Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rock n' Roll Fashion Show

Ok, so about two weeks ago...

I was SO grateful to be asked again by the ladies of Sugar n' Spikes to participate in their second fashion show event. Bands of the night were TSI, Panzie & Hate in the Box (whose lead singer, Rainbow Blight, is the sweetest!).

My collection went first, followed by the debut of Alina Butnaru's intimate apparel awesomeness (have to find her link, b/c she was so cool) and then last was Natasha NYC ( - and dude! If I had known better, I would have been freaking out being in her presence, but of course I'm dumb sometimes)

Ok! So here's some of the choice images - I'm waiting on video

These were taken by Knightmare6 Photography and are my favorites so far -

I'll be adding more to Facebook - so add me there if you haven't already (link to the right)

Forest rocking polka dot leggings, white pvc bustier & tassle shrug with hobo bow gloves. She killed it!

Olivia in pink leopard garter dress (accessories her own) - so cute!

Ilena Nova being Wonder Woman in red metallic bodysuit and polka dot peak-a-boo vest, which you really can't see, but isn't this shot to die for?

Gorgeous Brandy D in leopard leotard and revamped vest

Awesome Sasha being lady-like in a high waisted sparkle skirt and leopard crop top, belt does make it look one piece, but it's not

Tons more images from Tiffany Ann Photography to come, review of another fashion show/concert I attended, magazine mentions and a sorta top secret project I'm apart of.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugar & Spikes Fashion Show and Concert

I'm going INSANE!

Two days to finish up everything and I'm SO behind. On top on all of this, my mom springs on me that tomorrow I have to take her and a friend into the city because we're going to be in the Dr. Oz audience, that's out of left field.

So excited for this - come out and join us - I heard there's free liquor being served from 8pm - 9pm (which is probably when I'm on or right before).

And if you're not in the NYC area...check out The Pinkies Out event in Philly to benefit which has their fashion & art event in September and I'm a part of that too :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Less Than A Week!

Haha, thought I was going to write 'Less Than Jake' for the title.

It's less than a week before the group show I'm in organized by Sugar & Spikes, being held at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY, August 19th - OMG!

Flyer after a short obsession...

I had been hearing about 'Bordello Shoes' a lot more recently, first by one model I worked with, T.C., and then again at the shoot I was apart of the end of July. I never looked for them until T.C. had a photo on the Facebook.

O. M. G.

I never knew, well I had seen these shoes before, however...I never knew the extent to which these shoes were bananas. I seriously want these purple ones.


Join us! Click on the photo to see all the details

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thrash and Burn! Or not...

Yay! So my sister and I took the day and attended the Thrash and Burn Tour at The Stone Pony in good ol'Asbury Park.

We were mainly drawn by Greeley Estates and the added bonus of checking out some other interesting bands.


Greeley had RV problems or something, so they weren't there along with I think two other bands - definitely Chelsea Grin wasn't there due to one member having health issues. So bummed.

But even with us getting there like two hours after doors, though mind you it was a long show day to fit all the bands, Motionless in White just started playing, so I was happy. Those boys are styled perfectly and no matter what's up with the lead singer, he's my new darling that I want to steal - kinda like my thing with Davey Havok.

They keep sounding better and better everytime I see them, so rock on.

I didn't really keep track of the bands that played on the outside stage - sorry about that to those bands - but it was like endless screaming, heavy riffs and breakdowns, except for the more 'punk rock' group that went on.

My sister was all about checking out Evergreen Terrace and they really held their own. They've been around for awhile - it's hard to realize that bands that started in like 2000 or a little after are now ten years going.

They put on a good stage show and security really loved their singer Jesus-walking in the crowd.

Impending Doom was 'rawr rawr' vocals, but they were endearing and thanked the crowd at the end very nicely. I didn't want to like them, but I did.

I lost interest in Stick to Your Guns even though they were like one of the biggies on the tour. I took a breather and awaited Kittie.

The ladies of Kittie had a REALLY tough time impressing the crowd. There was a group of die-hard fans up front, but I was pissed off at some of the comments made around me during their set.

Their stage presense wasn't spectacular, but the music was tight, though vocals could have been turned up.

And there you had my day - I left before Asking Alexandria and Born of Osiris. But I'm old and my back hurt and I was starving. Maybe next time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Interpol, I love thee...

Ok, so that photo looks old, but it's the first I grabbed and one of the members, Carlos, has they're still so friggin adorable - please excuse the teeny-bopperness.

Spent the weekend down in Atlantic City. My two friends and I went down to see Interpol and I had a grand idea of staying over to see the band, gamble and drink without having to worry about driving home. Perfect.

Awesome dinner at the fondue place, then it was about a mile walk, through the 'shady' parts of AC, to the House of Blues.

It was such a great, fantastic & splendid show. Really, the music was just SO good live and I knew every times.

For some reason it wasn't packed, so we got real close to the stage and just hipster-danced around with the rest of the crowd. Lead singer, Paul, is really charming though he doesn't say much. And guitarist Daniel is like (and this is the weirdest analogy ever), but like Woody from Toy Story. While playing, he would move about with a hop, skip and jump from one side to the next in this cool, marionette meets rock star vibe.

Funny enough, after the show, my friends and I took a turn at the roulette wheel and the guitarist was down and about - he's a tiny thing - but I was scared to complement him on the show. It's always weird when band members are with friends, family or girlfriends/boyfriends, I feel approaching them is bothersome. Oh wells.

We were hoping the singer would be down, but alas, he was not. Some of the opening bands' members were playing some and one of them played at our table - silly, cute hipsters.

Now to plan my next trip down there...

Back in the swing of making things hardcore. Excited though, a lot of these pieces are killer.

Hair cut & dye job for me on Wednesday - eep!