Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blink, AFI, Dance Gavin & Emarosa

What a week!

Well, Blink 182 was a smidge more than a week, but whatever.

So we went to the Blink 182 show at Madison Square Garden and it was so surreal, but awesome. My friend had box seats, so up in the heavens we sat. Only super plus side to it - free sodas & beers, private bathrooms and though other people from her job were there, I could act a fool without a crowd of on-lookers.

Missed Asher Roth, who filled in for All-American Rejects b/c one of them was hurt, bummed, but saw most of Fall Out Boy - my first. They were good.

Blink 182...it was like so surreal b/c I felt as though I was watching a special on MTV about Blink. All the hits, so good. They did play a lot from the last album, which sucked, but oh wells. Travis did a drum solo set where his platform moved in the air, but after that, the sound sucked and made the songs hard to understand.

Oh wells.

AFI. I love them. I stood off to the side of the stage, so while yea, you were on the side, you still were like right there. Plus it's Starland Ballroom - it's mad tiny (in comparision to others), so it's all good.

Gallows were great openers and the lead singer jumped to sing for a bit on the pizza/water bars on the floors - sick. Plus his accent is mad cute.

AFI played some great songs, I'm still not totally familiar with the new album, but they did not play "Days of the Pheonix" or "God Called in Sick Today." What the hell! Seeing them again soon in NYC!

Dance Gavin Dance & Emarosa

Well, School of Rock was like the only area stop for this tour and I was there anyways during the day, so...I chilled to see two of my favorite bands of the moment!

Missed the opening three acts, who honestly, all sounded the same and had similar names. Of Machines, Tides of Men, Of Mice and Men - see?

I had thought DGD was the headliner, but I think Emarosa sold out a previous headlining show, so they let Emarosa headline the evening. I really wish DGD had the last slot.

Before the show, I heard their one guitarist/screamer playing something old on his guitar and got excited. They did "Lemon Meringue Tie" and it didn't hit me until then Jonny Craig joined Kurt on stage and started singing and hugging him. Bro love.

Ugh! I died. "Don't Tell Dave" is my favorite and "Rock Solid" ended the set. Way too short and they had like 'electronic interludes,' which I wish they didn't just so they could play more OR had the last slot.

Emarosa is amazing live. Their singer is insanely talented, but shorter then I thought. I was going to leave early, but kept saying 'one more song...' and then when I was ready, it was over. They did almost 40mins. Jonny Craig made mention his voice was hurting, but didn't give on in his vocals. But if he was sick - let DGD go on and play till 11pm!

Oh wells...

Short and sweet and really good.

Surreal moments going on lately though.

It was like Blink, AFI, interview with the bassist of Paramore, watching DGD from the side/back stage, fitting for a show tomorrow and then we're off to a music festival in Iceland.


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Lee said...

Gah! You saw Blink at MSG?! I hate you so much right now! UGHHHHH!

I haven't commented your blog in forever. Miss you. =)