Monday, April 27, 2009


While I should be sewing...

And helping out on my website...

I'm working on another stupid idea that keeps me entertained and highly amused.

You know how guys are obsessed with that fantasy football, baseball, is there a hockey too, and whatever else there is?

Well, I'm making hybrid bands. Not to be confused with my new hybrid OBSESSION - Isles & Glaciers (honestly, I could ONLY have imagined Jonny Craig and my Craig Owens together in my dreams and now...this!)

I'm putting together fantasy bands of all the effeminate & made-up guys in bands out there that I adore and find amusing.

My friend tonight said her band would kick my band's ass and I said bring it!

Honestly, wouldn't this be a hilarious activity to spend countless hours on online and track who's band gets booked and how many friends they get on myspace? hmm...actually - isn't there something like that online already? Kind of like Rock Band only you don't have to screw around with those stupid faux-instruments

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