Sunday, May 31, 2009

I just want to look at it


Have you ever been shopping and come across something that you just MUST have? I had that moment today.

A BEAUTIFUL vintage dress was just calling out to me from across the store and I was totally ready to shell out $150 for a dress that I would probably never ever wear. Why? Because to me - it was just THAT beautiful.

It was THE perfect old Hollywood dress. Dusty tan silk dress that was rouched horizontally at the bust and then gathered all around the high waist and left to flow out for miles. A cute sating bow was at right below the bust.

BUT to make it even more perfect - the neckline (a strapless piece) was trimmed in mink. I JUST DIED!

I tried it on and I was trying to convince my mom that I'm loosing 10 pounds and if I loose the padded bra...It would totally fit. No seriously, it wasn't that far off from closing.

I know it was a bit too much money, but I wanted it. It was like on the one episode of the Rachel Zoe Project where at NYC fashion week, her husband kinda flips at all the vintage in the living room. He's like "What's it all for?" And she's like "I just want to look at it."

I was having that moment. Can't get this dress off my mind. le sigh....

It was so a Ginger Rodgers dress. She would dance the hell out of that dress. Gorgeous.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ok, so I made a video blog, but apparently it's too big, I can't upload it and I'm not remaking it for the third time.

I went to the city today to meet with another designer. She's amazing. We chatted and I really hope I'll get to help her out with stuff.

Almost didn't go, well, thought I was going to die on the subway. I've been fighting this minor stomach bug. It sucks. And it's like everyone around was mentioning different things to do, but all I wanna do is just go to sleep. Sucks b/c I'm off from work today!

Whatever. I'm going to try and eat a salad. So far cereal and fruit have not aggrevated my stomach, so let's see how veggies do.

I'm actually really REALLY behind on my blogs for Shut Up. I didn't even realize it until now. I'm going to get to work on the ones that were already supposed to be handed in - the holiday weekend really threw me off.

Then I'm goign to listen to Taking Back Sunday & The Sounds' new stuff and review that.

So much music, so little time. Plus I wanna sew! I want to go home, but I think it's best to stay here.

Omg, Daisy of Love is retardedly awesome. Daisy is really dumb, but genuine. I got to say, this is the best dating show. Why? B/c there's some actual 'real life rules' going on. While she only seems interested in the drama on the show and not what you're about outside of the house....

I like that she did ask Cage to leave b/c he was seriously scary and threatening to beat the shit out of Flex. WTF. So I like that b/c she thinks this show is all about finding her love and promoting the fact that she can't sing...she does treat them like boyfriend try-outs.

Funny that she kicked him out the week before they're doing a cage fighting match.

I'm watching Loaded: Blink 182 on Fuse. At work yesterday, this one student comes in and obsesses over how she's going to see them like omg, 3 times with like Panic or whoever, it doesn't really matter b/c it's BLINK!!!

I saw them when I was 16 and was a dork too. So I get it. But it's still uncomfortable to hear that shit. Leave Blink dead. They were better back then, not now. Not now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A New Week!

Ok wow! Some good, some not so good and some sighs of relief.

To be honest - we all go through bad moments and have to witness people we love go through really really tough times, but when it happens to you, you feel like the only person who has ever had to deal with it.

But we realize we're not alone and that all we can do is be there for those we love and offer support and company in their dark times.

Sometimes it's a long road ahead that you're scared to death to have to deal with and watch unfold.

Then you're out of a moment and things are slowly getting back to normal.

And then as if to distract you, a really great opportunity hits and you think - how can I possible be happy about it and ask those around me to feel the same when you know there's bigger things going on?

I'll have the exciting part hopefully to talk about by the end of this week. Just send positive thoughts to people around me and say a prayer that I don't loose my mind with the on coming heat of summer.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Good and the Bad

My good friend's mom said I'm crazy and just b/c something good happens, does not mean it has to be conter balanced by something bad.

But I'm not so quick to believe.

Had some bad news dropped last night, but it'll be ok, just going to suck for a minute.

However, to keep myself distracted, I got some exciting news to hopefully pimp out next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm a dork

But tell me she's not THE cutest cat ever

We were listening to snippets off the new Method Man & Redman album. Sounds good...and Busta put out a new album too. woo!


I won tickets to see Henry Rollins in June!

My friend and I are stoked b/c money is tight, so now we don't have to buy them.

First week of June - IAMX & then Henry Rollins, June is off to a great start.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Katie

Katie is in school...two hours away from Kitty

Kitty is an annoying cat

She is also very fluffy

I lost the internet last night, so I couldn't post this until today. I went and watched Heathers - it was awesome

Summer on the horizon...

