Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bday Blog #6

Yay! It finally aired! Here's some behind the scenes if you missed out on the episode.

It was for Cake Boss Season 6, episode 9, Glow in the Dark Cake and seriously, how cute are Mika and Crystal? They need their own show!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bday Blog #5

Finally rented Cloud Atlas and fell in love. I've watched it 4 times in two days - and remember, it's an almost 3 hour film.

I felt it displayed perfectly my own personal understanding of the world, reincarnation, afterlife and love at first sight. That's all I'll say about the film, otherwise this will turn into a research paper.

Favorite story lines? 1800s, 1939 and 2012. I could probably start crying just thinking about the 1930s story. Thankfully the comedy of the present day characters acts as the perfect compliment.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bday Blog #4

TOMORROW! Be sure to watch Cake Boss which will feature a fashion how hosted by Mika Kenyah of Sugar & Spikes Casting and the amazing Kitty 'The Tattooed Artist' showing Sibyl Vain Clothing on my favorite models!

Yesterday was just me focusing on making things for the Urban Tattoo Convention this coming Saturday. I also got my air conditioner installed and I am a happy bunny!

My assistant Connie also helped update the fanpage A LOT so we're halfway to getting all photos from the website also on the Facebook, but it feels like it never ends.

For a well deserved dinner break, we headed to Taco Truck in Hoboken and I ordered WAY too much, but what a delicious lunch I had today. I am now in love with that place - fried avocado tacos? Yes please!

I needed flowers for my place and drove the store owner a little crazy asking prices because hey, I'm poor and can't afford a $16 bouquet. So I got a lovely spring bouquet, but now I have to pay twice next time I buy flowers. And ironically, the store is right next to Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss) and tomorrow, hopefully I'll have some air time on the show!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bday Post #3

Spent most of the day Friday the 21st working on things for the event up there. Going nuts!

Took a sanity break and headed down to Seaside Heights. My friends hadn't been in over a year and had wanted to see what had and hasn't been rebuilt, plus check out their old shore home, which was alive and well thankfully. There were still a lot of homes and buildings that were marked as uninhabitable an the boardwalk had to be lit by massive flood lights as without the rides up, even the moon wasn't enough to help illuminate the boardwalk.

I tried winning one of those minions from Despicable Me, but failed. Did however eat a ton of food - pizza, cheesy curly fries, a lemonade and ice cream. Yum!

I wanted to be a dork and see the Shore Store and once you got there, it was the end of the boardwalk and a blockade prevented you from going further. Weird to see. There were people strolling along the beach and I finally got to see Karma and Bamboo...Karma was literally dead, but Bamboo is HUGE and quite alive. I now want to go!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bday Blog #2

Oops! Totally forgot to write a 'Blog a Day,' so trying to make up for it.

So June 20th marked a month till my birthday and wanted to do something to kick things off. Unfortunately, I had no ideas. Originally I had wanted to go to the monthly SFX Party on Wednesday, but couldn't make it. But Thursday afternoon, I get a message from Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting...there's a premiere party for Kayvon Zand's new music video for "One Way Flight." Dude.

Our first stop of the evening was to The Studio at Webster Hall for a performance by Cilver (formerly known as Me Talk Pretty). After getting my bag search and frisked like a common criminal though...the night got instantly better once inside. Mika made the rounds saying hi to old friends and later made new ones, forming a 'red & black hair' brigade.

Cilver's set was shorter than expected, but incredible! New favorite band? I say you bet.

Then over to Marquee we went - my first time here. Last time I tried going, me and the awesome Nikki had a guest list mix-up and then doorman threw a hissy fit, but luckily this night he was replaced by a fabulous boy in a gold dress and gaudy jewelry.

Inside Marquee is smaller than I had thought, but really chic and chill with pretty lights and a huge disco ball that moved up and down from the ceiling. Fabulous dancers dressed for every occasion and time period were visual wonderments until the premiere of the video, which is amazing, but would you expect otherwise?

Fun part of the night - Kayla of Vengeance Designs was there and this lady is awesome! She provided wardrobe for the video and even dressed a 'twin' for the night. Plus, I'm pretty sure our drinks were from the video's director and legendary photographer Mike Ruiz's table. How's that for a birthday kick-off?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birthday Blogs!

Today not only marks a month until my birthday, but is also the summer solstice. Hoping new change is afoot. Well...make that more change!

I've mentioned in the past that I hit a really rough patch that I was having a difficult time getting through. In a quest for inner peace, (which sounds corny I know) I think I've finally have come to terms with moving on and unknowingly, made myself a pretty big credit card bill - ouch. But all the new pretties I've bought are worth it to decorate the home and wardrobe with new life.

What I really hoped for was new change and it's true - when it rains, it pours. Once I was OK and ready to move on, all these opportunities came my way on the job front, clothing line and social life.

Here's the first entry of a 'blog a day' month-long path to another birthday. So, there's the Tattoo Convention coming up, which is noted in the previous blog entry and I will be showing at events in July and am sitting on something big to announce later on in the summer.

But coming up soon is the Cake Boss episode 'Glow in the Dark Cake' that Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting and Kitty 'The Tattooed Artist' are featured on and had asked me to dress lovely models for a fashion show. I even got to dress Ashley Holt, Next Great Baker and one of Buddy's pastry artist, who is a killer model herself.

Monday, June 24th at 9pm on TLC! Cake Boss featuring Sugar & Spikes ladies and Sibyl Vain Clothing!

And sip on my new favorite summer drink - cran-pom juice with lime seltzer and fresh orange juice ice cubes! Put it in a nice glass to feel fancy.

And here's what I think is my summer anthem...