Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick Update

I actually do have images to upload - OMG! Just wait.

November is booked with concerts, shoots, store re-launching, family & friend going-ons and just the everyday randomness.

Randomness from yesterday involved watching a bunch of bands walking around and making teenage girls freak out.

I did however make one Halloween costume that I wore yesterday, however...everyone said I looked normal. Well, normal for me that is. Guess I didn't try hard enough.

Halloween is in two days! Tomorrow is the big night for going out. I'm starting out at an insane asylum and then headed out to the pier. Seriously, that's my night. Hopefully we'll make it home in one piece.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Had a shoot over this weekend. It was kind of last minute, but everything came together in the end and the two 'quick edit' photos I've gotten are crazy awesome.

My main model Megan was on set (and she even beat me to the studio!) and we had Cassie of CT Make Up Artistry doing hair & make up.

A second model for the day didn't happen, but we turned someone else on set into a punk rock superhero - those pictures will happen later.

model: Megan McGill

mua/hair: CT Make Up Artistry

photo: Drop Photography (use to be Scott Mack, but he changed it on us) lighting bolt shrug, red metallic crop top, hole-ly leggings; pin cushion red pvc bustier, velvet leggings

Totally watching Jeeper Creepers 2 right now. Just because you get Justin Long to cameo in it, does not make it a good movie. WTF is this?

Oh La La! Musical Boys

Last minute, I was whisked away somewhere close to the city for I didn't know exactly what.

My friend's friend's brother played a cute set with his band I Am Fighting.

It was an acoustic set, so you got this wholesome, prettyboy pop-rock going on. Also because of this, the attendee up-front and dead center was their drummer, who couldn't play that night...

If you're in the mood for pop-rock/power pop good tunes...check them out! Plus, I hear they're opening up for a teen heart throb aroun dhere in Jersey sometime soon.

Second part of this post -

They were one of the bands that played that night for the grand opening of this new coffee cafe/scene gathering place that opened in Lyndhurst (New Jersey if you didn't know). I have to go back and check it out again because the one girl with us went to order coffee and all they had was straight up coffee and tea - I really wanted a latte or something.

But as I was looking around at the framed show posters...I put two and two together. This venue is from the same people of Mainstage, which was out in Pompton Lakes - they did a lot more, but I'm not the official biographer.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creepshow Photos

I haven't shot with Julie of Creepshow Photography in FOREVER!

And I still haven't.

These come from the clothing that I left her when we met at Sex Slaves show/Toxic Vision fashion show event.

The concept involved one of the photographer's favorite things - gas masks! Plus, the smoke, totally not something added in by Photoshop. I want to play with smoke now!

Photos: Creepshow Photography

Model: Jezzter

Clothing: all mine! disco bodysuit, silver pixie dress & checkered skirted leotard

Oh, and as I was going through her Flickr, she had this one photo that the model had on a silver top of mine. I like it - total rock star.

Model: Nikky Starr

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Play with Make Up!

Do I look like a drag queen now? I aspire to.

Getting ready for Halloween weekend next week - I didn't this year for my birthday have a marathon celebration, so I think I'm turning Halloween into a marathon celebration. I got Saturday down, but what to do Thursday & Friday?

I going to be Kat Von D one of the days! I did my eyes different, so don't think I'm crazy or anything.

I was SO in awe over the artist on LA Ink tonight - the mural he did, OMG! It was just amazing and how perfectly he captured facial expressions was so impressive.

I forget what's on the menu for next week with that show, but I really want Ruthless at the other shop fired. She probably was casted to cause drama and act like a bitch to Amy. Casted just like Aubrey and did anyone else see Angel from Tough Love 2 on the show last week? She's cool though, not Aubrey.

Getting back in the swing of writing - two interviews this week! One was today and the other is Friday. Can't wait for all the shows in November!

Plus I'm getting back in the swing of something else...SELLING THINGS! We're taking photos of items to list this weekend, so get ready!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm not a huge fan of 3OH!3 (especially live), but they're still cool in my book. I caught their new video for "Double Vision" today and LOVED IT!


I am SICK SICK just SICK of advertising in of all places - music videos. I know it's a part of life, but this one company is pissing me off.

First, Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video lingers a bit too long on the security guard searching on a website. The company - plenty of fish dating website.

So here I am, watching this really cleverly done video where you're scrolling down a website and it's really cute how people are seen and move about - seriously, watch it.

