Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost Bamboozle!

Guess what tomorrow starts? The Bamboozle weekend!

I do say I was spoiled by going the last year it was held down in Asbury Park, so since it's moved to Giant's Stadium's parking lot - it kind sucks.

But the bands are good and I'm surprising most people by saying that I'm really going for The Horrorpops, NOT No Doubt. I rather see them on their headling tour - plus Paramore is with them!

But yea...Hoodwink tomorrow and then it's the small stages on Saturday. Sunday kind of sucks b/c the only bands I want to see are on the main stages. However, last year The Souls played the main stage and we got insanely close - HOWEVER, most of the audience is like 16 and the bands on this Sunday are geared towards that age group - The Souls are an 'older' band, so yea.

But I'm seeing The Souls next weekend!

I'm kind of getting nervous by this swine flu thing. I'm such a hypocondriact (wait, that's not how you spell it). So being I'm right outside the city...I'm all nervous these commuters are going to infect me! Or even my roommate might bring it home! I should ban her from the house...haha

oh wells...

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