Sounds like a band name don't it?

Looking ahead -

Warped Tour-ing
Moving back home
Putting together a collection
Writing about a bunch of new music & tours (so happy!)
Being stressed out by everything!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Song of the Day - "If U Seek Amy"

"If U Seek Amy" by Britney Spears

Ok, so the damn song grew on me. Still is really stupid though. Some chick was listening to it in her car at the mall and then it came on twice on the ride back. So...'love me, hate me, say what you want about me...'

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Song of the Day - May 13th

I'm going to be doing a song of day!

Why? Because then you can be singing what I got stuck in my head. Could possibly be the same song each day too. hahha, no seriously - whatever is stuck in my head will go here.

First song -

"Baby Lou Tattoo"

Fun, upbeat, mentions the Misfits and I love how she says 'tattoo'

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show Review: Bouncing Souls with The Loved Ones

The Crazy Donkey, Long Island, NY

umm...I've never been to the Crazy Donkey, but have wanted to go b/c a lot of cool shows have passed through here.

NEVER AGAIN! Almost as bad as Toad's Place in New Haven.

Toad's Place was fine venue wise, but the people & townies - HORRID!

Crazy Donkey had a 'meh' crowd, but the internal layout was awkward and made the designer for Irving Plaza seem like a genius.

It was hard to work your way into the place for starters - everyone was hanging around outside,smoking & drinking and it felt like we were at a house party - perfectly fine if there wasn't two AMAZING bands getting ready to play.

We came in just in time for THE LOVED ONES and they were great. Played mainly older songs. And then a cover by the dude from Bright Eyes - so my friends informed me.

I got like body checked by this horrid drunken idiot, I think I have a bruise on my lower back. Everyone else did not like him and he got beat up in the pit, haha.

Just wonderful and worth the trip out there.

THE BOUNCING SOULS are always so fun even though I'm not 100% familiar with their catalog. But...something was lacking.

Last night they played in Asbury Park - it's like basically home and I'm still surprised it was not the last show of the tour.

So tonight, it was like something was off. It was their singer, Greg. Now. He's not like the crazy frontman or one that makes a lot of small talk, but you could tell something was off and I felt bad for him.

Maybe I'm wrong, but seriously - he was either really tired, something heavy was on his mind or he was on something.

Vocally, he was fine. It was cool to see how little effort he has to do besides open his mouth and pretty damn perfect vocals come out. But even his smiles felt forced. Didn't help that the people in Long Island SUCK.

Oh wells. They played "True Believers," "Here We Go" and "Lean on Sheena" - that made me happy.

New Blogs!

This week I took a look at Cinema Bizarre.

My Birthday Massacre show review is also up (I'm a little cleaner and more focused on show reviews outside this blog)

I think I'm going to start doing video blogs too. I'll upload them to my buzznet (, but embed the video here too. It'll just be in regards to the fact I have a new hair do (though I'm going to dye it AGAIN Tuesday) and the items I'm working on for the collection I'm doing.

Ugh! I want to do like a show or something in the fall with all I'm coming up with. Anybody got any ideas how to do this or know events in NYC that would I might have a shot at being part of?

I'm trying to finally get my teeth whiter...strips suck!

Sewing Machines & The Bouncing Souls

Last night I almost had a nervous breakdown. My sewing machine does not want to sew.

I'm working on skirts for this lovely designer, however, the test material we bought gets sucked under the plate where the needle goes in to catch the bobbin thread. I think the material is just too thin and slinky, but still! It's not fun when a huge part of what you do (no, make that 1/3 of how you do things - serger being 1 and fabric being 2) doesn't work.

I'm going to see if it'll be nice today.

If not...I'm taking a bat to it and going to see The Bouncing Souls and The Loved Ones tonight! yay!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

album: HELL YEAH by The Horrorpops

Hell Yeah! This album fucking rocks!

It's old, but I JUST got it this weekend. I bought it at Bamboozle. I wanted the vinyl BUT APPARENTLY the grounds people/promoters/monkeys DECIDED it was NOT cool to bring vinyl into the festival.

The lovely merch guy of the day said there was something that there was a deal with only CDs or something like that and that they had vinyl, but couldn't bring them in. What nonsense. I hate people. (Or he was lying and being I was last minute, didn't feel like unpacking everything to get to the vinyls, hahahahah)

Ok, "Mistake" and "Where They Wander" are just the greatest songs by The Horrorpops off the album, maybe even like Top 5 from their catalouge - they only have 3 albums though.