BUT! A couple of times, 'plenty of' is displayed prominently. If I have to see this damn website advertise in videos one more time, I'm going to scream. I had a good friend who met her current beau on that site, but now this site has lost all respect I had for it.

Whatever. I just feels it insults the viewer b/c we're so use to ads in the sidebars of pages and here, we're supposed to just enjoy a visual to a song, but I guess to keep it 'realistic' (though I've never seen a site like that)...they had to ad an advertisement. Thanks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Went Where?

Oh yea...I hung out with the cool kids last night at the Suicide Silence / Mychildren Mybride / The Tony Danza Tap Dancing Extravaganza / Molotov Solution show at Starland Ballroom.

There were seven bands on the bill and I knew that 5:30 doors was not going to be early enough - even arriving at 8pm, I walked in with 4 1/2 bands to go and I forgot my earplugs.

It turned out to be a good night though - cool people to hang out with and make fun of the crowd, not a sold out show, but the floor was full and a good amount of people at the back bar.

Molotov Solution was good, though I don't really remember much else about them. I've been dying to see Tony Danza... just b/c the name is rad as hell, but it's definitely 'guy's only' music. Mychildren Mybride REALLY got my attention and hello, their one guitarist was cute and the bassist was Asian (I like them kind of boys).

Seriously though, great performance and the music was a bit more girl-friendly, so I got into it, with those small melodic moments and it wasn't just 'rawr rawr rawr!'

Suicide Silence cracked me up. I love this shit!

After MCMB's set, it was like a mass exodus out the venue, which I thought was strange, but I guess the kiddies needed fresh air, merch or smoke a cig b/c they're 'so cool.' The majority of the kids came back for Suicide, but I was surprised that quite a handful left. Hm.

The singer of Suicide is crazy - it's like his mouth doesn't even move and he's with the pterodactyl screams and then switches to the growling and yea. But I noticed, he had the audience sing a lot - I guess someone can't do both live, haha. I honestly really don't know what was up with that b/c I really don't know their music.

It was an hour set and I was kinda done after half an hour, but I stuck it out and decided upon finding my own super tall, really skinny, covered in tatoos, some-kind-of-core band's screamer to kidnap. Or become friends with, whatever comes first.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Way Dude!

Literally the day after I had my car accident at the beginning of the summer, I was going to take almost a two hour drive to be on set and maybe provide some wardrobe for a music video.

I was stoked and looking back, if it wasn't for that, I may still be only driving my car back and forth to the corner store - OK, maybe to work, but that's pushing it.


Unfortunately, my clothing wasn't a good fit in the options pool, but I kinda had that feeling going in. HOWEVER! I caught wind of the video being released and got all gigglely!

Wait for 2:20-ish, the girl bouncing around her room is wearing my tiger & mesh leotard and mini lace tutu. WOOHOO!!!

The director did such a great job with this video - I remember hearing the treatment and being like 'huh?' This came out so cute! Plus, if you look real close in the wizard/Harry Potter vingette, my one model, Megan, is an extra.

I am so loving the concept and how it played out, plus it's a damn catchy, cute song.

band: We Are the In Crowd
song: "Both Sides of the Story"
director: Jesse Burton

Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Me Away from Punknews!

Haha, I love that site.

It's just that's one of the sites I scan in preparation for interviews and it's that time again...

So I'm looking up on a band and the comments totally put them down like 'whoa' in regards to the line-up of their current tour. I saw them once or twice and remembered their set won me over and was pretty damn cool.

It was like all the late twenty-somethings on that damn site are complaining about how one of their 'man crush' bands got on the bill and so I FINALLY check out this band they're in love with...Polar Bear Club. Long time coming b/c it's damn good.

But what is it with boys and only liking music where the lead singer sounds like an older dude who's smoked a bunch and comes across as the dude you kick back a few beers with talking about nonsense?

haha - It's music like Against Me!, Hot Water Music, Four Year Strong...oh wait, Against Me! are now 'sell outs' for some reason and I think FYS are appealing too much to the younger crowd, so they suck too. But you get the type of bands I'm talking about.

(For the record...I enjoy any of those bands listed above, but that's basically the shit I read about them).

Back to setting up shoots and researching and I think I'll revisit Street Dogs. I'm a little scared though, going to a Suicide Silence show this weekend - what did I get myself into?

So I AM Normal!

I found this really interesting article about "26 being the new 18" and since I'm sorta, almost, kinda in a few at that age...definitely had to read this.

