Friday, April 17, 2009

Wait what? That IS Jessica Simpson?

When I first heard the new Eminem song, "We Made You," I was sort of into, but I DID NOT believe that was Jessica Simpson.

Listen to her - is that really her? I can't find anything that says otherwise. I mean, I still think she's awesome and a great singer, but really? That's her?

Plus, I love how the only press I can find is that her camp is not really responding to how they made fun of Jessican in the video by having a 'chubby' girl play her.

If I had my vocals (either recorded via a contract or sampled for the song) on a song whose video clearly was making fun of me, I would be way more vocal about it.

Something seems so weird about this whole thing. So either Eminem is not as big as we thought he was, it's just expected, or it's really not Jessica on the song.

Can someone help?

The video is quite typical of what he's done and nothing like earth shattering. It takes the cheap punches at the easy targets in pop culture today. I like the making fun of Brett Michaels (and Eminem actually looks like a nice looking version of Michaels).

But either way with Jessica - jokes' on Eminem, b/c the impersonator in the video is gorgeous.

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Lee said...

I found this.

So yeah... now way that was Jessica Simpson lol.