Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

She wears a crown of Sex Slaves homage...

The wonderful Julie of Creepshow Photography sent me some surprise images! I had given her clothing WAAAAAAYYYYY... back in the day and she was shooting with a new model, Hannah, and used one of the dresses she had of mine.

I love it! It's that 'cooler than you' chick who's off to a concert.

Rockin' the silver & turqouise Roxy dress.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broken Inside Music Video

Yay! Finally! Kimberly Korn's music video for her single, "Broken Inside," got uploaded to Youtube.

The video had been done...back in September I think it was and I've been so anxious to see! I missed out on the release party a couple weeks ago, so I was even more in the dark than all the other talented people involved with the making of the video.

Take a look! It's so fun! It was also like a reunion because Kimberly and the other designer on set, Alina Butnaru, and I were all involved in the Sugar n' Spikes Runway & Music event over the summer. Fun times.

My pieces are...the white shrug, pink tutu on Kimberly. All the black & red outfits for the female dancers in the end scenes outside.

Watch the end free-style dance scenes. The dancers are super talented and were still able to pull out those moves after two long ass days of shooting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Return to Summer!

Can you believe these were from the summer?

So, it was this epic shoot with models Chloe Von Creepy & Trailer Darling and hair/make-up by Nicole Gevirtz and of course, clothing by me. I was stoked. Then GWAR's Jizmak Da Gusha and his 'slave' were to join us for some shots.


The clothing I was so stoked on and the girls looked amazing in whatever I threw at them. Then we shot on location at this cool house, which was being all renovated (in a Creepy way).

We first shot outside and then it became madness! We got one look down, then the second, then the guest models landed in on set and maybe they brought the storm...

It was like perfect timing when the storm set in. That day, you saw the clouds rolling in and it was like just as the last photo snapped, the winds kicked in, the apples from the trees were like hurled to the ground and we rushed to get everything inside.

Once inside, we shared amazing food, stories and got two more looks shot.

Great day...just sucks these images didn't surface until now. Oh wells. ENJOY!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

OMG! Shoes!

So I was lusting over these shoes by Miu Miu and I was trying to find them online, but failed. I did however, come across these beauties under the Alexander McQueen line.

Heart-shaped peep toe shoes? Whoa! Though they look a little more like apples.

Well. My idea - because I don't have $700 at the moment - What if you were to get a pair of the hooker shoes at one of those cheap shoe stores and exacto knife 'em? I see so many DIY-ers out there doing stuff like this, so now it's my turn. Well, as soon as I get a pair of shoes to cut up.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Start...

By the end of this month, the website WILL BE done! I had such a great talent create it and I'm in the process of finishing it out. Yay!

So it's also off to work on the current collection. It will be late winter/early spring. I'm hoping to create collections for the season and also between seasons. Yea, I'm so creative, haha.

But I'm also going to create pretties for you to wear that are easier and more comfy to throw on than let's say a spandex bodysuit. So get ready!

To start it off - here's what I'm inspired by. I had been going in one direction, but this one dress snuck into my head and then I had this lightbulb go off in my head.

Here's the ultimate inspiration for what I'm doing now. I could only DREAM about creating something as big, intricate and amazing as Alexander McQueen or John Galliano (for Dior), but I don't have the fund nor the space in my work studio!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Drama

Drama? With me? Never! I'm talking Jersey Shore - haha!

I'm starting on my Spring Collection. I'm going to be updating here with sneak peeks and a couple thoughts on what's inspiring me. I already have things in mind and planning on something big to show off the new things.

Today I'm meeting up with one of my friends (and model). Yay! I know I had said I wasn't doing any shoots until March, but I make exception for her.

I was supposed to have an interview yesterday, but things got lost in translation, so let's hope it's not difficult to reschedule. I'll be screwed if they give me grief.

Have you seen the video "Beautiful Dangerous" by Slash ft. Fergie? Whoa! I love it because I'm such a stalker sometimes like Fergie is in this and her outfits are crazy friggin' awesome. I wish I had that aesthetic to create pieces like that.