They presented how it's harder for teens to transition into young adulthood and soon after, become independent adults nowadays due to the economy, parents babying teens even more than with past generations and with insurance being extended to 26 on parents' plans and also with people getting married later.

So here I think, sitting as a college graduate, living back home, shopping for a husband...I mean looking at America's youngest billionaires online (haha) and come across this article.

Really valid point that also relates to something I read a year ago about the 'hipster movement' where those damn hippies live off their 'trust funds/savings' and become 'artists', wearing thrift wears, drinking crappy beer, complaining about not making money, but living in $3000/month apartments with Whole Foods stocked fridges.

Sorry, I hate the hipsters.

But also, we're at a point where this world is so fucked up that a lot of these people grew up, seeing the downward spiral of the economy and you know what? Maybe they realize it's going to suck one way or another, so why settle for some dumbass, boring office job that will support you, but ultimately steal your soul?

Maybe it's time for the 20-somethings to take advantage of that old phrase 'You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up' and that's why during the process and after obtaining a college diploma, we're out to not be a part of corporate America.

And that's cool. I mean, some days I wish I could have a really nice job with the cutest apartment (like my one good friend), but then others I'm caught in this make believe world where we dress up and pretend everday (like Lady Gaga).

However...there's so many independent companies it seems nowadays, which I know some people think it brings people of the scene together, but really it's just us being how we've always been - selfish, in it for ourselves and striving for some larger corporation to buy us out and make a nice profit off it.

Yea. Where the hell did that come from?

Ohhh....Lil' Kim's "Crush On You" video just came on VH1 Soul - that was back in 1997 and I still remember the lyrics and still think it's an awesome video with the all the color vingettes and I still protest - it's BLUE NOT PURPLE!

omg! Now Isis featuring Jada Kiss? Hip hop, R&B, rap and all that good stuff will always have my heart...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check it out!

Ok, so I totally made myself dizzy updating and writing on my laptop while it balanced on knee and weeble-woobled all around, making me kinda sick. haha!

So. You knwo that music video I did some wardrobe for? It was Kimberly Korn's first video for her song, "Broken Inside." Great! Now it's stuck in my head again, haha.

This lady is seriously talented and such a sweetheart! She's been doing a lot of shows lately and I haven't made it out for one b/c of work. Rats!

Thursday, October 14th, she'll be performing at R Bar in NYC. Check it out if you're in town!

I hope to have some behind the scenes photos in the near future before the video comes out. woo!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tailored sheets...

Oops! Wrong project involving Jonny Craig.

Let's talk his solo project. Last Sunday, ending two crazy, music-filled weekends, my sister and I checked out Jonny Craig at School of Rock doing what he does best - sing while having throat problems.

His voice is always to die for, but I swear! This boy always has a sore throat or something every time I see him perform.

We thought we were going to just make it for him, but nope. Caught the end of Fight Fair (cute pop-rock who tried being tougher than they were) and also Mod Sun, who has been in other bands (one being Scary Kids Scaring Kids) and came at us with hip hop/techno beats. While I tried so hard not to like this kid, I wound up getting sucked in and if he's ever on another tour, I'll be sure to catch his set.

However, he must has mentioned how Jonny is up next about a hundred times.

Jonny Craig was awesome - it never seems like he is singing b/c it's like he barely opens his mouth and this ferocious sound just come barreling out. Amazing!

And what's this I hear about him singing on the next Dance Gavin Dance album? WHOA!

There's so many more concerts to come for the fall, I'm stoked AND I'm just jumping back in a getting in on interviews. I might be interviewing (again) one of my favorite bands that I did a blah job last time, but here's the chance to redeem myself.

OMG! Just saw the first edited photo from the shoot I did over the weekend! DIES!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the...

It took me forever to listen to the new single from My Chemical Romance.

I'm a long time fan, blame it on my sister, I'm from Jersey and yea, how could I not be into them?

So I first saw the video with the full song and the lyrics included like a Disney sing a long. Not ammused at all. Really guys? REALLY?! What is this - though I couldn't stop singing it for like the rest of the night.

Now I finally see the short video/ad for the upcoming album with this song as the background.

I'm still not gaga for the song, but speaking of...this clip is like My Chem in the "Telephone" Lady Gaga video. Ugh! Not them too!?

But I like the clothing, unfortunately it's going to be another concept album and not something more like their orginal stuff, so we'll see. And hey, Mikey and Frank are still cutie patooties. haha!

Ok, seriously - why the hell does Kat Von D's hair look different in every single scene?! It's gotta be a wig, but does it change color too?