Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Embarrassing Fact About Me

Back in the day I really REALLY didn't like Britney Spears or most of the annoying pop ladies for that matter. Britney was dating my Justin Timberlake and even though I secretly loved the music, I put on the front that boy bands were my heart and their female counterparts were evil like the high school cheerleaders.

I've been revisting music from my high school years and looking back, have to give it to Britney for being a damn good entertainer. Especially with MTV playing VMA performances throughout the years in advance of the this year's award show, I'm on repeat with some performances.

One of my top picks is Britney's 2000 performance of "Satisfaction/Oops...I Did It Again." I think the remix of "Oops..." is still fierce and let's admit it, better than the orginal.

So here's the embarrassing fact: back in high school, I learned the dance routine from Britney's performance and wanted to do it at our yearly talent show. Never happened (thank god). Surprisingly, I do still remember all the moves, but don't expect any Youtube videos popping up.

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