Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show Review: Bouncing Souls with The Loved Ones

The Crazy Donkey, Long Island, NY

umm...I've never been to the Crazy Donkey, but have wanted to go b/c a lot of cool shows have passed through here.

NEVER AGAIN! Almost as bad as Toad's Place in New Haven.

Toad's Place was fine venue wise, but the people & townies - HORRID!

Crazy Donkey had a 'meh' crowd, but the internal layout was awkward and made the designer for Irving Plaza seem like a genius.

It was hard to work your way into the place for starters - everyone was hanging around outside,smoking & drinking and it felt like we were at a house party - perfectly fine if there wasn't two AMAZING bands getting ready to play.

We came in just in time for THE LOVED ONES and they were great. Played mainly older songs. And then a cover by the dude from Bright Eyes - so my friends informed me.

I got like body checked by this horrid drunken idiot, I think I have a bruise on my lower back. Everyone else did not like him and he got beat up in the pit, haha.

Just wonderful and worth the trip out there.

THE BOUNCING SOULS are always so fun even though I'm not 100% familiar with their catalog. But...something was lacking.

Last night they played in Asbury Park - it's like basically home and I'm still surprised it was not the last show of the tour.

So tonight, it was like something was off. It was their singer, Greg. Now. He's not like the crazy frontman or one that makes a lot of small talk, but you could tell something was off and I felt bad for him.

Maybe I'm wrong, but seriously - he was either really tired, something heavy was on his mind or he was on something.

Vocally, he was fine. It was cool to see how little effort he has to do besides open his mouth and pretty damn perfect vocals come out. But even his smiles felt forced. Didn't help that the people in Long Island SUCK.

Oh wells. They played "True Believers," "Here We Go" and "Lean on Sheena" - that made me happy.

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