Sunday, December 23, 2012

Latte Diaries #2

December is almost over and the holidays are upon us! I'm excited to go home and while 'home' is a half hour away, I haven't been in about two weeks and it's nice to have other people in the house.

November sucked and just when I thought Decemeber was going to turn decided to mess with me. Was totally screwed over on something and that only made everything else in my life that much more frustrating. And just when I thought things couldn't be worse - stomach bug hit.

But as is my life - when really bad things hit, really good always follows to help ease the pain. Was asked to lend out clothing for two insane shoots, both for submissions and hopefully you'll be able to see my designs in print modeled by amazing models and the one photographer is a pretty big deal - don't know if I can say much.

Hopefully within the week I'll be making an event announcement! It sounds like it'll be a sick time and I'll have new designs...animal prints...battling drag queens...I'm stoked.

It's funny how I was out and super busy everyday last week that last night, when faced with nothing to do, I was going nuts! You would think I would be tired and happy to do nothing and chill, but I can never sit still. Back to work today and time to get a project settled - b/c there's a million things to do and like no time. Story of my life.

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