I like this album a lot because you have songs like those that are more reflective of their style, maturity and are a bit more complicated in sound. Then you get these cute and distinctly rockabilly songs like "Cool Flat Top" and "Baby Lou Tattoo" that can be a little too Cry Baby & corny, but works so well.

The first half is the strongest and then they lose me a bit, but all in all, definately worth the buy especially with the summer coming up. I would kill to drive around in some vintage 50s car with a hot Johnny Depp in Cry Baby looking guy driving.

What? That's not sexist - I just can't drive stick shift!

I'm Such a Girl!

So I was off to one of the many jobs I have and realized a certain individual would be there today.

I had been all ready to go and once I had this realization...RAN into my room and tore apart my closet for something cute to wear.

I wound up with just jeans a tshirt, lightly low cut, and called it a day.

I have to dress nice, casual and not how I would to a concert or anything like that. But I my closet sucks! I have no work clothes and NO time to make stuff for work. UGH! What to do?

Maybe I'll take a ride to the mall next week and investigate.

Turned out I missed him walking in and then when I did get to talk to him, it was the most retarded converstaion about details of the evening. He kept a nice smile throughout it though.

Ever have a day like that?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BAMBOOZLE - The Final Day

What a LONG day for me Sunday was!

Got ready to go...huffed and puffed about the rain...and when I got to my door - UGH! Pouring rain. Luckily, it did taper off a little making the day totally barable, but sucky.

Ok! So yet again - $20 to park - screw you Giant's Stadium's people. Tickets were free, so I guess I should shut my mouth...

Saw THE SOUNDS. They are AWESOME! Can't wait for the new album. Their singer (isn't her name Mia?) had on the coolest Blondie/old punk chick outfit - leather jacket, ripped hosiery, short shorts and a tucked in bigger blouse.

We headed over for ULTRAVIOLET SOUND and they were fun as hell and just amazing. I really need to see them perform at a club environment and dance my ass off. They're working on a new album. yay!

3OH!3 was retarded, but not in a bad way. A lot of people crowded the stage for them and most of them came running back when the dance pits started. Whatever.

Saw like three songs by HASTE THE DAY. Again, decent set is all I can say as I don't know their music.

I did hang around the 'hardcore' stages for the most of the day and witnessed some of the most rediculous bahavior ever. Kids are silly. It did make each of these 'on the verge of being huge' bands seem bigger than they were b/c the pits opened up in front of BOTH stages (the two were right next to each other).

Case in point - A DAY TO REMEMBER. They ARE amazing and great - go listen to them! I think they deserved to be on a main stage. Just great music, mainly from the new album HOMESICK but one or two oldies.

Ok, the end of the night - I had lost my original group, but caught up with my lovely sister and her friend. They wanted to see this one song by a horrid band Brokencyde. I usually do not mention acts I do not support, but I just want to say that I can see the draw in one or two songs, but really this band is nonsense.

While they danced all crunk-like, I went to see TAKING BACK SUNDAY. I walked over for one song and left. The main stages were TOO TOO TOO PACKED I coudln't deal. The same with NO DOUBT. One song, but the acoustics were lost from so far away and it just felt fake. You need to be by the stage to enjoy.

Example: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. I caught their set and yea, new pick for favorite post-hardcore/goth/emo band of the moment. Maybe it's the look and mood they present on stage that keeps my attention, but there's a few songs that stand out and are great. Let's see what direction they go in for the next album.

I was standing around, waiting for my people to come from No Doubt, so I saw this band set up - thought maybe they were an Anti-Flag type deal. Turned out to be teens from California who take a stab at punk. Name: DRIVE A. Cute and the crowd was mainly teen girls taking photos...

All in all one of the best times I've had in awhile. I like that you can go into the Stadium and sit, use the bathrooms, stare at the field. I don't like being FORCED to throw out water bottles if you thought you could bring one in HOWEVER...weed is allowed in and not snuffed when smoked.

So if they can sell it - you can't bring it in. I need to find a music event that's there to support the bands AND pay grounds workers/the venue's facilities WITHOUT raping the fans' wallets.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bamboozle: DAY ONE

Where to start?

Well we almost didn't get in - but the lady at the ticket booth got eevrything worked out and I got 'listed.' haha, whatever

Let's see...Heard "Shake It" by Metro Station - Danny Devito and a deformed Cyrus, fun times.

Turned to the left and started to watch Bloodhound Gang. We left after the first song. Why? The sound people had the vocals down and you couldn't hear him and we really didn't feel like sticking around the whole time just to hear that animals song.

