Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smoothie Overdose!

Wake up every morning like I work at Jamba...
(see what I did there? haha)

So continuing on my health kick - though I'm not eating an uber amount of healthy stuff - I make fruit smoothies everyday, usually for breakfast. Well, brunch really, being as I don't wake up until 11:30am. Some days I've been having two and while it's not super low calorie, it's a better option than ice cream or cookies.

I start each with a liquid: vanilla soy milk or juice, which I love pomegranate juice
A binder: vanilla Greek yogurt or banana
Fruit!!! Honestly, it's hard to screw up which you pick. Raspberries are my favorite and of course one of the more expensive fruit.

Anyways...Here's my recipes (which change depending on how much you want, you may need to add more while blending, etc)

4 oz. Pomegranate juice / 2 tbs. vanilla greek yogurt / big handful of frozen mango, pineapple & strawberries

4 oz. vanilla soy milk (LOVE Trader Joe's brand) / 2 tbs. vanilla greek yogurt / good helping of whatever frozen fruit

4 oz. juice or soy milk / 1 banana / good handful of frozen fruit, blueberries and strawberries are great

4 oz. juice or soy milk / 2 tbs. vanilla greek yogurt / frozen raspberries & strawberries / 1 - 1 1/2 tbs. choc. chips

I also sometimes add flax seed oil like 1 big tbs. of it into the non-soy milk based ones. I also want to get soy protein powder, but the jars are all huge, so yeah. Looking into chia seeds, agave, super foods and coconut oil.

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