Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday/Winter 2013-14 Collection!

So happy with the release of the Holiday/Winter collection! I'll be offering pieces with size options. Dresses, leggings, tops, skirts and fun bow accessories!

I will replenish the store as items are bought, but the 'elf vomit' print will be made in limited quantities, so once the fabric runs out, it's gone.

Pieces are sold only online and I now have two stores I sell at:

Sibyl Vain Etsy

Sibyl Vain Storenvy

And thanks to Gigi Rose for modeling and Skeleton Key Photography!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week in Fashion : Drom & Ricky's

This week in NYC, Sibyl Vain Clothing will be at One Night Stand's Bal Noir at Drom for a night of art, fashion and music! Held on Thursday, October 24th, we'll kick off Halloween early.

Bal Noir on Facebook

Then on Friday, October 25th, Ricky's NYC at 379 Broadway will host a zombie BBQ with costume discounts and zombie make-overs. You can also shop at their designer pop-up boutique, which features Sibyl Vain Clothing!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sibyl Vain Giveaway!

Announcing the first Sibyl Vain Giveaway! Head over to the fanpage for your chance at an SV collar as worn by Ashley Holt on Cake Boss!

Give me your 'Vain Moment' in the comments section of the photo above on the FANPAGE

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 25th in NYC - One Night Stand!

I can't believe I haven't added this! My mind has been mush lately, but fun birthday times was had and still are being had. Last celebration for the year...Tomorrow's One Night Stand at Highline Ballroom in NYC!

Sibyl Vain Clothing will be one of the many designers showcasing with fun installations alongside several amazing music artists and special hosts from House of Field! Don't miss this one! Check the links below for more info!


Highline Ballroom

Oh and want to know my models?

The Tattooed Artist
Mika Kenyah
Angie Cakez
Caitlyn K

And our lovely makeup artist Devin Dollface Alexis

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bday Blog #6

Yay! It finally aired! Here's some behind the scenes if you missed out on the episode.

It was for Cake Boss Season 6, episode 9, Glow in the Dark Cake and seriously, how cute are Mika and Crystal? They need their own show!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bday Blog #5

Finally rented Cloud Atlas and fell in love. I've watched it 4 times in two days - and remember, it's an almost 3 hour film.

I felt it displayed perfectly my own personal understanding of the world, reincarnation, afterlife and love at first sight. That's all I'll say about the film, otherwise this will turn into a research paper.

Favorite story lines? 1800s, 1939 and 2012. I could probably start crying just thinking about the 1930s story. Thankfully the comedy of the present day characters acts as the perfect compliment.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bday Blog #4

TOMORROW! Be sure to watch Cake Boss which will feature a fashion how hosted by Mika Kenyah of Sugar & Spikes Casting and the amazing Kitty 'The Tattooed Artist' showing Sibyl Vain Clothing on my favorite models!

Yesterday was just me focusing on making things for the Urban Tattoo Convention this coming Saturday. I also got my air conditioner installed and I am a happy bunny!

My assistant Connie also helped update the fanpage A LOT so we're halfway to getting all photos from the website also on the Facebook, but it feels like it never ends.

For a well deserved dinner break, we headed to Taco Truck in Hoboken and I ordered WAY too much, but what a delicious lunch I had today. I am now in love with that place - fried avocado tacos? Yes please!

I needed flowers for my place and drove the store owner a little crazy asking prices because hey, I'm poor and can't afford a $16 bouquet. So I got a lovely spring bouquet, but now I have to pay twice next time I buy flowers. And ironically, the store is right next to Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss) and tomorrow, hopefully I'll have some air time on the show!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bday Post #3

Spent most of the day Friday the 21st working on things for the event up there. Going nuts!

Took a sanity break and headed down to Seaside Heights. My friends hadn't been in over a year and had wanted to see what had and hasn't been rebuilt, plus check out their old shore home, which was alive and well thankfully. There were still a lot of homes and buildings that were marked as uninhabitable an the boardwalk had to be lit by massive flood lights as without the rides up, even the moon wasn't enough to help illuminate the boardwalk.

I tried winning one of those minions from Despicable Me, but failed. Did however eat a ton of food - pizza, cheesy curly fries, a lemonade and ice cream. Yum!