Caught a bit of Artist vs. Poet - cute and fun music.

Then looked for band merch. Ok, WTF is this? They basically hearded all the artists for the respective stages into ONE tent, with a few exceptions. I can see how it was a somewhat 'ok, maybe this is cool,' BUT no. No no no

ALL the other tents at the place were fucking tshirt designers. NOW I can't hate on all of them, but seriously, shouldn't this be about the music? Whatever, can't knock the hustle, but I wasn't thrilled about it.


We get back to the music - waiting for Dance Gavin Dance, we get to see Young Love. Fun dance music. He's dorky on stage, but charming. Like it.

Dance Gavin starts with the first track off the new album (remember, I don't do song titles well) and it's GREAT. Then they start doing those songs I know, but am not uber familiar with. The idiot kids open the pit up and it gets annoying. They do Track 7 from the new album and end with "Rock Solid." So not too impressed, but a decent set.

Turned out two of the most enjoyable sets were Kid Cudi and Asher Roth. Kid Cudi is like what hip hop needs and Asher is just a white boy who is going to be pegged forever as a college/stoner rapper. Both were great.

I saw them off to the side before the tech guys set everything up and it seemed like they were a little disgruntled. But they came out and just killed it. Perfect perfect. Music on point, vocals sounded great and they were smiling and Patricia is the one of the best front women ever.

"Freaks in Uniforms," "Where They Wander," "Walk like a Zombie," and a few other ones filled the set and we danced the whole time. They even went to do a signing after the set and being dorks, felt weird going over, but in buying the cd gave a thumbs up on the set as they walked away.

We went over to see Gwar and they were crazy. And the music is pretty darn good. haha. We only stuck around for three songs and yea, they're definately the show stoppers.

Fun times. Day two later...

Bamboozle Recap: HOODWINK

WOW! What a weekend!

I forgot my camera at my house and won't get back there till this weekend, but I didn't take too many photos anyways.

So let's begin - Hoodwink!

This year, they had different artists play a full set of cover songs. Here's who we checked out -

-Forever the Sickest Kids doing Avril Lavigne
-Danger Radio doing Britney Spears
-The Ataris doing The Misfits
-New Found Glory doing Green Day
-Anti-Flag doing The Clash

Unfortunately, they parked us in the lot which was not close to where we had to go to pick up tickets. So we had to walk ALL the way around the grounds to get to the gate. Ugh!

So we listened to Forever the Sickest and they were fun. Yea to "Skater Boi."

Danger Radio was next and they started with "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)." That was fun. They were actually really good and made the music sound great - basically becuase the songs were being sung by someone who COULD sing.

They did this jazz version of "Toxic" - eh, but nicely done.

A dance pit opened up and this kid just danced like nobody's business and even did two backflips in a row - rock on Britney boy! The two idiot boys who 'opened a pit b/c it's so funny to do and we're so cool b/c we did' totally got served by Britney boy.

I have mad respect for The Misfits, but honestly...don't know their music. Shh! Big secret. But I still was like - Can The Ataris pull it off? Yes they can.

They were really good and it wasn't like they were trying to be JUST like The Misfits, which I think worked.

Then I was dragged over to see NFG do Green Day, but we were forced to watch the end of Sum 41 thinking they could pull off Metallica. They are an example of a band that tried too hard to be like the one they were covering. Boo to them.

NFG choose a lot of songs that are low on the Green Day radar. So I wasn't so into the set at all, but it was a good choice of band to cover. Nice performance.

Last was Anti-Flag. I've never seen them before, so it's funny my first time is hearing them do only another band's music. But it was great.

At first I was like the lead singer is trying too hard to be Strummer or he has a sore throat. I'm not sure what was up, but his voice grew on me and the second guitairst took over more vocals and yea, it worked so well.

Started with "London Calling," stuck with songs from the the middle of their career and played "White Riot," "Bored with the U.S.A.," "Career Opportunities," "Should I Stay or Should I Go," and ended with "I Fought the Law."

Yea, even with the downpour during Danger Radio and then the chill we got from drying off, it was a good time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bamboozle: Day 1

Today was AWESOME!

I think more so in just the whole experience of the day not so much with who we saw. Except Kid Cudi & HORRORPOPS

We took photos of this weekend and once I have a free moment, which is never, i'll post them all with commentary.

Lovely day Friday & Saturday, let's hope Sunday is the same.

List of To Do's

-Make a dress & romper
-Write these two little blog pieces
-Go to Bamboozle
-Go to work
-Get started on new pieces
-Not go crazy!

Of course, not neccessarily in that order.