Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday: 6 days to doomsday

EEK!!! I'm running behind and shouldn't be here typing, but let's do a mild recap of yesterday -

Went to NYC early and got ready to help out for designer, Sumie Tachibana, at her show in Queens, which also featured a couple other amazing designers!

It was a smaller show in regards to number of models and venue size, but the work and time that went into it, was retarded. The craftmanship that these designers has is bananas.

The show started off with pieces made by students of Sumie and for the young students, it must have been fun to have designs shown on the runway so young, yet they all were really nervous. They were so cute!

Sohung Designs went next and the zipper detailing was BEAUTIFUL! I was drooling. They really made the statement and quite the work of art.

Joel Voisard showed off his metal work jewelery and those were interesting and nerve-wracking watching him 're-sculpt' the pieces on the models seconds before they went out.

Rockaway Beach Bikinis only showed four pieces, but they were super cute - I considered it 50's pin-up in Capri. Striped Barbie-like one-piece, yes ma'am!

Feral Childe is your typical hipster style line, but really interesting prints and ideas - their dresses are so easy to wear. I can't see myself rockin' this ready-to-wear line, but definitely worth checking it out.

Sumie had seven looks and she works all in black - but she had one dress was this vintage grayish material and another was a black with red dashes throughout. It just sucked because there's SO much detailing in her work and you can't appreciate it as much seeing it on the runway. But as a look, it made for fierce runway.

From backstage, things went smoothly. There was one or two wardrobe problems, but the models were great about making sure they were dressed and ready to walk.

After we cleaned up, I was off to the New York Couture show. I had no one to go with me though!

Low and behold - the other NYCouture intern, Nikki, was there and I chilled with her and my other designer friend Becky Vanderway had just come from the Christian Siriano show. I looked rockin in my stars poofy dress, though my tights made my feet slip in my shoes and i couldn't walk.

The show started late, but it was a big rainbow on crack that came down the runway. LOVED IT! There wasn't too many new desings, but a bunch of new color combos and materials and lots of sequins, tulle and bows.

I was so excited to see Betsey Johnson's aesthetic really coming out in this collection.

Ultraviolet Sound palyed for a half hour after and OMG they were so good! We danced the whole time and they were so much fun and all the moments of mixing freestyle tunes, I sang along.

There was nothing to crazy that happened. Everyone had a fun time.

Now It's back to finishing my collection and praying things went as well as these two shows did.

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