I wanted to be a dork and see the Shore Store and once you got there, it was the end of the boardwalk and a blockade prevented you from going further. Weird to see. There were people strolling along the beach and I finally got to see Karma and Bamboo...Karma was literally dead, but Bamboo is HUGE and quite alive. I now want to go!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bday Blog #2

Oops! Totally forgot to write a 'Blog a Day,' so trying to make up for it.

So June 20th marked a month till my birthday and wanted to do something to kick things off. Unfortunately, I had no ideas. Originally I had wanted to go to the monthly SFX Party on Wednesday, but couldn't make it. But Thursday afternoon, I get a message from Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting...there's a premiere party for Kayvon Zand's new music video for "One Way Flight." Dude.

Our first stop of the evening was to The Studio at Webster Hall for a performance by Cilver (formerly known as Me Talk Pretty). After getting my bag search and frisked like a common criminal though...the night got instantly better once inside. Mika made the rounds saying hi to old friends and later made new ones, forming a 'red & black hair' brigade.

Cilver's set was shorter than expected, but incredible! New favorite band? I say you bet.

Then over to Marquee we went - my first time here. Last time I tried going, me and the awesome Nikki had a guest list mix-up and then doorman threw a hissy fit, but luckily this night he was replaced by a fabulous boy in a gold dress and gaudy jewelry.

Inside Marquee is smaller than I had thought, but really chic and chill with pretty lights and a huge disco ball that moved up and down from the ceiling. Fabulous dancers dressed for every occasion and time period were visual wonderments until the premiere of the video, which is amazing, but would you expect otherwise?

Fun part of the night - Kayla of Vengeance Designs was there and this lady is awesome! She provided wardrobe for the video and even dressed a 'twin' for the night. Plus, I'm pretty sure our drinks were from the video's director and legendary photographer Mike Ruiz's table. How's that for a birthday kick-off?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birthday Blogs!

Today not only marks a month until my birthday, but is also the summer solstice. Hoping new change is afoot. Well...make that more change!

I've mentioned in the past that I hit a really rough patch that I was having a difficult time getting through. In a quest for inner peace, (which sounds corny I know) I think I've finally have come to terms with moving on and unknowingly, made myself a pretty big credit card bill - ouch. But all the new pretties I've bought are worth it to decorate the home and wardrobe with new life.

What I really hoped for was new change and it's true - when it rains, it pours. Once I was OK and ready to move on, all these opportunities came my way on the job front, clothing line and social life.

Here's the first entry of a 'blog a day' month-long path to another birthday. So, there's the Tattoo Convention coming up, which is noted in the previous blog entry and I will be showing at events in July and am sitting on something big to announce later on in the summer.

But coming up soon is the Cake Boss episode 'Glow in the Dark Cake' that Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting and Kitty 'The Tattooed Artist' are featured on and had asked me to dress lovely models for a fashion show. I even got to dress Ashley Holt, Next Great Baker and one of Buddy's pastry artist, who is a killer model herself.

Monday, June 24th at 9pm on TLC! Cake Boss featuring Sugar & Spikes ladies and Sibyl Vain Clothing!

And sip on my new favorite summer drink - cran-pom juice with lime seltzer and fresh orange juice ice cubes! Put it in a nice glass to feel fancy.

And here's what I think is my summer anthem...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Next Sibyl Vain Clothing Event!

The Sugar & Spikes ladies are at it again and the lovely Mika invited me to show off a new collection.

Check out the link below for more information.

Urban Ink Tattoo Convention

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last Summer Flashback

About a month ago, I was part of a small art/fashion reception where I 'modeled' alongside real models like Mika Kenyah, Niazja Blessed and Emilia Batgirl for Chablis Designs. It was fun though!

What the designer also does is do video for LSSTV and he reminded me to check out the video they took at last summer's fashion show at Times Scare in NYC.

Well here it is! My assistant Connie is featured halfway through and has the most wonderful things to say. She's so supportive and helpful. I'm at the very end because I was running around like a nut and couldn't talk more.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Etsy is Full!

Added a bunch of new things to the Etsy store before the weekend. The lovely Gigi Rose modeled for me. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NYC Party - Thursday, April 18th

Want to party with the best of NYC and Sibyl Vain? Then join us for this!

So excited and to add to the mayhem, one of my favorite models Forest of Gotham is showcasing her artwork and there'll be something amazing from Vengeance Designs.

Shattered Dreams Party Details

Friday, April 12, 2013

Vintage Sibyl Vain

This photoshoot happened I think three years ago. Yeah. Things happen and I've been sitting on these for that long. I am a horrible human being for keeping these from the world.

