Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost Bamboozle!

Guess what tomorrow starts? The Bamboozle weekend!

I do say I was spoiled by going the last year it was held down in Asbury Park, so since it's moved to Giant's Stadium's parking lot - it kind sucks.

But the bands are good and I'm surprising most people by saying that I'm really going for The Horrorpops, NOT No Doubt. I rather see them on their headling tour - plus Paramore is with them!

But yea...Hoodwink tomorrow and then it's the small stages on Saturday. Sunday kind of sucks b/c the only bands I want to see are on the main stages. However, last year The Souls played the main stage and we got insanely close - HOWEVER, most of the audience is like 16 and the bands on this Sunday are geared towards that age group - The Souls are an 'older' band, so yea.

But I'm seeing The Souls next weekend!

I'm kind of getting nervous by this swine flu thing. I'm such a hypocondriact (wait, that's not how you spell it). So being I'm right outside the city...I'm all nervous these commuters are going to infect me! Or even my roommate might bring it home! I should ban her from the house...haha

oh wells...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is going to be short and won't make much sense. But you'll understand -

I'm going to that Bamboozle thing soon. In checking out the artists, I came across a lot of new faces that I'm excited to hear, but I also hit some of the retarded ones as well.

Usually, if I don't like something, I ignore it and don't talk about it b/c that's the only way to make something go away.

But I just had to comment on this stupidness - Care Bears on Fire.

I'm all for girl bands and I welcome it! The Donnas, Go Betty Go, etc...

So when I saw two images of all girl groups for the festival there was this Care Bears on Fire and this other retarded group. For BOTH the members are under the age of 16, mainly 13-15, and the one band is a pop group, so whatever, but this Care Bears group pains me.

Their myspace says that they've charmed hipsters with their throw back to pure pop roots. UGH! All they're doing is using Blondie and other classic pop-punk meoldies with typical Disney styled 'punk' lyrics. You know, whining about how you hate homework, parents, being told what to do and think. That bullshit.

Wow, they're so punk rock. Even Avril is more punk & original than these kids. Their spot should have been given to a better band. But as my sister says - you got to let 8th graders think they're cool.

Monday, April 27, 2009


While I should be sewing...

And helping out on my website...

I'm working on another stupid idea that keeps me entertained and highly amused.

You know how guys are obsessed with that fantasy football, baseball, is there a hockey too, and whatever else there is?

Well, I'm making hybrid bands. Not to be confused with my new hybrid OBSESSION - Isles & Glaciers (honestly, I could ONLY have imagined Jonny Craig and my Craig Owens together in my dreams and now...this!)

I'm putting together fantasy bands of all the effeminate & made-up guys in bands out there that I adore and find amusing.

My friend tonight said her band would kick my band's ass and I said bring it!

Honestly, wouldn't this be a hilarious activity to spend countless hours on online and track who's band gets booked and how many friends they get on myspace? hmm...actually - isn't there something like that online already? Kind of like Rock Band only you don't have to screw around with those stupid faux-instruments

Show Review : The Birthday Massacre

Highline Ballroom
New York, NY
April 27, 2009

I LOVE The Birthday Massacre. I've only seen them three times now and each time, I'm just in love.

That sweet, music box melody that plays throughout their songs puts the biggest smile on my face and it's safe to say their show got me out of the horrid mood I've been in since early Saturday afternoon.

I also caught I Am Ghost's set. They're good and I definately will listen to them when I think of it. They were like a toned down, polished & intricate Aiden. Plus the bassist was hot from where I was standing.

Check them out.

TBM started with my favorite, "Red Stars" and ended with "Happy Birthday."

Honestly, they filled the insanely quick, but a good hour and 15-ish minutes set with songs from all across the board.

Chibi got her hair cut since last I saw them and she looks awesome! Such a cute cut.

They're also such a great live band because the interaction between all of the members on stage is as fun to watch as it is moving along with their music. Chibi makes the cutest/funniest faces to her band mates and the audience. She's twisted like the chick from the craft (and The Waterboy...what's her name? she's a rad actress too), but she's child-like and sweet.

