehee, twas by me! Hair teasing was a combined effort

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bayonet and Shoots

haha...see what I did there with the title?

anyways...I have some pictures to post from two shoots I got images of and Oh. My. Goodness. They are all amazing. The one set, I'm going to do a post tomorrow with those images, but for now - let's talk about my first music experience of the new year and I'll leave you with one sneak peek at another shoot we did last week.

So tonight, I stuck around to see the set from BAYONET on the NJ stop of SET YOUR GOALS' tour. Who are they? Basically the singer of SENSES FAIL, people from the now disfunct THE BANNER and other dudes.

Let's remind the reader of my love and slight obsession with SENSES FAIL and their singer.

That said, I had to stick around and see what was to come of this, as the songs on their myspace didn't grab me -

So! I must say, it's basically SENSES FAIL wihtout the little 'metal shredding' flourishes and Buddy whining about this and that - well at least it's not clear in the vocals.

I liked it. Few moments of catchier melodies, back then to some 'harder' drums and such and non-nasally vocals, which you got to love.

Check it out if you haven't. I'm excited for what's to come as I've kinda given up that any new material from Senses Fail will live up to what I remember of them.

(After I went home b/c snow sucks and I wasn't going to drive in what's accumulating outside)

That said, here's a shot from the Creepshow shoot we did last week. Rock and Roll!