Monday, April 20, 2009

What can $200 buy you?

-Almost 200 small lattes from Dunkin Donuts (it's a special around here and smalls are $1)

-A really rad leather Betsey Johnson purse & necklace from Loehmanns

-20 yards of spandex

-4 rounds of shots for you and four of your friends at a NYC club/bar

Now...I understand that people have to get paid and I can't expect everyone I work with to do things for free. However, when you have like three photos to show me of your work and ask the price above for your time, I get a little cautious.

But then when I see a set done of yours that looks pretty whatever after from what I heard about all the work that goes into a photo...well...

I don't know. Sometimes I don't understand this whole world of trade, paid and feels the artsy talented people do for free & trade and the ones who know their shit and deliver (but are full of themselves) or the very average ones require the monies.

Whatever people.

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Haha, amazing. All those donuts!