Then, they're just another band who's music is better live than in the recording - yea, there's not a lot out there.

Just love them! Wish I had gone on Saturday too, but that's what makes it that much sweeter - don't overdose!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Blog & Update!
IWrestledABearOnce write-up is posted on the site.

Check it out! I really like what this band is doing.

In other news...

I'm planning on putting together a mini-collection. I think this is how I'm going to do things from now on instead of just making things randomly and with no cohesion.

I can't wait to get started.

I have a few things to get done before I start sewing, but I've already got ideas.

Say hello to custom sizing, different fabric choices and craziness.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Way to Read My Nonsense

YAY! I'm now a blogger for Shut Up! Magazine. (

I haven't posted anything yet, but when I do, I'll leave a note on here.

Yay for probably more people reading my ramblings. Got to get my act together though. Can't be talking about how cute Zac Efron is...or maybe I can...

Monday, April 20, 2009

What can $200 buy you?

-Almost 200 small lattes from Dunkin Donuts (it's a special around here and smalls are $1)

-A really rad leather Betsey Johnson purse & necklace from Loehmanns

-20 yards of spandex

-4 rounds of shots for you and four of your friends at a NYC club/bar

Now...I understand that people have to get paid and I can't expect everyone I work with to do things for free. However, when you have like three photos to show me of your work and ask the price above for your time, I get a little cautious.

But then when I see a set done of yours that looks pretty whatever after from what I heard about all the work that goes into a photo...well...

I don't know. Sometimes I don't understand this whole world of trade, paid and feels the artsy talented people do for free & trade and the ones who know their shit and deliver (but are full of themselves) or the very average ones require the monies.

Whatever people.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

17 Again!

Saw the movie 17 AGAIN yesterday. Ok, totally lived up to being one of cutest movies ever.

It's nothing close to Oscar award nominee, but wasn't just another stupid teen movie. And honestly - Zac Efron turned out to be just splendid in the role. I thought he did a fantastic job of playing a 38-year old guy trapped in a 17-year old's body.

There was one part that I was like - Aw...totally intriguing and different.
But then I was like - no...I've seen that before.

Haha, it's a movie that's not like ground-breaking in its storyline, but they did a lot of stuff that put a nice, refreshing twist on a typical plot.

A lot of laughter and the movie starts off with Zac completely shirtless - ALL the girls in the theater gasped and then giggled on that shot.

Totally feel in love with him too. I have a new crush. Definately want to see it again!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wait what? That IS Jessica Simpson?

When I first heard the new Eminem song, "We Made You," I was sort of into, but I DID NOT believe that was Jessica Simpson.

Listen to her - is that really her? I can't find anything that says otherwise. I mean, I still think she's awesome and a great singer, but really? That's her?

Plus, I love how the only press I can find is that her camp is not really responding to how they made fun of Jessican in the video by having a 'chubby' girl play her.

If I had my vocals (either recorded via a contract or sampled for the song) on a song whose video clearly was making fun of me, I would be way more vocal about it.

Something seems so weird about this whole thing. So either Eminem is not as big as we thought he was, it's just expected, or it's really not Jessica on the song.

Can someone help?

The video is quite typical of what he's done and nothing like earth shattering. It takes the cheap punches at the easy targets in pop culture today. I like the making fun of Brett Michaels (and Eminem actually looks like a nice looking version of Michaels).

But either way with Jessica - jokes' on Eminem, b/c the impersonator in the video is gorgeous.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ohh....the 'dead' shots

I finally got photos back on the red one-sided tiger skater dress paired with the rib cage miltary corset. Wow, that was a mouthful!

I hope there'll be more, but I'm sure - doesn't matter though b/c these shots are rad as hell!

There's also more photos from this shoot on my myspace -

OH! and I'm FINALLY FINALLY in ALL CERTAINTITY getting a webpage up and running by the end of May. yay!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just got done listing new items to my eBay thing -

Manson dress, Misfits jacket, green striped leggings, tiger skirt (made by my sister), skulls skirts

now it's time to go pass out so I can wake up super early tomorrow! I'm a lucky girl...

