Friday, December 30, 2011

Cheg Diaries - Cup #something

I'm sitting here trying to finish up a show review and I'm drinking a homemade eggnog chai. Haven't had one in awhile. Switched to those caramel brulee lattes.

I haven't been updating like I had hoped. December turned into the month from crazy hell! From preparing for the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market to interviewing the bassist of one of my favorite bands to getting an early Christmas present of a photo pass for another band I die for...And now we're ending the month and year with deadmau5 performing on New Year's Eve.

The Punk Rock Flea Market was an interesting time. Once we got setup and rolling, the time went by fast, which was surprising. But was a learning experience and now all I can say is look out for other events I'll be vending at. I do everything backwards, so we're talking big events.

I had hoped a lot more images were going to be coming my way, but waiting on submissions and's an annoying process sometimes! But I'm stoked to be doing my first shoot of the year next week with Creepshow Photography! She is also the first photographer I've ever shot with too! Annnddd....I have a video to show off from Keep Me From Dreaming directed by Jesse Fox and you can find my clothing scattered about. YAY!

So until then...Happy New Year Everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Test Post

Just trying to see if an rss feed works.

Etsy Store Updated

Philly Punk Rock Flea Market!

DECEBER 11, 2011

Right across from Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia (460 N. 9th St)

I'm finally selling at an event!!!

I'll have the first run/samples of my tshirt line, new samples, old stock at 'get it out of my studio' prices and pieces you've seen in past photo shoots!

Make sure to 'Like' me on Facebook. I'll be posting preview photos! Facebook Page

The Cheg Diaries - Cup #8

This one was from before heading over to the studio of Sumie Tachibana for a holiday trunk show. There was racks and tables of her designs and I was so upset because I adore her work, but am broke. There was also jewelry sellers, vintage glove dealer and an old student of Sumie's, was selling soap she and her mother make. I got the Lavendar scent and am excited to use it! There's also soap making classes and other sewing classes at the studio. I found info at Here

It was such a nice day seeing those lovely ladies and then went to this great restaurant - BANY - yum! Sushi. And as if I needed any more caffeine (again I would regret this later), went to this punk rock ultra-hipster coffee shop Sweet Leaf. The barista even made a leaf in the latte's foam. So cute!

Than was able to hit up Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet, though I didn't buy anything. No band shirts for me. But my friend bought records at Sound Fix across the way. That place reminds me so much of Skífan in Iceland.

Oh! And at Beacon's Closet, they were like doing a documentary of the place and interviewing people outside. The hipsters scared me. And it seemed yesterday was the day for everyone to be selling at these two thrift stores and the hopeful sellers scared me even more. haha

Back to work for the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market!

Still confused as to what the 'Cheg Diaries' are? Read my intro HERE

Cheg Diaries - Cup #7

Ok, so it's the bag my cranberry bliss bar came in, but I accidentally threw out my cup.

I had been helping out at a nearby theater for two days and I got an eggnog chai to keep me going. Turned out, the barista put a shot of espresso in it. They sometimes do by accident and it wasn't bad, but I was kind of upset. Plus I think the extra caffeine caused me to crash real bad later that night and then feel sick. I was supossed to go out, but instead passed out at home.

It's been fun seeing the behind the scenes inner workings of what goes on for a theater performance. They're doing A Christmas Carol, so the costumes are awesome. The women's skirts and corset tops are heavey as all hell. I want to play dress up, but alas, I would probably be too big even if I could.

Getting ready for the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market. Will post a blog later. Come out and say hi!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheg Diaries - Cup #6

Thanksgiving weekend was a complete rollercoaster! Thanksgiving itself was really nice with family and great food. But the other days...bummer mood.

I ran out of chai at home, so I had to stop and pick up a cup today, I was dying of sleepiness. Also confirmed tshirt designs and will post images when they are done. I'm really feeling the second batch being made.

Waiting is so hard! There are so many photos, magazines and even a video to come.

December is almost here and there are so many concerts I'm going to. Plus, New Year's Eve is going to be bananas!

OH! I also got my Youtube channel going. Check out the playlist of songs that I felt compliment the collection and I have my first interview ever up there!

