Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living Legends

Want to know what I did in February?

I FINALLY got to see Liza Minnelli in person! I got chills when she took the stage and almost started crying. She's just one of those entertainers that has become such a legend, someone unreal especially when looking at her talent and who her family is.

It was a great evening with a full backing band, fans all through the venue yelling 'I love you Liza,' and while he voice isn't exactly as it was so many years ago, Liza sounded amazing!

See that glowing light on stage? That's her! It looks farther than the view I had.

Next up, I randomly won Jay-z at Carnegie Hall tickets! Yeah, I was stoked. My assistant had come over to sew and so we had the radio on, I thought it would be fun to try and win and the phone kept ringing, I got through for caller 19, 40, 70 and then...the DJ answered. I've won so many things from radio contests, but this was the first in a long while, so I was shaking and so excited.

It was a great show. I'm not going to go into all the music details, because you can read about it other places. It was the best set list, all the radio hits and what I considered 'an older white person's dream Jay-z set list' especially being at Carnegie where it was a lot of older people (hello, the tickets were for charity and mad expensive).

We were up in the balcony, but front row, which was awesome until I realized I was getting motion sickness from focusing at the stage below. All the fans up there were younger and awesome. It was a big party...probably the first time things were smoked in Carnegie Hall.

It was all the raido hits and Alicia Keys and Nas were guests with Questlove on one of the drum kits. I died over "If I Ruled the World" with Keys filling in for Lauryn Hill. Another favorite was "Girls Girls Girls" with images of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor included in the projected images over the stage.

While it was so beautiful all the proejected images and taking us on a journey through the NYC skyline, guess who couldn't focus and almost got sick - this girl. Such a great performance with the full orchestra, but I kind of had to close my eyes the whole time. Listening was beautiful because the full sound really solidified this music as music.

You had Jay-Z's mom in the audience sitting next to Chris Rock, some of the players from the Giants there and below us was Russell Simmons and I'm pretty sure one of his daughters. Plus at the end of the night, Jay-Z came out into the audience...literally the balcony below us and I was scared trying to lean over and see.

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