Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Update

I tend to do this 'disappearing act' regularly. So what has been going on?

Things have been CRAZY!!! And unfortunately, not all has been good.

Let's start with the bad: mad family drama. It finally worked out, but only after it reached the point it did. But now there's one more thing that has to be taken care of. Where's the magic wand to wave around and people just disappear?

Then I had mad apartment drama. Long story...

Luckily it's just those two big stressors that were causing me to hide in my room and not come out when I wasn't working on other things. I finally had the opportunity to assist a costume designer for a short film. And now I'm helping out on more projects. It's so exciting, but I never expected the work to be this intense. It's so fun though.

Bamboozle is coming up, my sister is graduating soon and looking towards the summer is always an exciting time. But first up! Philly Punk Rock Flea Market. Sunday, May 13th (come out before or after brunch with mom) across from the Starlight Ballroom - I'll be there with my sister and we'll be selling diy pieces, samples and hopefully some gear for your cat.

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The White List said...

Amazing blog!!! Fantastic post! You've got great style!!! You're pretty brilliant. Gonna keep coming back to your blog for more! :-) Looking forward to more posts from you!

Have a great day!