Youtube Channell

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Sneakers

My sneakers were resurrected last night. From the depths of my sneaker bin with a pile of others that are slowly fading, they emerged to be reborn with the light and weight of metal pyramid studs.

They are at this time, six years old. Bought in 2005, my first pair of Converses and worn to my first time to Warped Tour. At that tour, I saw Offspring for the first and only time, argued with the singer from Boys Night Out because I'm a crazy fan, witnessed the end of My Chemical Romance ever being an underground band. I wore these shoes for my first photo pit experience. Senses Fail and 30 Seconds to Mars - I died. The amount of venues these shoes have walked over is too long to list.

They stayed with me through almost all of my days working at a coffee place. With mocha powder, milk, soy, coffee and matcha powder covering them regularly.

The bleach stains came from the day I helped out one of my inspirations and mentor at the time bleach jackets in her backyard.

I left mud caked on the soles until it flaked off thinking it had magic powers as it was from outside the venue of which I just saw AFI perform.

They're just sneakers and probably really gross, but when I look at them, I relieve 6 years of my life in one glance.

Cheg Diaries - Cup #5

WOW! I've been a slacker. I haven't been buying coffee like I thought I would be. Blame it on building me line and never having money for $5 chais. Doesn't matter...I have a secret weapon for getting my fix. It's called make your own!

This is a homemade eggnog chai in a groovy zebra tumbler (which my lovely friend and assistant Connie got me for my birthday)

There's been so much going on and I have to wait to get back images and and there seems that in February you will have to look out for my design on the cover of an alternative Indie magazine.

I'm also getting things ready for an Etsy shop update. All this week I'll be posting stuff at holiday sale prices. Then on December 11th, I'll be selling at the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market. It's the first time I'll be a vendor, so come say hi!

Been hanging with awesome friends old & new, listening to great music, been back in the swing of interviewing bands and sewing my life away. Does anyone else get bummed out during the holiday seasons? I always find myself reflecting on the past, present and future and it can put me in such a bad state of mind. Beauty comes from misery and we know this because it's always better tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Model Spotlight - x Ali

x Ali


Versatile, gorgeous and able to rock any look. Yup, that's model x Ali.

Her modeling seems so simple and effortless in capturing fierce images. I swear, this girl cannot take a bad photo. She also styles the majority of her shoots - perfection all around.

I've been fortunate to have worked with her quite a few times and there's still more to come. Here's the latest image and then one of my favorites she's done. Plus, a behind-the-scenes of a shoot you'll just have to wait for and believe me, it's killer.
photo - CW Images / MUA - Makeupify / red sequin dress by Sibyl Vain Clothing
photo - Kidtee Hello / hair - Melissa Mc Manus / hair piece - Blu Zombie Designs / corset & leggings - Sibyl Vain Clothing
styling by x Ali / Minxy dress by Sibyl Vain Clothing

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cheg Diaries - Cup #4

Bought this one November 8th and's a small.

Wasn't feeling having a massive surge of caffeine.

Had gotten lunch and a shopping fix with my one good friend before heading back home to finish a dress for an event. Later when I got home after dropping off that dress, I had a photographer email me asking for it, but with a similar option in the works...I pulled an all-nighter and sent it out the next day for a pretty big shoot. Can't wait to see it and hope it came out well.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cheg Diaries - Cup #3

Last minute before closing drink. My friend and I hit up the Starbucks and the barista was stoked on my drink. She had just tried it the other day and was in love. The cup isn't marked b/c they were closing, so ejoy the lovely holiday-ness.

Spent the weekend working on a dress for the host of this event coming up. All day Sunday sewing and studding and what happened? Turned out it was really ill-fitting. Scrapped it and worked all day yesterday to have it done for drop off tonight. But it came out SO amazing...check it on the Facebook Fanpage

Oh and I've totally overdosed on King of the Hill episodes.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Model Spotlight - Miss Mischief

In trying to streamline my blog, I want to start spotlighting models once a week. It'll either be those I've worked with or just find completely captivating.

To start things, what better way than with a model who is top of the game, insanely gorgeous and recently was photographed wearing clothing of mine.


Check her out

Photo - Tiifany Ann Photography
Clothing - Sibyl Vain 'ugly dress'
Photo - Anonymous?Photography
Clothing - Sibyl Vain gold bikini with bows
Photo - Anonymous?Photography
Clothing - Sibyl Vain white leopard leotard

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Cheg Diaries - Cup #2

Second cup of Eggnog Chai of the season!