People suck

I was passed out last night thanks to Advil PM (plug! send me a lifetime supply now), but was woken up around 12:25am. Why? Some car alarm in the lot next to my house went off.

Usually, they go off after 10 or 15 mins. This? Nope. And it was mad crazy loud and annoying. 20 minutes went by and then I hear people talking and the damn thing gets turned off.

My roommate updated the story...

Started around midnight. That means it was going off for 45mins.
Some shady car came up to it and turned it off. Who was driving the car? I don't know, but thank you to them or if it was the owner...screw you! get your alarm turned off b/c nobody would want your lame ass car!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Transcribing Fun

I'm transcribing the recent interview I did with Chris from MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.

I'm strangely drawn to this band ever since I saw them back in the fall. The music is honestly pretty good amid the sea of emo/screamo/metalcore/post-hardcore/whatever you call this people bands.

There's a strong similarity to Underoath (who I'm not at all a fan of), but with an Aiden twist (and you know I love me some Aiden any day).

He was super nice and gave a good insight/introduction to the band. Check them out -

Yummy Zac Efron

Ohhh....Did you see all the Zac Efron photos from his GQ spread shot by Peggy Sirota?

Everyone is freaking out over the shirtless photo, but somehow his body looks really beefed up and icky. I like the one above. I love boys who have the retro 50s Elvis greaser kid of hair and's a toothpick NOT cigarette!

I cannot wait to go see that 17 Again this weekend. I'm such a dork, but hey - HE'S 21! So suck it! I can look and oogle without guilt.

And his Saturday Night Live performance was pretty darn good. It'll be fun to see where this kid goes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photoshoot Sneak Peak


Creepshow Photography Shoot

Had a lovely (and long) shoot with Creepshow today with the most awesome models, Crash & Minxy.

We met up around 11am and started make-up & hair after a bit of chatting and joking around. We turned out to be a crazy bunch.

The first look was a hollywood glamour/starlet actresses kind of vibe. I don't have photos of that. Crash & Minxy looked to die for and I can't wait to show off those dresses - it looked so prom!

Unfortunately, Crash had to leave early, so we shot with Miss Minxy for three more looks - I said it was a long shoot.

The first : bondage dead goth girl. We also thought she looked like a street walker as we walked over to the house, haha.

I was also tagging along with camera in tow to take a few shots b/c now I think I'm a photographer, haha. I have ways to go, but I take good candids of my photographer & model.

We even managed to change make-up looks for each outfit. And of course, I also think I'm a make-up artist.

Next up - ethereal ballerina. I got a little shimmer dust happy and Minxy's face got covered in it, but that's not as bad as what we did for the last look.

She was such a trooper because it started getting very cold and windy...

But you would never have thought from the shots.

Lastly, we did 'my boyfriend's picking me up behind my parents back'
It got insanely windy and the sun was completely down. Lighting in a pinch? Well you figure it out...and for make-up, I got glitter happy. I hope it came out in the photos, but I put red gloss on her lips and mixed a buttload of glitter in it. Minxy's opinion on glitter lips? 'It's gritty'

All in all another great shoot with Miss Julie of Creepshow. Can't wait to show off the final results.

Go check out all the lovely, talented ladies at : (Minxy) (Crash)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Show Review : Greeley Estates

Crocodile Rock Cafe
April 9, 2009

Bands: Greeley Estates, Iwresteledabearonce, Memphis May Fire, Fact

Horrid, intolerable traffic made an hour and fifteen minute drive take close to three and a half hours. Being that we left early to get dinner beforehand, we still got there with time to see another band and the headlliners or so the website said.

We get there and the dude at the door is like - No, FACT's up next.

So all that paranoia that I wouldn't make it to see the band I'm to review was for nothing. But we walk over the 'underground cafe stage' and laugh b/c it's like a hole in the wall, maybe 200 people? Probably less.

