Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alesana & Motionless in White and some other band...Plus Interview Link

February 5, 2011
Starland Ballroom

So Escape the Fate did a headlining tour. Who cares - Alesana and Motionless in White opened!

I made it there JUST in time to see Motionless, however, I had problems getting in, but just as well - what else is new? Haha, so I made it inside to see two songs of theirs. Yay!

They've become a band I use to joke about because their look was so strong, so Hot Topic-core/goth, to a band that's something more. So kudos! I mean, I like the music, the stage show is very interesting and intense, so I'm happy they've been touring so much - though I've been missing the majority of the area shows.

I haven't missed Alesana though. Saw them a bit ago on the Two Frail Weeks of Vanity and Wax, where they were retiring their album of relatively the same name. So I was little upset this time around when none of those songs made it in the setlist - but I was warned!

Decent show overall. I was all the way in the back, so the sound was a little funky because the back bar has a little overhang and the sound echoes weird. But they did songs off The Emptiness basically and it was all dramatic and I love love love "The Thespian."

At least they come dressed to impressed - nice shirts, ties, slacks or jeans and well the drummer had shorts, so casual dressy basically. Love it.

Check out the interview I did with singer Shawn Milke from Alesana HERE

Monday, February 7, 2011

Grunge & Hair Metal...Here's Your Girl

I love Kelly Bundy and am inspired by that look and attitude she had. Christina Applegate is brilliant!

While her wardrobe was incredible when Married...with Children first came on the TV, I'm really drawn to what she was wearing like a year or two into the show. It was right before grunge was full-blown and where hair metal and grunge met for a one-night stand before becoming main stream.

I can't forget Peg Bundy and her outfits in the first two years, but that's another story - where pin-up meets glam metal.

So what's the point of all this?

Barrie Blau - photographer extraordinaire - sent me new images! I sent her clothing and she does what she wants. I don't ask questions.

Is it me or is there a little Madonna a la the "Like a Prayer" era being channelled?

photo - Barrie Blau www.barrieblauphotography.com
model - Porcelain www.iamaunicorn.com
clothing - all Sibyl Vain : velvet crop top / velvet, spandex & leather tie-front tuxedo leggings

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skinny Boys Make the World Go Round

I'm getting sick of girls - you all suck and I'm going to start focusing on menswear. Haha! just kidding, but honestly, I would kill to make a tailored suit properly.

I was checking out Balmain's Spring RTW2011 collection of GLORIOUS women's pieces...there's a menswear for Fall!

OMG! I wish I were a dude. No, I wish I had a super skinny dude to dress up like this.

It's perfectly punk rock, but with a hipster/scenester twist. So posh and still, using this model, seems so street.

Just drool...I really do want to start working on a menswear line (and we're not talking tshirts)