I was kinda losing energy when I walked in and the young lad behind the counter got my 'I have a difficult drink disclaimer.' He kept smiling at me - or laughing at how weird my order sounded.

There was a cute scene guy talking at the drink pick up counter to the pretty young baristas making the drinks. They were all friends and in college. Wish I was back in college.

I listened to old school My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail driving today. It made me want to drunk text later that night this one guy who I still want to know why he never official asked me out. Fool. I really liked him.

City trip was in store and my friend and I split a bottle of wine. We got crepes after a delicious dinner.

Going to NYC again tomorrow, but not before celebrating my neice's birthday!

The Cheg Diaries - Cup #1

I walked into Starbucks wanting a pumpkin spice latte and I look up at the board and see...the Holiday Drinks are here!

Eggnog Chai it was!

I commented I had a difficult drink, but now that I have it under control, it was easy to recite. The lady at the register had no problem. Then the barista at the bar looks over and was like 'So you're who orders this,' as if I am the only one who does. She had been wondering exactly what the 'Cheg' button on the register was for. I was happy to clear that up.

Bought November 3, 2011 and it was yummy.

I also finalized t-shirt designs with my photographer and printer. We are also working on new designs to sell in December (event to be confirmed)

The Cheg Diaries...Intro

WOW! OK, so I am back. Please check out my Tumblr or Facebook page for so many awesome updates

But what's with this title? With the holiday season approaching, Starbucks has their Eggnog back in stock! So happy! And you mark the cup 'Cheg' for this drink.

My one friend/co-worker turned me on to drinking eggnog chais - it's like a spice cookie. But having worked for this company for over 2 years, I had become very particular about how it was to be made. (btw, I was fired for my pink hair when new management stepped in. Bastards)

So I forsee ordering many of these to come and decided to do a 'Cheg Diary.' So whenever I buy one, I'll photo it and write a little about ordering it and thoughts of the day.

OK, so now I have two entries to write up. Hope y'all don't think I'm crazy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black & Gold

Here's the full set from the photoshoot I was a part of a bit ago. The images came out amazing and shows off pieces from my last collection SO perfectly. We shot in so many cool locations and looking back, the fact that it was an insanely long day and that's when my back was first hurting was all worth it.

Just love. The photos speak for themselves.

photos - Brent Lee Photography

model - Alexandra Donato

hair/make up - Adrianna Dasilva

clothing - Sibyl Vain Clothing

full set at -

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etheral Badass Card Shark

I think that title is appropriate to describe all the following photos.

To die for!

I sent out pieces from the last collection I did to the lovely Allison Mindy. She had a shoot planned and what happened next? My email was full of these stunning photos.

Allison had shot with Gas Oven, a favorite photographer of mine, and here's the magic that ensued between them....

model - Allison Mindy

photographer - Gas Oven

clothing - styling by model & photographer. Sibyl Vain pieces: gold jacket, gold bikini with bow details, gold military neckpiece, sheer black dress

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sound Familiar?

(going to try really hard to blog a lot more frequently)

I'm one of those people who hears a song and always thinks it sounds like another. So here are two new songs that I can't stop signing another when I hear it.

Cobra Starship w/Sabi "You Make Me Feel" vs. ATC "All Around the World"


David Guetta ft/Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj "Where Them Girls At?"

Tell me Nicki at 1:44 doesn't sound like the Hamster Dance?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sneaker Collector

So, beginning of this summer my back decides to betray and I am basically unable to walk or go about my normal day. Things are so much better and it's sad to hear other stories from friends and my doctor how back problems are so common and there's a lot of people like me out there.

So for the summer, I am basically sworn to a life of wearing no heels. This may have to be broken for birthday festivities, but that's still up for debate.

This leaves me few options because I also have to be able to put an insole in my shoes and most flats I either step out of with it in or you can't get away wearing those strapy or open toe flats with an insole in the shoe.

I do live in my Converses, but when I'm told I can only wear one type of shoe, I start to realize how I really do live in my Cons and want to shake things up.

When they first hit stores, I picked up the sneaker creepers from the Jesse Jo line for Vans. I got the all black, but do wish I got the white & black ones.