There's some hardcore and annoying local band (i'm guessing) playing. Eh. Their friends at the bar were having fun. This was an hour after the show was suppossed to start. I think the promoters added two local bands, which screwed over the rest of the show...

FACT was on at 8pm. They played 4 or 5 songs. They're from Japan!'s like they take what the American post-hardcore bands are doing and add hip hop, electro and something of a Japanese sensibility to the music.

It was like Hellogoodbye and a typical hardcore/screamo band. Plus their drummer was so excited and mainly only knew curse words, but was happy nonetheless.

We still didn't understand the line up and figure GREELEY ESTATES is next. I'm like - All the roadies are really cute.

Turns out it's the band MEMPHIS MAY FIRE and they're good, but we left for the set to eat.

Come back and think now it's GREELEY. Nope. Southern looking boys start on stage and we hear screams. Whoa! They have a girl singer/screamer. The band - IWRESTLEDABEARONCE.

Really really impressed and the crowd went insane for them. However, the novelty wore off that it was a girl singer - she's like a combo of the metalcore dudes and Bjork - and then I started thinking whether they're good or not. Pretty good.

Now is it time for GREELEY? It's almost 10:30pm. Yes, that's right...10:30pm is when they took the stage. And apparently Allentown has a curfew - curfew? what the hell is that? I say: kick the minors out and they can play for me and a few of the remaining barflys.

They did like 6 or 7 songs. Throw back to "Y'all with the Vampire Squad"! Very nice. They stuck to the new album, the first being one I didn't recognize at all. It was a good set, but I was pissed as hell they got screwed over and barely had 30mins to play. They were so on point with the music too.

Things that were weird -
-The flyer has IwrestledaBearonce above who was the headliners?
-Did their drummer bulk up and gain a bit of weight and grow his hair? It sorta of looked like him, but now wikipedia says there's another drummer, but I can't confirm anywhere else
-Why does this venue suck?

Come back Greeley boys!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weird Times can be Fun

The past two days were weird and I'm left like 'what just happened here?'

Wednesday, was exhausted, but looked foward to this one show...turned out we were listed for another date on the tour (which had already passed) and even with a bunch of texting and calling (reminded me of Kathy Griffin talking about getting in club Hyde)...nothing could be done.

Oh wells. It was off to sleep for another concert-going adventure! of the musicians texted me with apologies the next day! Get out of town and it wasn't his fault at all. What a cool dude.

Pick up my partener in crime and we headed off for the next venue. Umm...3 hours of traffic. I wanted to kill someone. Figured I would be late for the band I was suppossed to review...

Go up to the door dude and he's like - 'They're up next!'


Some shitty local, hardcore band is playing. It's already an hour after the show was supposed to start. So, did the band I was to see get bumped up?

No, but their set was like 4 or 5 songs long. Then...two other bands played for like a good 30 mins and then THE HEADLINERS only got like 6 or 7 songs done.

Seriously, someone needs to be yelled at from the venue for screwing over the headlining act and apologize to me b/c I haven't seen them in forever and was looking forward to hearing a good 45min set, not barely 30mins.

Quick show review to follow

Now I have an interview in an hour and a half. This'll be interesting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Fake Fiance

I adore Melissa Joan Hart. I think she's just amazing, will always be 17 - 21 no matter how old she gets and reminds me of my two older sisters, so I'm partial to liking her.

So I was excited to hear there's another ABC Family movie she's made. Plus, Brian Joey Lawrence is in it - let's see if he's still a cutie.

However...I was a little disappointed at the plot when I saw the commercial real quick earlier today. Doesn't it remind you of that Christmas movie (Holiday in Handcuffs) she did with Mario Lopez? Which I loved mind you.

It's the time-old story of unlikely couple who have to be with each other, even if they don't want to, and then find themselves together in the end.

Oh wells...I love her, he still is handsome, cheesey love movie - I'M THERE!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Screw Model Mayhem

haha, just kidding. I'm looking for male models with the scenester/glam metal/post-hardcore/brootal look. I'm beginning my men's line and already have 3 shoots on the drawing board to showcase these pieces.

