Sunday, November 28, 2010

AP Tour 2010 Fall

AP Tour at Starland Ballroom!
November 26, 2010

Good show, good music, just goodness.

Polar Bear Club - Just another band I've heard so many good things about, but never checked out. They do live up to the hype and was completely into their set.

Emarosa - We all know my Emarosa/Jonny Craig's voice obsession, so they do no wrong. Except playing only like 5 songs! What the hell? They did play the last song off the new album and of course "Set It Off Like Napalm," but I'm still mad at whoever gave them a short amount of time to play.

August Burns Red - I saw these guys ages ago and remembered they were good. But dude. This confirmed their live performances are great. Band members working the stage, a frontman who connected so well with the crowd and then stellar guitarwork. But the strobe lights gave my sister and I headaches.

So we left before Bring Me the Horizon, though we weren't going to stay anyways, but I heard the crowd went bananas for these guys.

Good job AP Tour organizers - I thought the line-up was pretty damn nice.

If you're bored, check out my interview with JB of August Burns Red HERE

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shop Is In Swing!

FINALLY!!! I listed things in my Etsy store. It's been over a year, maybe even two years since I last did.

Take advantage - I'm trying to clear out items that have been chilling in my stock for a bit and so will be listing things a little cheaper than retail prices.

Sneak a peek, check it out, tell a friend and let me know what you think :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Listing Things Soon!

GAH! I just finished writing up all my listings for the re-launch of my Etsy Store:

I'm going to officially list them tomorrow, so get ready!

Back to working on new items & eating cookie dough - yum!

Here's some images to hold you over. Taken by Drop Photography.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


OK, so I'm weird and haven't posted anything on this or yea. But let it be known Raquel Reed is my favorite alternative model and I would die to work with her.

Well guess what if you didn't know - that statement up there is so past tense. Because I finally did get the chance to work with her and I'm still so stoked about it.

My photographer, Barrie Blau was shooting with Raquel for a feature in Alt Noir Magazine and by luck, I was asked to bring some wardrobe.

We ended up shooting a couple looks - Barrie is an amazing photographer and Raquel is always perfection, so hello. It was magic and I was just on set, standing around like a dork because designers on set are either 1. Diva bitches who try to take total control or 2. Silent stalkers ready to help if you call them over.

I was the second (well that better be how I was).

I'll post pictures later - check my Facebook for them all!

But here's an even bigger treat...Raquel shot a video with Jeffree Star (who I adore) and it was filmed by this sick as hell artist Worm Carnevale. Seriously, those three's like the holy trinity or something.

Oh yea, why am I bringing this up? Guess who made the dress Raquel is in? Yea, that would be me. DUDE!


I missed them at Warped Tour this year! to stalk them when they played at School of Rock. woo!

They played mainly the older stuff. So being lazy, I'm not going to go and look to see if they were touring only on older material. But I know I'm right and they did just release a new album like earlier this year.

Ok, anyways.

I was happy because I knew most of the songs and it was the same ol'show I expected and find entertaining. Frontman Dennis rolling around, screaming his head off and the crowd loving it. Then singer Shawn singing like a diva. And we can't forget typical faux-core/screamo stage moves with pre-crabcore unison dancing. I guess that's a good way of saying it.

But I will give it to them that the music sounded just as it does on their records (or they were pulling an Ashley Simpson) and the response from the crowd was just love.

However! "Seduction" was not played - unacceptable.

Fun times and I didn't steal their drummer, so I am free to attend future shows.

What's this? They're touring in the early Spring with Motionless in White? Count me in!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quickie Update

My schedule is BOOKED! It's like one thing after another...and this is nothing compared to what things hopefully one day will be.

Two articles due tomorrow. Then we move on to find story ideas. Shoot Sunday.

But most importantly - my one sister is in town for the weekend with her darling little girls (got to see another sister and her darlings last weekend - it's a tri-state thing). Then there's a most important hang out with friends hopefully going down.

Did I mention having to make one or two things for the shoot? Shh! Don't tell Miss Barrie Blau or Kami!

News to post, but I'll do it tomorrow or Saturday.

Lesson of the week:

Out of boredom comes insanity, stupidness & creating things that aren't there. If only people knew the soap opera that is going through my head.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

::Intro to Downfall of Us All::

I don't know excatly how you write the 'duh duh duh da' part, so hum it to yourself.

I totally am out of the loop! Or I just forget really easily. A Day to Remember has a new album coming out soon? Shut up! I probably could get an advance or unfortunately find it downloadable somewhere. But I'll wait till my sister buys her copy or they post it on Myspace to hear it.

They also did this series to go alongside the upcoming album "What Seperates Me From You." So I guess you buy the new album and you get the final episode of the series - bands are getting smarter with getting you to buy their albums. Good! I just bought two new CDs yesterday.

Need to get back into beefing up my vinyl collection though.

Here's the episode I caught

OMG! UGH! I am SO pissed off right now - I got really busy in October that I lost track of the CMJ Marathon and guess who was there? Dead to Me! I have been waiting years to see them. Break my heart and the line-up they were on would have been amazing to check out. I'm really bummed...


Anyways -

Caught The Summer Set last week. Saw them on Warped this year and it was cute, good times. Plus, I got to be an honorary mom again. Cute show, especially at the end when they had everyone (well the majority of the crowd) sit and have an acoustic sing-a-long.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Damn Straight.

Finally got to listen to the new Senses Fail album, The Fire.

It's OK. It did take me a bit to really get into the last album and The Fire feels like a great continuation of the previous. I was interested to hear any differences in the sound because guitarist Heath left - I'm assuming it was before the record got started.

Not too much seems different, but I only listened to the album twice and via Myspace. Really feeling "Lifeboats."

Then I find on PunkNews this video. It's my boyfriend...I mean the it's the singer of Senses Faill talking about pop-rock boy bands and it's pretty interesting. (note me being funny)

I mean, you can say that lyrically, Senses Fail provides deeper topics, with real problems and I can say that I'm defintely one of the fans that connect with A LOT of the songs and yea, they've helped me through tough times.

Whereas bands like All Time Low, what really is the meaning in their songs? Most people do agree it's music you can just write off as pop-rock that'll just fade. But I also would beg to differ that NSync was meaningless bubblegum pop, BUT it also had the power to make a difference. I listened to that music during hard times and while the lyrics kind of mean nothing, it was music to get me away.

So yea. Even when music sucks, it still can make a difference.

On a side note - LA Ink is over for the season. I really think Jesse James and Kat should have been smart and not had him go to her gallery opening. She seemed so pissed over the press asking her questions about him - well duh! He's right there. If he really cared, he would have said like 'It's your night, I want to be there, but with what is going on with me, I don't want to bring negative attention.'

Or go through the back door!

Jeffree Star looked fabulous! Really sucks his New Jersey tour date was cancelled. I think I know why - boooo....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Giuseppina Magazine

The lovely Chloe Von Creepy asked to wear one of my dresses for her Giuseppina Magazine feature.

Go buy the magazine or find more images on Giuseppina's Facebook or Chloe's page. It was for their Halloween special issue and I couldn't think of a model more appropriate for this holiday than Chloe.

Check it out!

Red sparkle mermaid dress (wish you could have seen the whole dress, but she's also wearing that dress for my runway show at Reflections this year)

photo by Hatter Photography

Here's some other images taken that day!

That's her boyfriend sitting next to her.