Now, I caught wind of the next Vans collab collection for the fall. Do I really have to wait like three months for these?! Hellz Bellz' second collab with Vans are producing this glorious sneaker creepers and I must have them.

I'm starting to think I'm developing a sneaker fetish. Any other different/cute sneakers out there I should pick up?

( & for introducing me to these)

I think my sneaker fetish started with my desire to get every color of Vans' checkered classic flats. Or maybe with my purchase of my glorious T.U.K. sneaker creepers with Sid Vicious on them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm happy to announce my first vending event!

Upstate New York Metal & Hardcore Festival

I'll have t-shirts (which haven't been shown to the world yet), new samples I've been working on and sale items! I wish I could be bringing more, but due to the recent problems I've had with my a designer whose clothing is currently all handmade, I was unable to sew for the past month.

But that doesn't mean we're not going to have a good time at this event.
July 8 - 10th
Saratoga Springs at Lee's Park
Pricing was $30 last time I checked and is for the whole weekend and includes free camping for the weekend.

And then if you haven't heard...

Reflections 2011!!!

Scheduled for September 17, 2011

It's going to be bananas - I'll be posting updates as I hear anything and I'll be posting preview of the items I'm bringing along to the festival mentioned above. Get ready.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So...Where was Johnny Depp?

Over the weekend, I was on hand for photoshoot featuring designs from my latest collection!

We shot around the town of Sleepy Hollow and it was so cool checking out (via the car window) the little town, orange & black street signs and the biggest cemetery I've ever seen.

Below are just three shots I took on my phone from the day. You can kind of see the outfits, but definitely can get a feel for where we were all at. We started out at this abandoned school. I wouldn't say it was really old, but totally got this vibe of 'Silent Hill' and thought that twisted janitor from the bathroom was going to come crawling out from the shadows and kill us.

We survived though!
Photographer was Brent Lee of Phun Photo, model was the lovely Alex and pulling out make up and hair magic was Adriana.

First look and location was in the greenhouse part of this school. Glass was EVERYWHERE! As well as those little red spiders/ants were everywhere.

Then we moved into the school...the first look was up in the attic of the place in this area that I don't even know what it was, but there were wheels, open roof and the model stood on a grate looking down to a really long drop. There was these like 'pens' all about...I said that's where they kept the students who needed to be reprimanded.

They also shot in the stairwell, but I was too busy laying down because my back started killing me! But we then got Applebees and recharged on the drive to the final location.

We got to this old building on the water and had a weird 'non-gay guido meeting' across the way from us. They were also trying to sneak a peek at our gorgeous model who was getting the ultimate drag-vamp make up job.

We shot three looks and this is the first. Won't tell you how they all got down to the little stream there, but doesn't she look like a glam metal version of Ariel after she became human?

Can't wait to get thses photos back!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

So What Happened?

I had planned on doing regular blogging, I had planned on making new items every week, I had planned on going out to different events...I had planned on A LOT of stuff.

But thus is the story of my life and yes, I'm complaining a bit and it's nothing super life-threatening severe, but you would be in the same situation I'm in if it happened to you.

There was A HUGE shake-up at my day job early this month. It went as far as me realizing I might not have that job any longer.

The stress from things finally all hit me at once and Monday last week, on my way to work, realized I couldn't walk upright all that easy. I know I'm not the only one with back problems, but when your back and back muscles are so out of alignment and you can't walk straight, can't get comfortable and can only shuffle around like Yetta from The Nanny, you think you're the only one.

I haven't been able to sew or do much of anything else (there went my Memorial Day weekend plans), so things have been on hold.

I'm still planning things and will update, but felt like marking this point in my life with a silly blog entry. And thanks to the holiday weekend, I have to wait till Tuesday to see a chiropractor...UGH!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


OK! So I'm going to be posting blogs (almost) daily, which will keep me on track and also allow you to see the madness that is me!

Here's what you'll find each day:
Mondays - Weekend Recap
Tuesdays - Music I Think You Should Know About
Wednesdays - Inspirations
Thursdays - Photoshoots / Event news
Fridays - Sneak peeks!

Being today is Wednesday...let's talk what is inspiring my next collection.