The incredible Kami as shot by Barrie Anne (then Barrie Blau, but someone had to go and get wonderful!).

Kami is a dream to work with and swear, this girl cannot take an ugly photo. One of the best models to work with and from what I hear and see, quite the hairstylist too!

Above: Sibyl Vain fringe leotard and mesh gloves. Below: Sibyl Vain bow dress

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sibyl Vain at The SFX Party

The whole group! Me and all the lovely models that rocked the new collection at The SFX Party in NYC at R Bar. So gorgeous.

(left to right) Belinda, Erin Poland, Gigi Rose, Melissa Saurus Wrecks, Me, Angelana Jones, Mika Kenyah, Katrina RM and Niazja Blessed

And if you want more info on these gorgeous ladies, check out the fanpage and links are all around.

Above photos are by Mark Williams and the following were taken by the crazy Falling Down on the Random.

What also blew me away for the night was the stellar make-up by DiscoMakeupAire and...OMG. Amelia of A is for Arsenic did the most amazing pin-up hair and lent out jewelry for the night. STUNNING!

It was such a party and everyone had so much fun. It was probably the smoothest shows I've done. Usually I'm running around and going nuts, but this one ran like clockwork. Which made me a little nervous something bad was going to happen, but I think the worst was that I went home before 2am.

Above is Amelia (center) of A is for Arsenic!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cynical Fashion Magazine Out Now!!!

Have you gotten your issue yet?

Cynical Fashion Magazine has its first issue available and Sibyl Vain Clothing is ALL over it. From the cover to a couple features, models and even me, the designer, are rockin' Sibyl Vain. Get your issue to see more looks we shot with cover model Allison Goldfire, an interview with the designer and other artists in the issue showing off their work (maybe another model or two will be wearing pieces you'll recognize)!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nattestid and Gil Rivera

I really am so random with shoots and also very picky. Me and model Nattestid had been talking about shooting together since we worked together at the Queen of the Jungle event. Last minute she set up things with Gil Rivera Fotography and we had an amazing makeup artist, Mia TheMlook

So how could anything go wrong? Well...they didn't. Except for being in a cold studio because I complain about everything, some incredible shots came from this.

You can check out more images on my website or Facebook. Like the fanpage and you'll see lots more images even before I post them here!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cake Boss and Who?

Earlier this month, I got to be the designer for a fashion show put on by Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting and Kitty Crystal the Tattoed Artist.

Look! That's them!

It was a crazy day because we got hit with a bad snow storm and made driving not fun, but cake waits for no man! Funny thing, the original filming date was supposed to be on a day when we also got a big storm.

It was rush rush time fitting models and being selfish so I could get my hair and makeup done, haha. It was intense watching Kitty do the special effects makeup on the models. They got 'Walking Dead-afied.' And what was also just amazing was that Ashley from Cake Boss/Next Great Baker was a model for me. Whoa.

Once production gave us a 20 minute heads up, I started freaking out. We walked over to an unconventional runway and waited for the cue. The audience was not disappointed by the models and did I mention the most amazing cake that was brought? Can't tell you about it except that Mika and Kitty had a big part in it!

Not too sure when the episode will air - I think after the summer. Sucks waiting, but gives more time to plan a huge viewing party!

photo by Corey Cordobes. Gigi Rose, Areana, Me, Millz Marley and my assistant Connie!

Models of the day - Blessed, Nyx, Chelli, Erin Poland, Tiff Roma, Emilia, Karina, Millz Marley, Areana, Gigi Rose, Ashley Holt

Make up - Devin Dollface Alexis

Hair - Kristina Taskova and Gloria Espinoza

photo by Marvin Jackson. Finally got to enjoy cake from Carlo's Bakery!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Queen of the Jungle...Long Overdue Recap

Back in January, on a freezing night, Brooklyn Wildlife and La Bella Roma transformed a small NYC lounge into the jungle! I was asked by Mika of Sugar & Spikes to provide clothing for the fashion show part of the night. Alongside killer make-up artists (Devin Dollface Alexis, Crystal Cakeface) and hair stylists (Gloria Espinoza), we made these girls show their animalistic side with Mika taming them as they made their walk into the crowd. (I've forgotten some names, let me know if you see who I've forgotten)

It was a fun night and the main event was a beauty pageant between burlesque performers and drag queens! Too many beautiful ladies all around.