Guys like this are ALL over myspace and at the shows I go to, but I'm trying to find ones that actually want to model and will benefit my clothing and not just stand there.

If you come across this and know anyone in the NYC/Jersey area that would be interested...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Or if you or someone you is in a band that fits this look and has a personality that would rock out at a shoot and want some promo in the photo credits...tell them about me.

rock on!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Video Inspiration : Love Sex Magic - Ciara

EEE!!! Just saw the video for "Love Sex Magic" by Ciara with *my* Justin Timberlake

This song is quite typical of Justin's style, but Ciara pumps it up and makes it uber sexy.

PLUS - have you seen her outfits? You know I LOVE making leotards, bodysuits and anythign prepare for this stuff.

I SO SO SO want that bodysuit with the studding so it looks like a metal bathing suit (haha, reminds me of when Britney wore her underroos over her pants in "Slave for You" video.


Isles & Glaciers

I won't shut up about this singer -

I just found out about the hybird band that I should have known about when they first made the announcement - Isles & Glaciers.

Who? Jonny Craig & Craig Owens. Oh, and other people, but this combo is what made a huge smile come across my face. It's interesting to hear them together.

I've only listened to three songs on youtube, but the best one (quality value) is Empty Size/Sighs and Wine. Jonny stands out against the vocals of Owens and the guy from Pierce the Veil (correct me on that too, i'm not familar with him and am confused b/c he sounds UBER girlie).

Seriously, it's a friggin' boyband, only now instead of R&B influences or techno, we've got post-hardcore electro influence.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ode to Jonny Craig's Voice

How you made Dance Gavin Dance that much better...but Emarosa shows your talent even better.

One of the best male voices in the genre? How about in the whole music game.

Seriously, it looks effortless the way he just opens his mouth and a whole range of sounds come out. Back and forth between soft seranades to the forceful, almost screaming screams. There's the gritty raspiness that accompanies the natural soul found here.

Yea, I'm a dork, but whatever.

Show Review - Sweet Brag Tour

The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
March 31, 2009

Bands: Emarosa, Sky Eats Airplane, A Day to Remember, Devil Wears Prada

They started RIGHT on time, so we walked in halfway through the third to last song for EMAROSA. The venue was already packed packed (it was a sold out show), so we headed upstairs. But by the time we sat down, it was time for the last song, "Set It Off like Napalm."

Lead singer, Jonny Craig is incredible. Mind you the music is solid, but it continues on this steady path that especially when you listen to the album, Relativity, it all meshes together and it's his vocals that bring it up and down.

Really need to see them again...

SKY EATS AIRPLANE had a million lights on tour with SENSES FAIL, but did not have them here. HOWEVER...the lead singer (who reminds me on stage of Craig from CHIODOS), did Jane Fonda "run in place" aerobics most of the set.

Is this a new thing? B/c then A DAY TO REMEMBER and a bit of DEVIL WEARS PRADA were doing it, which I hope was to make fun of him and not is a new trendy move.

Their music makes me nervous and annoyed. I didn't like them the first time, but was a little more impressed this time around. Still, nothing different or fabulous, but whatever.

A DAY TO REMEMBER is realy good, different in my book and the hottest thing out at the moment. Honestly, they should have been the headliners.

Most of the balcony flocked to the floor and opened it up like nobody's business. As soon as the the chant for "Downfall of Us All" hit, the kids lost their shit. It was awesome.

The chanted and filled in lyrics and you could see the lead singer was blown away. It's cliche to say, but they sound better live. Really great song choices. They mix like hardcore, punk, pop, rock all in one pot and it's good. Try it, you'll like it.

Plus, they ended their set with confetti showering the crowd below - hot shit!

DEVIL WEARS PRADA had these boxes placed on stage of different heights. The tops were outlined in pink, green and maybe an orange electrical tape and they glowed. That was the most interesting part of their set for me - sorry.

We stayed for three songs and hit the road. If you like them - rock on. I just can't get into them.

Sweet Brag Tour - very sweet.