I'm working on a collection for the Reflections Project in Spetember and have so many things I'm pulling inspiration from - they will follow in the next weeks. The title of the collection won't be said until we get closer to the date, but see if you can find the theme.

First clue - Lady Gaga's "Judas" video

So, I wasn't really into this song and still it's 'meh' for me, but I LOVE this video. I'm a sucker for anything 'religious imagery' related. Is it offensive? No. And for those who find's taking the story of Jesus and making fan fiction of it.

It's beautiful and the clothing is AMAZING! What I'm taking from it - embellishments, crosses, ripped clothing, biker chick chic and the fringed sleeves weird straight jacket/leotard blue number with the Bleeding Heart on it.

As if you haven't seen it...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senza Respiro Magazine

There's a beautiful photo spread and nice little interview in the current issue of Senza Respiro Magazine.

The photos were taken by Tiffany Weber Photography and the models were Kami, Minxy and Sarah - loves!

Find out how to pick up Issue 2 at

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fool's Gold Event & Fashion Show

Photos and extras are taking forever to come in from the recent event I did. So far I only have two professional shots in and I've posted them below.

I'm really excited for the festival we got over here in New Jersey - The Bamboozle. There's so many good bands this year. Last year was absolutely horrid and just a horrible time. So this year if some bitch decides to cut the 30minute line for water and throw an attitude, the fact I get to see Jared Leto, Senses Fail and Motley Crue in one weekend will make up for it.

I'm excited too because I wrote three articles for the magazine I write for that'll be on the festival grounds. Hopefully they'll all be used and I'm praying a photopass will get approved too.

Got plenty of shoots going on. Working with a lot of familiar faces and a bunch of new ones. I get like new photos in every week and they are so killer. I want to get a few more together from people and then I'll start posting them here.

The website has been up and running, but I'm still incredibly lazy in updating. Still check it out, I'm in love with this site -

Here's so photos from the fashion & art event I did two weeks ago

Me with the organizers of the event:

Me with some of my models (left to right) Forest, Caitlyn, Me, Leza & Renee

Friday, April 8, 2011

Electric Hippie

I hate hippies. I have expressed this to actual hippies. Youtube Cartman/South Park and hippies. That is me.

But THIS I Love!

Miss Emma, sporting stunning red hair, was shot by the super awesome Tiffany Ann.

Throw her in a neon electric rainbow hippie/mod romper and doll her up by Ben and Molly Make's a modern day hippie who's super cool.

I will be posting more images on my website :

Full set will be on the fan page for the eyes of only those who 'Like' me :

Plus, I probably will be posting new GORGEOUS shots of Miss Mischief shot by Tiffany Ann on one of those site before I do here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking Back Sunday Returns!

Well, it's not like they went anywhere, but I hadn't seen them in awhile and now they're back with the orginal line up.

They did a one-off show at Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ, the other night and I was lucky enough to get tickets. That place holds like 200 people in the stage area and what was also interesting about this show was that they were filming for their upcoming video for the new song, "El Paso."

I was, unfortunately thanks to traffic, about 20 minutes late and walked in on "Liar (It Takes One to Know One)." I'm assuming I missed out on "Cute Without the 'e' (Cut from the Team)" and that sucks hardcore, but oh well.

They played three new songs, one of which was "El Paso," but like three times...maybe it was four...I don't remember, but while some of the audience stepped out for a drink during the repeated playing, I enjoyed every second. If the upcoming album can be summed up in those three songs heard, I'm prepared for yet another strong release from TBS.

I don't remember too many songs from New Again, but it was such a good mix of the hits from the other three albums. They even threw in that Existentialism song by Straylight Run. Yea.

I became a TBS fan when the second album hit, so I'm not familiar with this line-up and was there mainly to stare at Adam. It's interesting because they are the kind of band that talks to the audience and especially Adam is so charming. There were old school fans and friends from back in the day, so the conversation carried throughout the venue.

And that's what was so great about this show - you legit felt like you knew everyone in the crowd, there to watch your friends put on one hell of a show.

So fun, at times I felt like I was watching them for the first time in one of those small clubs that you use to go to, but in a way have out-grown and a new generation has set up shop.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Operation Fashion Show - Success!

The show I did at the Fool's Gold Event at Sapphire Lounge in NYC ran by S.E.E. Us Events was SO awesome!