Afterwards, me, my sister and her good friend hit up Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC and got glow in the dark drinks and danced to doo-wop. And of course, ended the evening with disco fries at the nearby diner. You can catch those adventures on my Instagram - SibylVain

Photos from the event! Above image and some more by Maeghan Donohue. Models: Sophia, Bec (she also did makeup), Nattestid Maeva, Nyx

Photos by Marvin Jackson. Models: singer Eunice Wobble Wong, Nattestid, Crystal Cakeface,

Photos by Ely Kay. Models: Jewel Blunt, Lauren, Myself the deisgner and Mika of Sugar & Spikes!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Next Event in NYC!

The party never ends! Last month I had so much fun at the SFX Party held at R Bar and now this month - I'm showing off my designs!

I'll be updating on Facebook and Twiiter with what time my gorgeous models will be rockin' Sibyl Vain - I'd said make sure you're there by 11pm! I'll be bringing along pieces used last week for a filming of Cake Boss with the Sugar & Spikes ladies plus a couple new things.

Come and party with us!

Facebook Event Page

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cynical Fashion Magazine Issue #1

I've worked quite a bit with mua Brittany Diaz and her main photographer, Madness Photography. They have been turning out images like crazy and doing big things, so it's only natural a magazine would follow.

Cynical Fashion Magazine will be released April 1st and I was so flattered to be asked to provide wardrobe for their first cover and for an editorial. Even more stoked that the featured model would be Allison Goldfire. Whoa.

Make sure you check it out and for more updates, add the Sibyl Vain Facebook

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pop World

Did my lord Davey Havok write a book? And it's coming out the beginning of April? I guess so.

Love him and am interested to know what the hell he decided to write a book about. Sounds like it will either be super glossy and tried too hard picture book or a decent project. I'm going to go with the latter.

Yay! This week started off like it was the end of the world for me. To quote Taking Back Sunday - "So sick, so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick." Ever get caught up with everyone around you telling you a different story about things that finally you're not the crazy one - everyone else is! I'm done being driven insane and so, had the most insane week ever!

After a mild breakdown, I regrouped and took a step by applying for a couple jobs. Next day, met a legend in the rock and roll hair/make-up world and after went for an amazing meal at Max Brenner with the best company ever. Wednesday, I got called for an interview and then that night I went with Ms. Mika of Sugar & Spikes to an SFX event featuring Cherie Lily!

I LOVE her! So fun, great performance and I got to say hi. I'm such a dork and usually never go up to artists, but Mika pulled me over, got a fun picture and her EP! Make sure you check out her music. Especially if you're looking for new work out tunes. Fun night and we knew so many people there - I'm always so surprised when people remember me, because I have that weird memory for faces and names, so it throws me when I find others that do too.

Went for the interview - GOT IT!!! So now I start next week at the cutest boutique in NYC. Also bought a lot of fabric...because things are back on and I need to be making outfits for zombie models!

Last night went to a bunch of bars after an event we tried going to, but was closing down (or whatever, if people are going to be all 'guestlist is closed,' I could give a shit and don't bother pushing to get in even when people before us just entered). I'm going to make a seperate blog on those places. Now more friend time this weekend. It never ends! I love it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

March Music

It's been a long time since I was excited over new music. Even when Blaqk Audio's 'Bright Black Heaven' came out, I didn't buy it and still haven't listened to it.

But I'm back and ready to plunge headfirst into the land of new music. The other week I went to the Whitechapel/Emmure NYC show and wanted to cry over how it feels as though I abandoned my first love and the one big high in my life. I haven't been writing for the one music publication or been in a photo pit in forever. Breaks my heart. I got caught up living a life that took all my ambition and energy away from work. My mind is clear and I know now I can manage the clothing line, random costuming gigs and music journalism.

So with that little motivational rant out of the way...

March I am DYING for new IAMX and Senses Fail. Both groups have tour dates for April and May and I'm about to buy tickets (or maybe get listed which would be awesome). Not sure if IAMX has any previews available, but I'm really scared with the first single "Mi Amor" from Senses Fail. It opens hard and hope the rest of the album is in that direction, but the chrous/hook is odd from them. Sounds like all the 'silly metalcore/post-hardcore AP Mag bands of the moment.' I've heard people comment they don't like how it's over-produced, I just feel it's trying to appeal to younger fans and therefore, making it not Senses Fail.

Well, we'll just have to wait for the end of March to hear things.