Monday, May 4, 2009

Bamboozle: DAY ONE

Where to start?

Well we almost didn't get in - but the lady at the ticket booth got eevrything worked out and I got 'listed.' haha, whatever

Let's see...Heard "Shake It" by Metro Station - Danny Devito and a deformed Cyrus, fun times.

Turned to the left and started to watch Bloodhound Gang. We left after the first song. Why? The sound people had the vocals down and you couldn't hear him and we really didn't feel like sticking around the whole time just to hear that animals song.

Caught a bit of Artist vs. Poet - cute and fun music.

Then looked for band merch. Ok, WTF is this? They basically hearded all the artists for the respective stages into ONE tent, with a few exceptions. I can see how it was a somewhat 'ok, maybe this is cool,' BUT no. No no no

ALL the other tents at the place were fucking tshirt designers. NOW I can't hate on all of them, but seriously, shouldn't this be about the music? Whatever, can't knock the hustle, but I wasn't thrilled about it.


We get back to the music - waiting for Dance Gavin Dance, we get to see Young Love. Fun dance music. He's dorky on stage, but charming. Like it.

Dance Gavin starts with the first track off the new album (remember, I don't do song titles well) and it's GREAT. Then they start doing those songs I know, but am not uber familiar with. The idiot kids open the pit up and it gets annoying. They do Track 7 from the new album and end with "Rock Solid." So not too impressed, but a decent set.

Turned out two of the most enjoyable sets were Kid Cudi and Asher Roth. Kid Cudi is like what hip hop needs and Asher is just a white boy who is going to be pegged forever as a college/stoner rapper. Both were great.

I saw them off to the side before the tech guys set everything up and it seemed like they were a little disgruntled. But they came out and just killed it. Perfect perfect. Music on point, vocals sounded great and they were smiling and Patricia is the one of the best front women ever.

"Freaks in Uniforms," "Where They Wander," "Walk like a Zombie," and a few other ones filled the set and we danced the whole time. They even went to do a signing after the set and being dorks, felt weird going over, but in buying the cd gave a thumbs up on the set as they walked away.

We went over to see Gwar and they were crazy. And the music is pretty darn good. haha. We only stuck around for three songs and yea, they're definately the show stoppers.

Fun times. Day two later...

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Cool! Sounds like a great time : ).