The theme was 'Egyptian Pin-up' and feel the collection supported this theme.

I am anxiously awaiting photos and possibly video. Can't wait!

But for now, here's a quick shot of the incredible Kami by Tiffany Weber. She's wearing a neon yellow zebra print leotard with butt ruffle made by me. LOVE.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tiffany Squared

I sent out things to two photographers, both with similiar names.

Tiffany Weber


Tiffany Ann Photography

More photos will come and I can't wait! Plus! I FINALLY got my girl Minxy back in designs of mine - lovely.

Tiffany Weber

model - Minxy

clothing - red sequin dress / holey crap black & red dress / snakeskin & fishnet leotard

Tiffany Ann Photography

model - Miss Emma

clothing - silver & metallic snakeskin leggings, black vest

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Update March 2011

Has it really been a month since my last post?

So much has gone on with the brand, concerts, work and just a whole bunch of other nonsense stuff.

I'm going to be part of a fashion & art event at Sapphire Lounge in NYC on April 1st! Make sure you come out - definitely will be a good time and you'll be the first to see my fall/winter 2011 collection. Yay!

For all updates and more information:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alesana & Motionless in White and some other band...Plus Interview Link

February 5, 2011
Starland Ballroom

So Escape the Fate did a headlining tour. Who cares - Alesana and Motionless in White opened!

I made it there JUST in time to see Motionless, however, I had problems getting in, but just as well - what else is new? Haha, so I made it inside to see two songs of theirs. Yay!

They've become a band I use to joke about because their look was so strong, so Hot Topic-core/goth, to a band that's something more. So kudos! I mean, I like the music, the stage show is very interesting and intense, so I'm happy they've been touring so much - though I've been missing the majority of the area shows.

I haven't missed Alesana though. Saw them a bit ago on the Two Frail Weeks of Vanity and Wax, where they were retiring their album of relatively the same name. So I was little upset this time around when none of those songs made it in the setlist - but I was warned!

Decent show overall. I was all the way in the back, so the sound was a little funky because the back bar has a little overhang and the sound echoes weird. But they did songs off The Emptiness basically and it was all dramatic and I love love love "The Thespian."

At least they come dressed to impressed - nice shirts, ties, slacks or jeans and well the drummer had shorts, so casual dressy basically. Love it.

Check out the interview I did with singer Shawn Milke from Alesana HERE

Monday, February 7, 2011

Grunge & Hair Metal...Here's Your Girl

I love Kelly Bundy and am inspired by that look and attitude she had. Christina Applegate is brilliant!

While her wardrobe was incredible when Married...with Children first came on the TV, I'm really drawn to what she was wearing like a year or two into the show. It was right before grunge was full-blown and where hair metal and grunge met for a one-night stand before becoming main stream.

I can't forget Peg Bundy and her outfits in the first two years, but that's another story - where pin-up meets glam metal.

So what's the point of all this?

Barrie Blau - photographer extraordinaire - sent me new images! I sent her clothing and she does what she wants. I don't ask questions.

Is it me or is there a little Madonna a la the "Like a Prayer" era being channelled?

photo - Barrie Blau
model - Porcelain
clothing - all Sibyl Vain : velvet crop top / velvet, spandex & leather tie-front tuxedo leggings

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skinny Boys Make the World Go Round

I'm getting sick of girls - you all suck and I'm going to start focusing on menswear. Haha! just kidding, but honestly, I would kill to make a tailored suit properly.

I was checking out Balmain's Spring RTW2011 collection of GLORIOUS women's pieces...there's a menswear for Fall!

OMG! I wish I were a dude. No, I wish I had a super skinny dude to dress up like this.

It's perfectly punk rock, but with a hipster/scenester twist. So posh and still, using this model, seems so street.

Just drool...I really do want to start working on a menswear line (and we're not talking tshirts)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

She wears a crown of Sex Slaves homage...

The wonderful Julie of Creepshow Photography sent me some surprise images! I had given her clothing WAAAAAAYYYYY... back in the day and she was shooting with a new model, Hannah, and used one of the dresses she had of mine.

I love it! It's that 'cooler than you' chick who's off to a concert.

Rockin' the silver & turqouise Roxy dress.